Russian Passenger Jet Crash — Beheading Two Big Lies

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By Jim Stone

When anything big happens, such as the U.S./Israeli/whoever shootdown of a Russian airliner, troll teams test the water in think tanks trying to dream up whatever lie works. The two big lies are mechanical failure, and “tail strike damage” resulting in the tail falling off and causing the crash. Let’s slay those quickly here…

1. How can the tail falling off rupture all forward mounted fuel tanks, spray fuel all over the cabin and cause the plane to fall to the ground in a flaming mess, with pieces scattered everywhere?

The reality in the wreckage proves a missile strike, if the tail fell off there would be two big pieces on the ground showing almost all of an airplane in the two, not two big pieces with a bunch of little pieces that have been burned to smithereens scattered across a 5 KM radius.

And the other big lie being told was: 

2. The plane was a hunk-o-junk the pilot complained about all the time, and he even radioed in a malfunction (during some gray period near the end that is never defined). 

And I’ll tell you why it was never defined: Because the plane went from cruising speed to terminal falling velocity in a fraction of a minute, and if the pilot did get word out of a malfunction, he did so while experiencing no less than 2 g’s of deceleration as the fragments of the plane caught the wind and the wires ripped out of the radio. There was no time to assess what happened, and since missile strikes are not on everyone’s mind when they go for a ride, he figured something happened with the plane.

Well, the plane was NOT a hunk-o-junk. France made it. It was inspected regularly and still within its service life. The fact the pilots were not happy with it because it was hard to start is irrelevant, if a car won’t start easily it does not mean that the back doors are going to fall off on the highway all by themselves.

And “the tail blew out” lie really irks me, because: It is based upon a single incident where a different airplane did not get a proper inspection after it struck it’s tail on the ground during landing, and a big piece blew out of it in flight. This happened ONE TIME in all of aviation history, and now we are supposed to believe that a Russian airline with no history of tail strikes suffered the exact same fate “just because” while it was flying near very hostile territory? Figure the odds, the white wash crew just chaps me.

All of the so-called anomalies, such as seam failures and GEE, look at how this ripped out here” are EXACTLY WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN A MISSILE STRIKE WHEN THE WIND CATCHES ON A RIPPED OPEN CABIN, pointing at damage caused by wind shredding the plane after a blast ripped it open and then saying Oh, that’s what caused it all is FRAUD pure and simple.  The key piece of info that proves a missile strike is the flaming wreckage, having the tail fall off won’t rip the fuel tanks open, spray fuel all over the cabin and then magically light it all on fire somehow. But they won’t mention that. They just gotta bury this, and it might work for the couch potatoes but Russia is not stupid.

UPDATE: Unconfirmed: There are rumors that Russia is going to go nuclear in Syria over the plane shoot down, however, I sort of doubt this rumor because it would cause too much of a damage to benefit ratio.

Editor Note: I read this report earlier today but chose not to publish it because I think it’s BS fear-mongering. The information that Russia is going nuclear on ISIL came from LiveLeak, however the information is not backed by ANY sources and only cites “multiple intel reports”. You can read the report here: Russia is opting a nuclear strike on ISIS; The Kremilin is awaiting concent from its allies

UPDATE: CONFIRMED: Russia announced (after this plane shoot down) that absolutely no foreign troops would be allowed in Syria without Assad’s consent. This announcement means that Russia will now take direct action against American troops. THAT CINCHES IT, RUSSIA KNOWS * WELL WHO SHOT THAT PLANE DOWN and even if the political whitewash machine won’t hang that fact out on the clothesline, Russia’s subsequent action says it all.

SUSPICIOUS: Russian passenger jet goes down with 224 aboard over the Sinai close to Israeli border



Here is why: The plane, which “suddenly fell like a rock” was cruising at 30,000 feet right before it did, AND BODIES WERE FOUND OVER A FIVE KILOMETER RADIUS. Folks, there is only ONE WAY this can happen, and that is if an intelligent missile sought the plane’s center of mass, exploded, and threw bodies in all directions from far far up. That is the only way they could possibly be spread out over a five kilometer radius. A bomb in the cargo bay would have to get a lucky shot to do that, and be absolutely HUGE. Not probable. NO MATTER THE WHITE WASH, CASE CLOSED.

Now Egypt’s “ISIS” is claiming responsibility. This means Israel or the U.S. did it. Since this happened within missile strike range of Israel, well, what do you think? This plane had only Russians aboard, which virtually assures it was only important people aboard because normal flights have people from more than one country on them. Who would know that before blowing this plane up? Certainly not ISIS, if ISIS was the rag tag band claimed, they would be clueless about what they were shooting at. How would they bag the perfect Russian aircraft, and where did such a missile come from?

