February 16, 2019

By Jim Stone

UPDATE: There is something suspicious going on, and that is that all the “real” news sources that are saying Soros is alive and well are also saying Soros is not funding the riots, and that Soros does not have anything to do with America’s voting machines. They are also saying Soros did not help Hillary and has never consulted with her, and that Soros does not own any foundations that do anything to mess with countries. After they make all of that good and clear, they are saying he’s alive and well, and a really nice guy.

So we have full confirmation that the MSM is the fake media, whether or not Soros is alive or dead.


How pathetic is the MSM when they spew crap like that when there is cold hard proof out there on sites like this? There is a reason why they are in the dirt now, and this capture proves it:


But Smartmatic pulled this page a month before the election, which means they don’t have tech involved in the U.S. elections, just because average people can’t find it on their web site anymore.

So the big question is then, is Soros dead? WHO KNOWS, but I do know one thing – the MSM is so unreliable in such easily proven ways that I won’t even consider their take on this.


Take a look at this Inquisitr report that looks good on the surface, until you see the easily debunked Smartmatic B.S. that puts everything else they say in deep doubt. If I can prove so easily they are wrong about Soros and Smartmatic, how reliable are they with anything else? I’m not going to say Soros is dead, but I can certainly show how crappy they are about being “fake” and subsequently absolutely DESTROY Snopes, which is where they got this B.S. from.

BOTTOM LINE: I won’t say George Soros is dead, but I can certainly prove beyond a doubt that the MSM is fake, and that they can’t be trusted if they say he’s not dead.

Snopes has been caught in so many confirmed lies we all know what their opinion is worth. Fulford was one of the latest to post on this, and he said an intelligence contact in the U.S. said it is real, and that it was an assassination. In my opinion, with topics like this, Fulford has a higher credibility than snopes.

Fulford does not like to be blatantly wrong on stuff like this, let’s hope this has a thread of truth.

At any rate, people need to know about this rumor, and to be skeptical but hopeful.

On this topic, Mike Rivero at Whatreallyhappened has this to say (but he quoted the MSM link I destroyed the credibility of above.) Even still, this is good:

“Right now there is a war between the establishment Corporate Media and the new Independent Media. As a result, the internet is being flooded with a tsunami of hoax stories in an effort to trick the Independent Media into making a mistake that the Corporate Media can use to discredit us, or worse, sue us.

TO ALL MY FELLOW MEMBERS OF THE INDEPENDENT MEDIA! More than at any other time we must exercise extreme caution to verify all stories. Ignore rumors, innuendos, hunches, and flaky chains of supposition. Report on the facts, from sources on the record.

One such story that is being “pushed” very hard is this allegation of a Clinton-connected pedophile ring. I am being flooded with emails saying I “must” post this story, and that alone is grounds for suspicion! My instincts are telling me this is a setup, to open the door to defamation lawsuits against any Independent Media that accuses any individual of involvement.

I know the Corporate Media has been a vast wasteland of such rumors and malreporting (especially against Trump these last several months) but if the Independent Media is to survive and grow, we MUST exercise more journalistic professionalism than the Corporate Media has done.

This is a war, and the other side likes to play dirty. Keep that in mind when a really sensational tidbit gets sent to you!

My comment: I have no doubt whatsoever that a huge number of fake news sites have indeed been launched by the MSM for the sole purpose of discrediting alt media. I have kept an eye out for this, which is why a LOT of the “big stories” going around lately have not been posted here.

Here is the cover of the 2017 Economist for people to ponder


Confirmed: Ron Paul really did create this list of the real fake media

I did not believe it at first, but Ron Paul really did publish this on his web site


And here is proof of what Ron Paul published:


Podesta brothers near perfect match for police sketch of child snatchers

Police sketches are created with software that is fed descriptions from witnesses of what people looked like. This most certainly nails the Podesta brothers as child snatchers as accurately as could ever be done with a “no original photo” render of what people looked like.

Now that some new info is coming out, I am going to run with these photos, which I have had for a while.

Ok, so why would I post this? Because in a report farther down this page I discussed the death of Monica Petersen, who was investigating a child snatching ring being run under the cover of a fake gold mine in Haiti by Hillary Clinton’s brothers, and Monica got arkancided last week. It is now fully confirmed that Monica was investigating Hillary’s family in Haiti and was onto something, most likely linking to Comet Pizza, Hillary Clinton, the Podesta brothers, and DEFINITELY child smuggling conducted by Hillary’s family all together in one neat little package, and then she died. She was in her 20’s.


It is suspected that she tied it all together, but did not live to tell about it. The agency she worked for confirmed she operated under cover and had conducted a two year investigation, got onto something big, and died. They confirmed it during a memorial service during a live stream from Haiti on Friday.

I finally posted the Podesta brothers police sketch photo (I have had it for a while) because now it appears that the Podesta brothers were in Portugal the day a little girl named Madeline McCann went missing while on vacation from Britain in 2003, and were confirmed to have been within a mile of that disappearance which is to this day unsolved. With the Podesta E-mails being what triggered the entire pizza gate pedophile bust, Hillary’s brothers running a child smuggling ring in Haiti with the subsequent death of the investigator that was onto it, the Podesta brothers obviously being featured in a police sketch of a child disappearance in Portugal on the day they were there, well, things are starting to unravel. Hillary herself said that “if Trump gets elected we’re all going to jail,” and it appears there might be significant substance to that statement.


I will get to more details tomorrow, I am still waiting for things to develop on this. I am being extremely cautious with this, because I know there are many people working overtime to feed disinfo into the alt media. However, what I have written so far is 100 percent confirmed and I held off until I hit “critical data mass” to call it real.

People are having a hard time believing that the entire DNC is a band of pedophiles (with plenty on the Republican side as well) so that is stifling the spread of relevant information. But to those who can’t believe it, all I can say is if it is true of the upper leadership of Britain, and people in the French government have written books about it, well, why not in America also? 

OBVIOUS: Google, Facebook, Twitter and others are cracking down on the Alt media now, calling it all “fake” because they are probably, when it all boils down, involved in scandals like this and they want those who would speak up smashed before hand now that there is a government in place that will likely do something about it. For what other reason could it possibly all be for? They are aiding and abetting known proven felons of the highest order by damning the alt media. QUESTION: WHY?

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Source: Jim Stone Freelance



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  • Great post on Jim Stone including other stuff related to the John ‘Pedo-sta’ emails. I doubt even David Icke could have foreseen how hardcore this is about to get.

  • Just in from Jim Stone:
    “David Wilcock with the web site DivineCosmos.com sent $10,060 Mexican pesos (this comes out to about $500 USD) along with the message “love your work!” via Paypal and the [email protected] mail box, thanks!”

    Also other worrying developments concerning the election and Jill Stein calling for a recount on his website:

  • all i found out he was declared at one hospital an then moved to another hospital where his condition was upgraded to alive , fake??

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