Kent Dunn Intel Update — Chinese Elders, All Currencies on Sale Now

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Kent Dunn now reporting that elders have told currency sellers to cut prices. Also if you bought currency from unauthorised dealer it will be confascated. We now need receipts as to where currency came from?


Kent Dunn: Chinese Elders Have Told Currency Dealers to Cut Prices to Get All Currency Sold Quickly!


1) The prices have been lowered on the ZIM By Order of the Elders. They want as much Zim out to the people as possible. Now is the time to buy if you want more.

2) For Private Negotiated Rates, (Sovereign Rates) tell the exchange bankers you have more currency coming in the mail and they will hold your negotiated rate for those notes as well. Bring them to the Exchange center later, when they come in and get the same rate.

3) Bill Clinton Nearly Dead In Hospital

Via: Intel Dinar Chronicles


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