February 23, 2019

Mission to Mars Investigates Claims of Slave Labor at Secret Corporate Base

Mission to Mars Investigates Claims of Slave Labor at Secret Corporate Base

(Exopolitics) Corey Goode today released a report about an inspection tour he claims was held on Mars on June 20 that he attended along with others from a Secret Space Program Alliance. He describes how he was first picked up from his home by a blue/indigo sphere that belongs to a group of advanced extraterrestrial visitors called the “Sphere Being Alliance”, which have appointed him to be their delegate at all meetings involving Earth’s secret space programs. The sphere took Goode to a secret base on the moon called Lunar Operations Command where he met with a Lt Colonel Gonzales, the delegate representing a Secret Space Program Alliance wanting to fully disclose to the world the truth about extraterrestrial life and advanced technologies.


Goode describes how he and Gonzales were each assigned a security team of two Intuitive Empath (IE) assistants (a position Goode previously held for 20 years when he served in the Solar Warden Space program from 1987 to 2007). Goode and Gonzales were accompanied on the trip to Mars by a representative of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC). The ICC evolved out of a consortium of companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Boeing Corporations etc., that create the advanced technologies used by the five secret space programs that emerged in the post-World War 2 era.

Goode says that the trip took 30 minutes which is longer than the few minutes it normally takes to travel to Mars since it is currently on the opposite side of the sun. The total current distance is approximately 250 million miles apart (~420 million km) which means that Goode’s transport shuttle averaged a staggering ¾ the speed of light. Conventional rocket propelled craft would take up to 260 days to make the same journey.

What immediately caught my attention was what Goode said about the roof of the shuttle craft as it left the LOC:

As we lifted off and flew through the bay doors that opened we could see the surface of the moon grow distant quickly and then the earth through the transparent panels in the walls of the vessel. We then went to speed and the panels changed to an opaque color.

This is very similar to what Randy Cramer (aka Captain Kaye) described seeing when he was first taken to Mars by a shuttle from Lunar Operations Command back in 1987:

Interestingly enough, the feeling inside the vehicle when he pulled out of the hangar bay and positioned himself at whatever distance he was from the earth, whatever perfect distance they wanted so that when the visual array came on, and the ceilings became a projection of what the vehicle was seeing in front of it. …  You really had a sense that we were all hovering in space in these chairs, staring out at Earth, getting our big look for the last time, and it was awe-inspiring. It absolutely stands out as one of the most amazing moments in my entire life.

Goode describes the terms that had been agreed to between the representatives of the ICC and the Secret Space Program Alliance Council for what would happen once they reached Mars:

Gonzales again told the ICC Representative that we appreciated them agreeing to the terms of allowing us to bring the armed security, choosing the site of the conference once in orbit, the tours and allowing us to bring one family of our choosing back with us to question and to either provide sanctuary to or allow to return to their home colony depending on the families wishes. I sat and listened since I had not been a part of the negotiations and hoped to overhear something new from the process.

Upon arrival at Mars, Gonzales was given by the ICC representative a list of ICC facilities on Mars in the northern hemisphere that would be suitable for the base inspection. Gonzales instead requested a location in the southern hemisphere which greatly concerned the ICC representative who at first denied its existence. Gonzales insisted that the base existed according to fresh intelligence. The ICC then contacted his superiors and said it would take an hour to prepare the base for the inspection…

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Dr. Michael E. SallaDr. Michael E. Salla is an internationally recognized scholar in international politics, conflict resolution and US foreign policy, and is the author/editor of an additional four books including The Hero’s Journey Toward a Second American Century (Greenwood Press, 2002); Essays on Peace (Central Queensland University Press, 1995); Why the Cold War Ended(Greenwood Press, 1995); and Islamic Radicalism, Muslim Nations and the West (1993). He has also authored more than seventy articles, chapters, and book reviews on peace, ethnic conflict and conflict resolution. He has held academic appointments in the School of International Service & the Center for Global Peace, American University, Washington DC (1996-2004); the Department of Political Science, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia (1994-96); and the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, Washington D.C., (2002). He has a Ph.D in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia, and an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He has conducted research and fieldwork in the ethnic conflicts in East Timor, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Sri Lanka, and organized peacemaking initiatives involving mid to high level participants from these conflicts. More →

