February 16, 2019

Second Plane Crash Near Rothschild Estate Leaves Many Curious

By Shem El-Jamal

The world is an unpredictable place at present. The progression of global events seems chaotic, unrehearsed and less predictable than ever before. Yet among all of the chaos, there seems to be an ever-increasing hope that the situation will resolve itself. When the smoke clears, we may all be looking at a new, improved and evolved version of society on Earth.

If you are a member of the general population, you might be a bit confused as to the true nature of recent events. If so, this is understandable. At present, there does not seem to be much of a way to definitively determine the result of our present global experience.

The nature of events seems to range from the fairly mundane to the borderline insane and within this diversity lies the opportunity for exploration and practicing our skill of discernment.

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We may remember when the anonymous 4Chan poster, Q, came on the scenes. One of the many reasons people began following these posts was because of Q’s uncanny ability to predict future events. There were a number of theories developed by audience members in attempts to explain the situation. Some thought that this Q poster was a White House insider. Others thought that they were some sort of psychic or time-traveler who was dictating events somehow. Some people simply thought that this Q was a lucky guesser.

Whoever Q is/was, and whatever affiliation with progressive planetary events they do or do not have, it does appear that to some degree, these posts have been very helpful in encouraging audience members to put pieces together for themselves.

We may remember the interesting prediction on November 13, 2017 which foreshadowed the unfortunate accident near the Rothschild‘s estate in Buckinghmshire, U.K.

The accident took place on November 16th. What was even more strange was the fact that this type of accident was foreshadowed twice, and twice, we saw these unfortunate accidents very near the Rothschild’s estate.

Both of these posts implicated the Rothschilds. One simply stated, “+FLYROTHSFLY+.”

As you can see, the above post was made on December 5th, and on the 9th of December, there was another accident very close to the same location. The “FLY” of this post was thought to be in reference to the number of adjacent airfields to the Rothschilds’ estate in Buckinghamshire. The + signs may be in reference to the code used by Q in the past–the double pluses meaning the Rothschilds.

Below is a map of the two properties of interest. I found it strange to find that virtually no resources offered a quality map of the locations in question. Towns weren’t mention in the available reports, but only properties. The problem is that property lines are not mapped in these areas with much detail. So in order to get clarity on the situation, it was necessary to overlay one map on top of another. You can see the two properties outlined in red. Buckinghamshire is to the left and Hertfordshire is on the right.

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There is a chance that these accidents were merely unfortunate happenstances which took place over two different airfields near the same mansion and estate. However, we cannot easily dismiss the strange correlation between these 4Chan posts, the accidents, and the long-running damage the Rothschilds have caused the world through global market manipulation and exploitation (allegedly).

The global situation has progress significantly since these revealing events. However, it is always a good practice to take a step back and assess how we arrived at our present state of global change.


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Source: The Sun
Published: December 9, 2017

By: Holly Christodoulou and Chloe Kerr

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