Interview with Corey Goode on Out of this World Radio

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Please hold on friends, this is Out of This World radio with your host Ted Mahr the interview with Corey Goode, who was part of the Mars Space Program for 20 years.

TM: Hello Corey?

CG: Yes.

TM: Hi, good morning or I should say good afternoon, how are you doing today?

CG: I am doing better, thank you.

TM: Good, good, good. Well I finally made it through the traffic. It was pretty bad, but, laughing, I kept doing lots of prayers and it seemed to have helped a lot so that’s good, chuckling, that’s good.

CG: That’s good.

TM: How is your son feeling, by the way.

CG: He is doing a little bit better, he is doing a little bit better. There has been a pretty bad strain of strep throat. We thought my wife was going to escape it, but looks like she has come down with it so it kind of worked out. She took him with her to go to the doctor during this time frame so that we are doing this interview.

TM: Oh good, good. All right wonderful, I wanted to thank you so much for coming on today, Corey. I know that you are a busy guy but I am so thrilled to have you on. You have some many interesting things to say. Corey coughing background.

CG: Hello, I am sorry.

TM: Can you ….

CG: I’m sorry, I was… Go ahead.

TM: That’s all right. That’s all right. Corey I just wanted to thank you so much for coming on today. I know you are busy guy and I appreciate you taking the time to come on my show.

CG: Sure.

TM Yes, I know I have listened to your episodes on Gaiam TV but for my listeners that aren’t familiar with how you got into the space program, how did you first get involved in going off planet in the space program?

CG: Well it originally started off when I was around the 6 year old mark. They had identified me through standardized testing. I showed up, I guess, as an anomaly that they decided to follow up on and do more research on. They identified me as an intuitive empath. They brought me into the vast array of training programs that fall under the closest category or name you can give for it is the MILAB program. That’s not the most accurate stamp you can give but there are… The MILAB term has been an expanding term for a number of years, a couple of decades now. The programs best fall under the MILAB program. Most people may think that the MILAB, they think of the MK ultra.

TM: hmm, hmm

CG: That’s the only thing they think when they hear MILAB. They started to train me and tried to enhance me into the empath capabilities and my first off-world, my first off-world experience was when I had just, when I was in my pre-teens and they were using me as an intuitive empath support. Intuitive empath team support, support team that there were always three that were brought out to this Super Federation Council that the secret Earth government had just recently gotten a seat at. That was my first exposure to off-world. That went on for a short period of time and then they brought me back down to complete my intuitive empath training and some other training. When I was 16 right at the 17 age, I was drafted into the Secret Space Program proper. My intuitive empath training, I had experienced interfacing with non-terrestrials, so that was the reason that they drafted me into that program. A lot of the other children that grew up in the training programs, were drafted into other programs, no necessarily the secret space program.

TM: Interesting. Hmm, I have read your descriptions on your wonderful website, hmm, Corey, and you said that the reason they select children as such a certain early age, I think you mentioned from age 5 to puberty is that is that when society has not yet not, taught children that their psychic abilities are not real and it allows them to help enhance people with those abilities.

CG: Yes, they had found that they were trying to use a lot of what they were learning from non-terrestrials and a lot of other programs to train people that were in the military already and they found that a lot of these people preconceived ideas about life, the nature of the world, were interfering with their abilities with them enhancing their abilities. With children they hadn’t been told that there’s not a tooth fairy yet, all the magic hadn’t been taken out of life yet. They were completely open to all possibilities. Which was a very important and necessary part of developing these abilities.

TM: One of the things that you said in other interviews, Corey, is that we are spiritual children, the ET’s actually told you that. That humans in this planet are spiritual children. We don’t live long enough to really spiritually advance. I found that comment really fascinating.

CG: Yeah, yeah, they’ve said that the oldest of us and the wisest of us are still spiritual children. That originally before we were tinkered with and all that we were meant to live much longer and that instead having to live multiple lifetimes and to learn lessons and grow spiritually through multiple lifetimes through the wheel of karma and all this that we were doing things now many of the groups out there has extended, much extended lives, compared to us. They consider us, you know, spiritual children. Even a lot of them, a lot of the non-terrestrials out there that live ten to twenty times longer than we do, are still, negative, a lot of them are still negative.

TM: hmm, hmm

CG: So just because you live eight hundred or twelve hundred years doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to turn out to be spiritually advanced.

TM: Sure, sure, absolutely, absolutely. Well I myself am a psychic and have been a psychic for many years and I have been very fortunate to be in touch with the Ambassador Trwellian of the Galactical Alliance of the Seres, actually Series sp? for the past year and he says, I have been told that the humans and other benevolent planets off, outside of earth here, Corey, live for about a thousand years, sometimes longer. I have talked to Alex Collier, I was at a UFO conference couple of weeks ago at Mount Shasta and had wonderful opportunity to talk to and interview Alex Collier. He said that the Andromedans for example, lived to three thousand years.

CG: Yeah, a lot of these different beings live naturally, their natural lifespan are much longer and they also have the ability to technologically enhance their lifespan. I am not talking about transhumanism by adding technol… making their bodies technological but you know, healing their bodies and causing, preventing certain breakdowns of their DNA, you know like human beings we age because our telomeres begin to break down. Those are like the little black shoelaces, little aglets at the end of the DNA, they begin to become shorter and shorter and unravel. That’s a lot of what has to do with certain cosmic radiation we are exposed to at the surface of the earth. Some of the subterranean cultures that reside on the earth and have for a very long time, they have a much longer lifespan living below the surface of the earth.

TM: I want to read a quote that you gave to David Wilcock, he is a great guy. He did wonderful, both you had some wonderful interviews with him in Gaiam TV, and if you don’t mind I would like to read this: “The Blue Avians gave this message for us to become more loving, forgiving of ourselves and others, stop the wheel of karma and to focus daily of becoming more service to others, and to raise our consciousness and our vibrations.” That sounds like real kind of hippy, kind of flowery easy to do but I assure it is extremely difficult path to walk. Could you comment on that? I would love to hear you on that.

CG: Yeah, that is something I have got a lot of guff about because it sounds like the Golden Rule and it is a tenet of most of the positive religions that are out there. A lot of the people in the Secret Space Program that are very military minded, they had a really hard time with this information. Because, they see a problem, their solutions to bomb their way out of it.

TM: Yeah.

CG: The mind set of a lot of the people on the earth right now is to get out of the situation we are in and it is going to take a revolution of a violent nature. It’s unfortunate but it is the way it is going to have to be.

TM: Sure.

CG: That is the easy way out and you can’t get a positive out of the negative, ultimately. When they delivered the message which sounds simple that you got to work daily to become more loving and to become more forgiving of others. But the hardest part is becoming more forgiving of yourself.

TM: hmm, hmm.

CG: Pointing the light inward…

TM: hmm, hmm.

CG: at all the dark places and becoming more forgiving of yourself for all the different things you thought and done in your life. Doing so, stops the wheel of karma, which is a repeat, if you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over in life or running into the same problems…

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Source: Corey Goode — Sphere Being Alliance 


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