Source: Dr. Michael Salla — Exopolitics




  • No offence intended, but why is everyone, more so Corey, insisting the Cabal do the disclosure??? If he is who and what he says, then why not, along with the Alien races he claims to meet with, force the disclosure process? Pictures of craft, Beigns etc etc. Why the we are telling them to disclose.
    I know Cobra has said they no longer have Blue Beam and HAARP. Although we still see HAARP been used, so safe to say that this fabled event and disclosure, especially with the vatican getting on the bandwagon, isnt a Blue Beam projection?
    I honestly do not know what to believe anymore. But i know Im not buying the new financial system is what is marketed as. As it is full of Cabal bankers, and from i am feeling intuitively, is the big Cabal push for a Cashless world. This will be then rapidly followed with the RFID chip, so you have to have it to get access to money.
    I know this probably wont get published, as it isnt cheerleading. But me like many others, are seeing all the talk of mass arrests, take downs. Disclosure etc etc etc etc, as nothing more than a hoax. Words are fine, but without any tangible action, it is nothing. And nothing has happened despite or the noise

    • I agree with you, if you read all of Goode’s report it sounds like a short science fiction story. And now Wilcock says they are going to be doing a 5 part Gaim TV series on this. Why is Wilcock so easy to believe all of this?
      That said I do believe its probable there are bases man or E.T. On other planets in our solar system.
      And aside from all that if there is some sort of disclosure and there are E.T.s on the television announcing themselves alongside our elected officials can we really trust them then?
      In two different sources; from Bringers of the Dawn, and the Anastasia book series, it is mentioned that at some point in the near future we will see E.T.s standing alongside our politicians and that these ones that first appear cannot be trusted, they do not have our best interest at hand.
      And well wether its E.T.s or humanity some big changes are coming for sure, good or bad? Its hard to say yet.

      • I also agree with the opinions others are expressing here in the comments. Goode’s information was interesting at first but it is becoming more and more outlandish. I appreciate David Wilcock, but let’s not forget that he also “vetted” and endorsed both Drake and Keenan… I’m not sure I’m going continue posting Goode’s claims here on this website.

      • >KeepCalm
        Indeed its hard to say yet. As with most articles including Fulford’s I keep my fingers crossed and take everything with a pinch of salt, as one should with ALL information.

        >The Event Chronicle
        Nice to know my Pineal gland isn’t totalled by fluoride, hehehe.

    • I agree with your sentiments. If you are talking about solely the western side of the world financial system then yeah it seems very uncertain what is going to happen post Dollar collapse and its going to be ugly. It may end up spreading to the rest of the world.
      At the moment though it appears on the surface that the BRICS alliance is having nothing to do with the neo-satanist Banking Cabal. V the Guerrilla Economist said once that China initially got on board with the western banking Cabal, then when they got enough tech they backstabbed the western cabal, pointing to their multi-thousand year culture and old belief they are the ‘Middle Kingdom’ (center of the world).
      Dr Jim Willie of goldenjackass.com says that President Putin has thrown the Rockefellers and Rothschilds out with his jailing of the oligarchs and clearing out of the Russian Central Bank. Dr Jim Willie alluded to more than once that those banker ‘suicides’ like the 8 nailgun victim was a reported that way so those who have half a brain can figure out this was indeed assassination, separating them from the buffoons (of which there was a huge chunk of) who still believe everything coming out of the mouth of official sources saying it was ‘suicide’. He speculates its the Chinese, without specifying it was the White Dragon Society.
      Anyway just some of the are sources from the financial field that I have been following for a while outside of Benjamin Fulford and they all seem to correlate. Whatever Fulford has on these White Dragon Society it seems to fill in the gaps of what Dr Jim Willie is saying, and he’s also acknowledging the coming Collapse, which means he knows his stuff as well.
      Whether ALL of his stuff, or Dr Jim Willie’s or V’s stuff is true, that seems to be a problem the alternative audience seems to have, but one needs to train one’s own sixth sense and not believe in everything.
      I am also getting a sense of impatience post-Summer Solstice at the apparent lack of speed. Of course it just means more Silver to stack up, but the sooner this collapse happens the better, because for sure on the other side there will be a lot of cleaning up to do, and as always has been the case the longer someone attempts to keep a problem under wraps, the worse its only going to get. And it may get very difficult even for the more prosperous G20 so if you don’t have much money get a lot of spare food and water to last you a month, and doesn’t need a refrigerator.
      All I can say is hang in there. Keeping one’s chin up can be hard even though one has some foreknowledge of the end of the story.