Forget the “engine problem” whitewash, it is unrelated and I looked into this, the crew only had problems starting the engines, once running they were fine and did not have a history of blowing people out of the airplane over a 5 KM radius . . . . . . which would be impossible anyway, an engine is not even able to get shrapnel into the passenger cabin, they are tested for that and France built the aircraft.

Update: Israel has stated they had intelligence assets on the ground where the plane went down. This is likely to ruin any investigation and could actually be the cause of the crash to begin with.

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A Russian Airbus A321 went off radar while over the sinai peninsula 23 minutes after takeoff with 217 Russian passengers and 7 Russian crew. RT has reported the plane had tourists aboard, but in addition to this the plane had only Russians aboard, which strongly indicates this was a very important aircraft flown out of Egypt for a purpose with important people aboard. Most likely they were either important to Russia’s government and/or Russian defense or business, this is the only probable way both the passengers and crew were entirely Russian. If the plane was not flown for a specific official purpose, the passengers would have most likely been of mixed origin.

RT has reported that the crew complained of engine problems before takeoff, and that they requested to land in Cairo, HOWEVER, the crash characteristics match a missile strike and not engine problems for the following reason – obvious complete structural failure of the airframe caused the plane to drop like a rock IN FLAMES after it hit cruising altitude at 30,000 feet. A plane cannot just fall out of the sky from 30,000 feet like this one did unless the wings are missing, if this was an engine failure it would have taken this aircraft a half hour to crash from that altitude, with full dialog from the pilots all the way down.

Instead, radar tracked this plane falling like a rock, with no communication from the pilots while it did so, until it vanished from radar at 5,000 feet and fell in the mountains.  There are survivors this time, so there will be stories told if any of them make it. This plane crashed in Egypt, which means the Israelis will be hindered in killing survivors to prevent testimony if they did shoot this plane down.

UPDATE: Early rescue teams heard voices in the main wreckage, but are now reporting no survivors. THAT is suspicious. . . . . For now, Russia is playing it cool saying the plane went down due to an engine failure, but this simply does not wash, if it hit 30,000 feet it could have landed in Israel, Egypt, Jordan and possibly other places before it ran out of altitude, or at worst even in the ocean to improve it’s chances if it still had it’s wings. 

This one is suspicious to say the least and I would not doubt Israel did this one to settle a Syria grudge and will remain suspicious no matter what the “official story” ends up being. If the black boxes have bad news aboard, this could easily be the spark that does world war 3. If Israel did shoot this plane down, it will be a wrestling match between Israel and Russia for these black boxes, even if via Israeli infiltrators in Egypt’s investigation if Egypt does the investigation. The best possible course is for Russia to get there ASAP and handle this one because no one can be trusted to do this type of investigation anymore. If Israel shot this plane down, it would end up being be another “suicide pilot” story if Russia does not handle this correctly.

I forgot to mention – America put boots on the ground in Syria due to Russia cutting off support for CIA agents fronting as ISIS. There is a strong possibility there is an evacuation of American agents underway RIGHT NOW.

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Source: Jim Stone Freelance



  1. Good job putting it up. Despite some researchers doubting Jim Stone as ‘overblowing’ it, I think so far he’s had the best explanation.

    Points Jim Stone made:

    – he believes the footage of the plane is real and not made in ‘McCain’s studio’ : “it is freakishly difficult to film something like this happening live, no matter how good the camera is. The fact any video of this got made at all shows a degree of professionalism beyond the average joe.”

    – aircraft was certainly brought down by explosion with almost 100% certainty, in his view the cause leans favorably to a missile strike due to distance of final impact position by the engines on the ground from rest of fuselage. Only full blown explosion will blow engines away from the wings

    – “it was an intelligent missile that can analyze a plane and know where to hit it perfectly to assure destruction, it was not a simple heat seeker going after a hot spot.”

    – “only scant few nations have such missiles, and in that area, only Israel had them in stock ready to go as part of their national defense, and if it was not Israel firing this from Israeli soil, it was Israeli/American provided.”

    – no rag-tag jihadist or even Islamic State did this as the video was not released through known Islamic State channels and they do not own such advanced missiles

    – Russia is not stupid and knows the above facts. “They are keeping their mouths shut until they can put enough of the plane back together to find out exactly where the explosion happened. When they have their answer, it will include the make, model, and serial number of the missile or bomb, who provided it, who was likely to have had it, the whole 9 yards, and at that time appropriate action will be taken. This type of analysis takes a while, so it might even be months before we get the final answer.”

    • I don’t often post Jim Stone’s reports because I’ve had some issues with his reports in the past, but I think he’s brought up some very valid points in this report. I’m sure we’ll know much more in the the next few days.