February 22, 2019

How can we speed it up?? 

What is to be done with the cabal?

What needs to happen:

  • We have a broken system, that needs a transition to meritocracy
  • We need the Truth out there on the airways
  • We need debt relief… and a currency reset (with a devalued USD)


Ben Fulford / Mike Harris Feb 9 2016 : Victory is Near!

What evidence does he cite, that “Victory is within our grasp”?:

  • The stealing of Votes in Iowa was not covered up
  • Ben is in touch with “Oligarchs, who are in surrender mode”

He provides his usual menu of dreamt-up possible “solutions”

  • Squeezing $100k-$400k per capita out of the cabal
  • Forgiveness of mortgage debt
  • An international roundup of criminals, like Richard Armitage & Michael Green (who rule Japan)
  • Arrest of Hillary Clinton, Karl Rove, the Bush family… “Perp-walk them – this can be done”
  • We need a Truth & Reconcilation process; not a revenge process
  • We need a global planning institution (like they had in Japan)
  • “We need to march into the UN and clean it up”
  • We need a team (of 5-7 people, says MH) to oversee the restructuring of international institutions
  • MH: If 7,500 – 10,000 people were rounded up in the US, things would get better quickly

The Unseen controllers of the Planet …

  • He learned about this after talking to the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds
  • The P2 Lodge in Italy, said that 26,000 years ago orders were given on how to run the planet, in harmony with celestrial movements.  The planetary rulers had taken orders from “the Black Sun” entity, who is no longer in charge.  Their motto was: Order-out-of-Chaos (ie Use FEAR to manipulate people)
  • The old planners have failed and are no longer running things; so We-the-People need to come up with a plan; not just Westerners, everyone working together

Ben set up his own White Dragon foundation, to train journalists and start a planning process. It can be a catalyst, but it has no money.

MH: A Star Trek-type meritocracy is where we should be headed

BF: We need a transparent meritocracy. It can be built around those organizations that are already meritocratic, like China has.

New organizations like the BRICS bank can also be building blocks.

“I would personally like to hear from the US military, so we can start in Japan.”

Via: Green Energy Investors

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