  • Sorry but the moment in this story that he said he was teleported out of the detention cell by orbs back to LOC after all that trouble of going by craft, navigating through checkpoints and guards destroys any credibility this story has other than it sounds like no more than a crazy dream.

    All he had to do if he could do like that was to show up in the middle of the factory, announce Earth is still alive and they have been duped, and teleport out, then watch the total chaos happen.

    I wouldn’t take anything Corey Goode says from this point onwards with any degree of respect, not that I trust anyone in the first place anyway. I prefer to work with examinable facts and evidence.

    The reason why the Truth movement is dead is that this tendency to believe anything is worth believing in including a lack of common sense and logic has allowed garbage like ‘Flat Earth’ conspiracy, and lesser known crap like ‘Hollow Earth’, ‘Glass Ceiling for the Sky’ as well as ‘Nuclear weapon hoax’ and ‘Holocaust hoax’ to infect the Alternative media and therefore discredit it. No surprise that supporters of these theories are foaming at the mouth Lord of the Ring type Orc lunatics who are ever ready to scream ‘shill’ at anyone who disagrees with them.

    • Please, can someone take this person’s commenting privileges away? As you scream about the “lunatics who are ever ready to scream ‘shill’ at anyone who disagrees with them”, how could you be so blissfully unaware that you are behaving like, well, a lunatic who is ever ready to scream ‘shill’ at anyone who disagrees with you? Sorry, but you just tossed all credibility out the window.

    • Yes its funny at the beginning of Wilcocks article about all of this he says we now have irrefutable proof this is happening, or something along those lines, yet he provided none other than Goode’s testimony/story of what just happened.
      I mean I think the movie Jupister ascending was truth written in fiction, so I don’t doubt Goodes sci-fi story isn’t possible or real, I just think Goode is an unbalaced personality who went through a lot of psychological abuse(if u listen to his first public interviews from half a year ago). If this is all really happenin it ain’t in this dimension.

      • I agree, just a personal testimony by itself is far from being “irrefutable proof”. It might be irrefutable proof for the person who saw it with their own eyes, but not for those listening to the story. Even if Obama or the Pope came out today and say that they had direct contact with aliens, I wouldn’t fully believe it without some kind of proof other than their narration. On the other hand, David Wilcock makes a pretty valid point when he replied to someone on his blog, that these days ANY kind of photo or video posted online could be manipulated or even pure CG, so they hardly count as proof. Complicated times we live in.

    • Well, playing devil’s advocate, the teleportation thing doesn’t discredit Corey’s story in my opinion. The thing to remember is, Corey and David were making a formal visit, and those people on Mars don’t have teleportation technology themselves. That could be a pretty convincing reason on why they went by craft and had to navigate through guards and checkpoints, even though they could just be teleported there. However, I don’t buy it either, but for other reasons. What triggered me, is that Corey’s overall description of the events, people and locations makes it all too similar to some script for a sci-fi Hollywood thriller movie or tv series episode – just like KEEPCALM already stated in his/her comment. Someone else actually pointed this out on the comments section of his webpage and Corey replied that the Hollywood style narration was intentional as he is experimenting with his writing style, but this sounds more like an excuse. It’s not that I think anything he described is impossible, but the way the events transpired is like a typical Hollywood script, the way Corey described the locations and details and paying attention to some irrelevant things like the clothes he wear, also looks a lot like the script for a thriller movie or book. I think someone in that situation wouldn’t pay attention to details like those. Alas, has DW ever given any proof that Corey actually exists? AFAIK all we have are Wilcock’s claims on the matter.

  • I have no doubt that there is some serious stuff going on about Mars:

    Key thing to note that the image was in the NASA official website gallery for the Mars Rover missions. Why and how it was allowed up there may not be known at this time, but I know when I see something that warrants serious investigation for further validation, because that Mars ‘Aztec’ head gives me the creeps every time I look at it.

  • wow some of the paid dis informants are having a field day trying to put a negative spin on the present course of global EVENTS. It’s interesting that they get their info from portal 2012, or other positive sites to make it sound like they have something to connect with in this article and sound like as if their some real person or blogger. The ones who do know what is at hand put a more clear headed perspective on what they see and can match other Intel. Also other fake commenters are trying to act as if their positive, but are putting a psychological manipulative phrases to sway and to diswade from keeping the light in others hearts. You paid gov. Commenters should ask for more money because your not getting paid enough to distract people away from these sites that are beneficial to the liberation movement. My intuition is well attuned and I can spot you guys an infinity away. No hate or anything in my heart towards you, but just keeping an eye the words you carefully and strategically employ to manipulate.

