February 22, 2019

Update from Simon:

Possible Arrest Of Obama.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Awaiting confirmation of possible arrest of ex-US President Obama. (source)


Benjamin Fulford, April 4, 2017:

Now that David Rockefeller and his imperial proxy are out of the picture, the chaos accompanying the collapse of the post-war order presided over by Rockefeller has reached a point where former US President Barack Obama has been arrested by US military police, Pentagon and Japanese MI sources say. Obama’s so-called black house or anti-trump headquarters was also set on fire, the sources say. Obama, upon arrest, began naming his bosses in the drug dealing faction of the CIA, the sources say. As a result, a plane containing Afghan heroin and North Korean amphetamines was impounded at Argyle International Airport on St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean, the sources say. The money raised from this drug flight was intended to be used to finance the operations of Daesh (formerly known as ISIS), the sources say. This impoundment follows the capture of an Obama linked ship containing 4.2 tons of cocaine, the sources note. (source)

NESARA News Blog has also posted information about Obama’s arrest at the following link…..

Breaking News: 1/4/2017 OBAMA was arrested in connection to his shadow government, and has been sent off to japan.


This article (Simon Parkes: Possible Arrest of Obama & April 2, 2017 Q&A) was originally published on Ascension with Earth and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


    • There have been various people over the last week who have all been saying this. As with all rumors, discernment advised! I do find it curious though that there were daily reports on both Barack and Michelle Obama’s activities after leaving office but now there are no more reports or public sightings.

  • When do you think the media will finally come out with this story? And for Simon Parkes that use to be in the Labour Party saying something like this, this could be the biggest news yet!

  • Obama said he would be sticking around in DC possibly as a political commentary akin to Palin. Fascinating. And the press is using comments Obama made in 2013 regarding Syria when Obama could just speak for himself in 2017….why again?

  • If it’s true, which I’m hoping yes, they can’t release it yet. Imagine the circus it will be…they will say he couldn’t get a fair trial because of the press coverage. There’s so many things going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about, arrests, witnesses going into witness protection. If you look at all their photos since leaving office they are all fuzzy and look photo shopped. When you realize his birth certificate was faked and that just about everything that happened during his presidency was faked or manufactured, the pieces of the puzzle start to fall together. We just have to be patient…it’s all going to come out. Brian Terry’s murderer arrested today…fast and furious. It’s all coming!

    • I saw pictures this morning of the Obamas enjoying David Geffen’s superyacht off French Polynesia, so it looks like it was bad/false intel circulating the 1st week of April.

  • Not necessarily bad info. The obamas may have body doubles. The guy that showed up in NYC sure looked like one. There are no clear or non blurry photos of them since they left office. No Twitter activity from Obama since 3/23.

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