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Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton Is An ISRAELI Spy

By Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America   –   It can now be reported that the recent resignation of Department of Justice head of counter-intelligence David Laufman confirms a Defense Intelligence criminal counter-intelligence investigation involving a massive ISRAELI espionage operation that has been directed against the United States government, its compromised intelligence agencies, the U.S. media, as well as all members of the United States Congress.


ISRAELI Mossad agent Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton admires her ‘handler’ Benjamin Netanyahu

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The liaison aka the bag lady for the ISRAELI Mossad is none other than Khazarian Jew, former U.S. First Lady and U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

Secret Service Removes Rahm Emanuel from Oval Office – Tom Heneghan

It should be noted that during the 1980s while employed at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, Hillary’s law partners were the late Vince Foster and none other than convicted ISRAELI espionage spy Jonathan Pollard.

Pollard did more damage to America’s national security than any individual in the history of the United States, including the noted Rosenbergs.

But did you know that Vince Foster, Hillary Clinton and Jonathan Pollard were all simultaneously partners at Rose Law Firm?  Yes, that Jonathan Pollard, the unrepentant spy for Israel, arrested and sentenced to life in 1986 for espionage.  —  Sander Hicks, New York Megaphone

Compromised members of Congress tied to the ISRAELI spy ring include:

  • Adam Schiff, Democrat of California
  • Kamala Harris, Democrat of California
  • Amy Klobuchar, Democrat of Minnesota
  • Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina
  • John McCain, Republican of Arizona
  • Richard Durbin, Democrat of Illinois
  • Eric Swalwell, Democrat of California
  • Robert Corker, Republican of Tennessee

Also, North American ISRAELI Mossad chief, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Note:  We will have more names to add to the list in our next intelligence briefings, including the role of Corker’s bag lady Marsha Blackburn.

Reference:  The aforementioned TREASONOUS Representatives and Senators continue to support the junior George W. BushFRAUD-Clinton-Obama-Biden instigated wars in the Middle East, including the current ISRAELI escalation and aggression against the sovereign nation of Syria.

The aforementioned filth also continue to support the illegal destabilization of the Russian Ukraine on behalf of NAZI Khazarian Jewish Israeli interests all to support the imperialistic designs of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and NAZI Khazarian Jew and financial terrorist George Soros.

Compromised media types include David Corn of Mother Jones, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, independent journalist and former Dukakis campaign manager, Susan Estrich, Paul Gigot of FOX News, Dana Bash of CNN, her brother former CIA official Jeremy Bash of MSNBC, Wolf Blitzer of CNN, David Ignatius of the Washington Post and Mark Knolar of CBS.

Assisting Defense Intelligence in this investigation is none other than former Washington Post reporter, now employed at PBS, journalist Mark Shields, while former Democrat U.S. Senator Al Franken of Minnesota is helping blow the whistle on this TREASONOUS scrum that inhabits the Congress and the media.

P.S.  We can also divulge that the ISRAELI Mossad espionage also targeted current U.S. Senator and American Patriot Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, and none other that former U.S. Vice President, now year 2000 DULY ELECTED U.S. President Albert Gore Jr. of Carthage, Tennessee.

The current Defense Intelligence investigation has now connected the dots reference the ISRAELI Mossad, U.S. CIA, the U.S. NSA, BRITISH intelligence GCHQ, the Department of Homeland Security, and the noted Fusion Center as being involved in massive CAPITAL HIGH TREASON against the American People.

P.P.S.  At this hour, U.S. President Donald Trump remains somewhat helpless and cornered.

This article (Tom Heneghan Update – February 12, 2018) was originally published by Tom Heneghan and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. Via Ascension with Earth.


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  1. And all we get is poor excuses as to why Hitlery and many others still walk free. Despite there been enough evidence to put them away for several thousand years.
    Remember these key facts:
    Always use discernment.
    Judge on what happens, not what is said.

    Live by those, then you will see we are all been lied to and played like a cheap violin