February 19, 2019

America Must Shape Up and Pay Up, or Ship Out

One World of Nations
Turning the Tide Series
Republished April 30, 2018 (originally published 7 November 2014)

Reality now is the game is up

The Extortionist Cabal has lost and their collapse or War is coming. But what of the True Dichotomy, what is it all for?

If successful with funds, you will do what? There are many facets evolving.

But strong evidence of market ignorance abounds. Ignorance is no bedrock to be launching any of this. Too many visibly deluded Wannabes are in fantasy play. Most need to think outside of their contained boxes, and understand the Chess Board of life they are on as Pawns on the board. We deal with the multi-interlinked equations of what is unfolding daily. Time to ask a few, you are not a multimillionaire now because of what? Yet you think a few hundred Bucks is the ticket to bypass a lifetime of achieving? So many cases for the Sam Elliot T Shirts. Who are mentally prepared for any of this? Handling wealth is also a State of Mind. To accrue it and know what it’s for, and what to do. Money and life needs purpose. Grunt fantasies, like Pigs, don’t fly. Cash Gushers are not going to be unleashed for the new Beverly Hillbillies. Money is controlled. Regulations rule.

Allow us to interject a whole new report covering key elements of direction, strategy and misinformation which confuses reality, and your own Judgment calls. Allow us to help you cross the bridge of consciousness needed to focus, with real hope, for a far more important future, and to bring a level of real meaning through the chaos and confusion of life. Yes, we will report on the up to date status of the Settlements, but let’s also cover far more important issues as well. Such as who you really are and your purpose here. Not just today’s grasping Rice Bowl. So, for those able to accrue the benefits of what we are all working so hard to achieve, let us help make you and the funds fit for a real purpose. Many of the readers have shown the intelligence and aptitude to be safe hands of Stewardship, but the mass market has not. So please understand there will be different courses for different horses. You as the sleek racehorses, but all too many as the grasping cart horses. But most important, understand the wider real world Geopolitical issues emerging and how to position to help YOU create a better society.

If you avoid the legal Global Plunder Trap of ownership waiting on some of these currencies, just like stolen WW II Artworks, which forces return or restitution, then look at the big picture of how to hopefully deal with your windfall. There are still complex issues playing out beyond the comprehension of some of the marauding Grunts and seen procrastinating naïvely.

With a nation State like the US, where half are either on Welfare, or part Welfare subsidies, no one is either listening or tuned into reality. The US Empire is becoming yesterday’s world. The economy is in free-fall and the Republic now long dead. Government is dysfunctional, run by frauds, liars or psychopaths. There is no semblance of ethics in the shabby vacuous administration passing off as the Beltway between the Senate and Congress. The White House is captive now to a mixed Islamic / Zionist assembly, all in cahoots with a fading Cabal. The Treasury and Fed are captives to emerging new Global financial competitors who will not be denied. Intelligent, determined and focused opposition is emerging worldwide. We need to assess what is affordable, achievable and the likely losses for some. As is currently profiling, a lot of frankly criminal overprinting of Iraqi Dinars, are likely to end up as bio-mass furnace fuel for disposable waste. Hopefully criminal prosecutions and Class Actions will follow. You deserve Capital recovery. Do not presume you have any rights to the Settlements to be achieved by the Big Battalions, you don’t. Dongs, while still speculative, carry far less risk, apart from War Looting and Plunder Laws if to be used for Bank Compliance Provenance checks. We cannot advise, only suggest.

America’s greatest export has become War or Terror

Agencies operate outside of Congressional Control in an unholy alliance with the Energy and Weapons Cabal. The world is sick of American aggression, lies and hegemony. Sick of it! Trillions are wasted exporting terror while homeland cities collapse. Stop exporting War, create Jobs dam it! Stop the political chicanery of creating fast bucks for the Beltway Sleaze trough and create Infrastructure.

The whole ethos of senior American society is now truly rotten from the head up, and therein lies the problem facing so many of the good, poor Americans today. The Cabal did this. Many good Americans are as much victims.

America – Is not working! 100M wish, if only! The futures of hundreds of millions of overall decent, innocent and well-meaning Americans has been placed at risk, and hopes negated by this ruthless Cabal of Elitist families and opportunist Political shysters. America has become a very sick financial operation. It can no longer sustain its commitments, nor be entrusted with its Reserve status. The poor, innocent and trusting nation of its people, are just as much a victim of these tyrannical deviants. Doing nothing is not the right option.

America owes vast Trillions to the world. Funds owed for the lies and fantasy the nation has lived falsely for the last 50 years, and the Debts owed to so many trusting Lenders, who entrusted their own hard earned Billions to the US for good Humanitarian investments, all to be ruthlessly cheated and deceived by this sordid and truly rotten Cabal. It has treated its own American nationals in no less a shabby way. As it did with Native Americans. Every treaty was broken and Washington is no less a Gut Rotten bunch of Carnivores now than they were then. These are the same Varmints holding back the PPs. Greed and hypocrisy as they carve up America and divide the spoils of wars unleashed upon the world. Your children die for this garbage pit of humanity. Rotten people in office conspire with immunity.

