Benjamin Fulford joins Chuck on The Ochelli Effect to talk about his experience interviewing global oligarch David Rockefeller who recently passed away. They also discuss the repercussions of the power vacuum created by Rockefeller’s passing.



This video (New Interview with Benjamin Fulford: David Rockefeller’s Passing & the Power Vacuum Created — The Ochelli Effect) was syndicated by The Event Chronicle.

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  1. Theadora McCormac on

    conspiracy = one or more persons agreeing to a plan… these NWO plasns have been in place for hundreds of years..and they meet.. Bilderberg… to agree to the next stages… but times are in turmoil and things and people are dying and dissappearing.. it will take years before we see true world Peace if we ever do as wars make money, and gain resources and money as if it is what it is a Game of Thrones, and they have already been crowned.