    Love and eternal its to you.

    • It’s so easy to shout SHILL! when someone disagrees with you or has a different opinion, but I really don’t think that’s the case here. If you’d like to see what paid government shills look like, read the comments on this article (Patricia, Rick and Pam were the same person… they had the same IP address). Real paid shills are ridiculously easy to spot, and trust me, I shut them down every time.

      • Skilled shills also exist. They are agents of the intelligence services and they never say anything controversial or never comment at all to avoid offending people and getting attention for themselves, so they can gather intelligence. These are the silent spy types. They are more dangerous as they have state funded intelligence tools like finding IP addresses and typically CIA, NSA, MI6 and Mossad, and they worm their way into the most trusted areas of organizations by not offending people, which is how resistance movements like the Tea Party movement got taken over.

        Those in that Brazil Olympics article were flamebaiters and vagabond types (there have been images of people in a large computer room with the flag of Israel in the background, this is where they go to spread their crap) who want to chase away other commenters that might be less dramatic and more logical while at the same time like flypaper attract and expose anti-Semitists by baiting them into a counter response. They do this hoping outsiders who don’t know any better think this is an anti-Semite website and complain to the state controllers to get it censored/shut down.

        I believe there is a article somewhere about the Pentagon hiring armies of paid trolls, and another leaked document from an Intelligence agency detailing plans on how to subvert and disrupt alternative movements, media and websites, starting with the term ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ to disrupt debate as far back as the 60’s. Both were mentioned a few years back.

  • Just using my discernment just as you. What was written was to pre warn any would be dis informant from keeping people with good intentions from voicing their heart’s awakening. If you read what was written carefully, there was no comments to a specific person named. All you did was react, and not use your heart and mind to “see”. You can say anything you like about me, because it matters not. Nothing against you, if that’s what you wish think and feel. There are no gripes or disagreements with you. Just keeping dis informants on their toes before they think of distorting good people’s understanding.
    I’m happy that you keep them in check as well. Keep doing what you do, much love and support always.
    Chris D I recognize though. i like the fact that you’re anonymous too. Hmmmmm.

    Much light to you beloved.

    • Ok, i’ll admit that im completely lost by your comment. How, by using my REAL name. Does that equate to me been anonymous? As you use a “handle” The mods here could probably verify, that I use ONE account, with my REAL ID
      Secondly, as the mods here have already stated, it is very easy for poeple to cry foul, with SHILL, TROLL etc. All because you dont agree with their point of view.
      My point is, I dont trust this Corey fellow. Something just isnt right there. For a so called “awakening” Movement, it seems that some people want to believe more than actually is. That I get and understand. I have lost faith in David Wilcock. As this isnt the first time he has promoted so called “insiders”. Who arent reliable.
      Sorry you feel what i say has no foundation. But Mr Goode, hasnt provided anything that hasnt already been aluded too elsewhere. So friend, prove me wrong. I could quite easily go down the path of, you are a paid shill, troll, disinfo merchant. But that would then come across as a true paid govt agent provocteur, trying to cause drama. Sound familiar?

      • I can confirm that Chris D posts under only one IP address and has been a frequent and long-time poster on this website.
        It’s OK for people to have opposing views on a topic. Everyone is coming from different life experiences and acquired knowledge that forms the basis of their individual and unique viewpoints. If someone’s viewpoint is different than your own does that does not make them a disinfo agent or shill. Opposing viewpoints are the basis of open discussion and the exchange of ideas.
        I have trouble with Corey’s recent information as well because anyone who has studied super soldiers and MILAB can tell you that the subjects of those programs are HEAVILY mind controlled. I have verified that some of his information is accurate, however some of his most recent posts point to him possibly running a program which in my mind raises some red flags. In these times I think it is prudent to remain vigilant and skeptical until The Truth of EVERYTHING is released. Until that happens, and until we have some concrete proof, it’s all just speculation anyway.
        If people want to blindly believe everything they read on the Internet then fine, but don’t chastise those who are going to be naturally skeptical and those who are applying critical thinking to the information they come across. People are free to believe what they want to believe. We’re not all on the same page yet, so until that happens, it would be great if there were more understanding, compassion and tolerance… with a whole lot less judgement.

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