MegaAnon Updates: December 2nd – 5th, 2017

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And not for nothing but this is why I like coming here and posting. It’s why I called the Q kids out who literally moved fuckibg boards, knowing I knew EXACTLY who THEY were.

No 10 days of fucking darkness. No predictive happenings on the 3rd and 4th. No need for POTUS to be insulated and NO NEED FOR YOU TO WORRY, when you legitimately have NO NEED, to worry. I don’t know what MORE I can do or tell you. I’ve posted pretty frequently since May. Even when I’m vague, I still give a shit ton of detail and stick around a thread to discuss so I don’t feel like I left y’all hanging. I’ve posted my fucking feet, on same tile, even once with a timestamp and y’all turned it into some sexual fetish muh, I POSTED PICS FROM WH LAST WEEK for fucks sake, and then on Friday… I found myself getting a call back from David Wilcock on Ancient Aliens, who I ONLY CALLED IN THE FIRST PLACE because he first thought I was a man, who’s posted a lot longer than I have and then told tens of thousands of people all the things HE “thought” I was. I’m vague, but I DO NOT mislead. So, when he called me back, I answered, we chatted and that was that. He now knows and can personally confirm I am an actual woman like I say and not exactly who he thought I was. He’s not a bad dude, BTW. He’s nice, well-spoken and quick-witted. So if you see this, it was nice to chat with you, Mr. Wilcock! ;o)

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A year will still be rough, but not AS rough. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, nor will decades worth of corruption in DC be restored in a year.

What you’ll start recognizing sooner than later over the course of the next year, is that there will be A LOT less people you’ll have to argue actual, legitimate FACTS with. People won’t be able to ignore or turn a blind eye to what’s really happening because the media won’t be able to spin it or sway it. Their puppet masters are gone. There’s less meat in the game for them to willing sell themselves or their corporations out. They get on board and do their jobs or they go out of business. Simple as that. Ross’s suspension is pretty big. Olbermanm and Morning Joe are pretty big. These things are re-setting appropriate expectations and precedence moving forward, top down. So you’re not gonna have to argue your points so hard, to so many people. They’ll be forced to swallow the truth their own MSM will and IS being forced to give them.

In 5 years, I don’t expect anything less than the same. In 5 years, I truly expect (and hope) that everyone living through, experiencing and witnessing everything that got us here and will continue from now on, will have come together enough over the next 5 years, to ensure we will NEVER settle again. We will never allow ourselves to feel comfortable or complacent enough, to ignore or bow out, of our freedom, right, responsibility and accountability as citizens, to PARTICIPATE in the processes and procedures of our local/state/Federal governments and those WE elect and pay to represent us. 

We can not afford to sit back another 60 years and let THEM run our lives, mandating and dictating to US. We are THEIR fucking bosses. WE OWN THEM! THEY WORK FOR US and as the EEO employers we are, we need to remind them ALL OF THE TIME that they’re all employed, at fucking will. I hope no one in public office thinks of their “seat” as “career”, again.

No. It’s that wire taps were a trap, then used again to trap, those who were trying to trap. Trump and Flynn are gonna make them eat their own shit, cause they used their own tricks, against them. Wiretapping timelines and unmasking are gonna become REALLY relevant again. Thanks to Flynn’s indictment, Binney’s testimony and all left to come, it’s gonna get really sticky for the old admin.

The tweets will be great to post on your normie media accounts.


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It WAS me and since y’all know I NEVER give dates/timeframes, you should also realize YOU haven’t/didn’t miss anything yet! You’re WATCHING IT HAPPEN and when it’s done happening, TRUMP WILL ADDRESS IT, directly to YOU. FBI, CIA and FED, will NEVER be the same.

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Trump is forcing Benji to get the “get”. Remember, between the Middle East and Asia, they ALL KNOW the US is no longer in the business of funding and assisting swamp-created, regional proxy wars that were fueled, funded and profiting corrupt back channels and their NGO puppeteers/black-labeled contractors and vendors, for a financial cut. So Benji, like Saudi, Pakistan, China, S. Korea, etc. can ramp up his efforts publicly, or we’ll continue to bait/poke him…

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