Kent Dunn Intel Update: E.T. Wars Taking Place – Tall Whites vs Greys

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For more information about the Tall White E.T.s

For more information about the Greys

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Featured Image: The Hybrids Project

Via: Ascension with Mother Earth

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  1. it is so so hard to tell the good from the bad. this guy says the greys are good BUT many reports says the greys are biological robots of the dracco’s and others and are mentioned in many abductions. the whiteshelped Germany in ww11 and have other bad connected to them. also he says the pleidens work for the us, but the us government is a luciferian regime, so why are the pleidens considered good. nd on and on. who is truly the oood guys. benfulford is freemason. parker is mind controlled by the dracco’s and mantis. is cobra a front for the bad guys. is theeentchroncles a pys-op front for the bad guys. I post your articles becaue a person can lear from them especially a dumbed down human BUT after getting so far it is hard to tell. controlled opposition or good guys. WHY HUMANITY AND EARTH? why the eons old battle on/for earth and humanity? is the event true?

  2. how come my comment was deleted. to much truth. is your truth the only one. i commented on some real truths. are you scared of certain truths posted here???????