Tom Heneghan & Stew Webb: Sealed Indictments, Stolen 9/11 Gold, Huma Abedin, House Arrests, Grand Juries, & More!

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Tom and Stew go over their latest information from US and French intelligence.

Here’s some of the highlights:

Updates on the sealed indictments and Nevada grand jury.

The 2000 tons of gold stolen on 9/11 was taken to Canada. This gold has been located and returned!

Hillary’s emails contained emails to terror cells in Yemen! These CIA terror cells are now being destroyed by Trump!

Huma Abedin emails contained extortion bribery and pedophilia!

Obama now fingered in running a massive cocaine operation with Hezbollah Michelle Obama wanted Donald Trump assassinated using MS-13 gangs!

Donna Brazille and Donna Rumsfield both cooperating and giving information.

James Comey now under house arrest.

John Brennan is under house arrest.

Chris Matthews makes $5 million a year to promote the Bush Clinton agenda. He’s on CIA payroll.

DHS has been illegally face scanning passengers boarding planes then targeting them for Stone-R technology!

This article (Tom Heneghan & Stew Webb: Sealed Indictments, Stolen 9/11 Gold, Huma Abedin, House Arrests, Grand Juries, & More!) was originally published on Before It’s News and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. Via Ascension with Earth.


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