February 18, 2019

Missions Forward! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

By Neon Revolt

Is America ready for Enron 2: Silicon Valley Boogaloo?

The flow of Government money has been cut off. At least Amazon was “smart” about it by ostensibly selling the CIA server power. They have a cover. Twitter and Facebook? They just filed it under “User growth.”

Now that flow of illicit taxpayer money is gone, so they have to report that user growth is declining, because they have to disguise the fact that they’re no longer able to suckle from the state’s teat.

And there’s that killbox marker again: [DC moves slow].

Sounds like unstoppable impending doom to me.



Check this out:

We all know that Lisa Page agreed to play ball from an earlier #QAnon drop. Sounds like she was trying to delay and wriggle her way out of things:

Hahahahahahahahaha! Come on Page, redeem your sad soul. Maybe you’ll escape the jaws of perdition if you try to make things right.

Can’t wait to see little demon boy squirm in the hot-seat again, when he can’t hide behind lies:

The way I read this is that that this was not a warning to the UK specifically, but one of our guys on the ground in the UK.

Someone who was investigating Clinton/Russia…

So the question is… who would have been there at the time?

One anon has a theory:

More on this in a bit.

Odd timing of this post, just to place a random image of a QAnon sticker slapped on a utility box somewhere…

No location info given

No context.

No followup.

Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s steg info hidden in this image… But if there is, we don’t have the password.

Strzok probably thought he was going away with it; that they wouldn’t call him back to testify again, or that his own testimony would come back to haunt him.

Ahhh, okay.

So the #Anon Q references here figured it out. Gina Haspel was stationed over at the CIA base in the UK. That warning message was for her.

Another anon updates Q’s earlier pic:

The thing I don’t get is… once they saw Gina appointed to head of the CIA by Trump, why keep fighting? It was over, then. She knows everything. She knows where the bodies are buried…

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