Humanity at a crossroads

Now, this predatory collective of manipulative families, colluding with Global Zionists, have brought humanity to a crossroads of intent with core decisions needing to be made. Having sequestrated the wealth of the planet, do they achieve their century long goal of life extending longevity, progressing towards Transhumanism, which only the truly wealthy can then afford? So the gut rotten and Soulless underbelly of mankind and their all too often squalid and pampered Nasty Brat Children will live extended lives, because the criminal families immorality and inhumanity can afford the medical costs, leaving all the good, and many magnificent human beings who chose service to all, to die. Good people meet a bad and avoidable end. But the Gutter Scum of Government, Crime, Agencies and Banking, plan now to live to 200 plus. Why them, because they did not earn it, they stole it? With most of their mediocre spawn getting the treatments as proceeds of crime. Allowing them then to effect Population reduction, with a Tri Laterals Kissinger target figure of c500 Million left remaining. Of which at best 500,000 will be Elitists and the rest both Slaves and Enforcement Goon squads. What happens when the Goon Squads realize they also no longer need the Elitists or their ugly Brats? Nature of the Beast will unleash itself and what then? It need not and must not be this way as eulogized by Kissinger. Man can and must do better. We can. We must.

Life is not so simple. Nor is evolutionary development. Leaders of all denominations come from all backgrounds, often poor and deprived, driven to seek more as high achievers. All people anywhere, all children born, can achieve so much more given the correct environment and education. It is not limited to Race or skin color. We are all equal as humans. Just not equal in opportunities. So to extend life, let’s extend fair opportunity to all.

Living a lie

False, miss tracked and often manipulative Religions cause so much harm. Fanatical Islam murdering and mutilating people and children, are an abomination as a species. As are religions which cross marry girls at 6 to 9 years of age with no choice, or protection. Speak up! Wake up! Our Children are NOT chattels to be traded. God never asked for the sacrificial mutilation of our Children, you live and believe a lie. Nor to cut the throats of terrified animals for this mindless blood sacrifice. How can you develop as a species of humanity when you cannot even respect the sanctity of your children and deal humanely with kindness to animals in our care?

But of course, for some deluded misfits, you are ‘Special’. The rest are Infidels or Goyim. What a truly stupid species you are if believing that.

How are you then different to the Crusaders who mass slaughtered nations in the Middle Ages, condoned by a cynical and devious Vatican and Godless Papacy? Or the Zionist monstrosities in Israel with their OCD Wailing Walls, and genocidal treatment of Palestinians. All the while plotting subjugation of more Arab nations. None of such a species are close to God, but just naïve Abominations as life forces. Murdering monstrosities alien to true Gods will. God did not create Goyims to serve such a stupid race of deviants embittered towards their fellow men. Nor to support the murder of Palestinians, the financial defrauding of nations, or killing of Arab races by so called brother Islamists. Marriage to 6 and 9 year old girls is a sick Pedophile Cult. Disgusting and abominable in practice. As is cousin marrying cousin with all the birth defects and mutations seen in hospitals. Or the increasing Jewish DNA inbreeding problems of such a limited out-cross. Each are fabricated nonsense. Baseless. All these birth abominations are because your false Religious Cults are abominations. These are stupefying Cults. Where is YOUR concept of God with so many DNA mutated births? Abominations of nature. Why can Leaders not speak out with courage against their deranged insanity? How about we put people first? All Souls of one God force? All One Family of man. All matter! Define what true Spiritual reality is. Or do votes count more? The price of ignorance. If you can’t understand the purpose of your Being, or have credible plans, why endow you with the seed corn of a nation’s capital?

The general concept of what many of many call God, is a childlike fantasy created by manipulative deviants over millenniums. Man created these Lies for simple people. A false and illusory God concept of power, to be ordained only through false religious entities. The true reality is so very much more. But also so very much greater.

Why not even take the time to think for yourselves? The greatest question of all, our lineage to all of creativity and our very chain of our Being and belonging in this awesome Cosmos. Who we are, what we are, how did we evolve? What made us? What is beyond and what is our purpose of Destiny? Real issues, the true sense of your very being. But being what, because Cabals and Religions fail you as Human Beings! Most of you are living a naïve and deluded lie. Existence for many has become a journey of mediocrity, missing the point of it. You are surrounded by all, and yet YOU chose to be blind to everything. And for many, you attend 2 hours of Pulpit, Mosque or Synagogue Bashing every few weeks, cough up a few Bucks, and all absolution is bought from these Shape-shifting mediocrities. Absolution, as they prey upon your children. False Priests. Mad Mullahs and brainwashed Rabbis. Many as deluded as you if you chose that nonsensical path.

Life is a journey – an experience

Life is a  series of experiences and knowledge base to be acquired. Including challenges, and the Buck stops with YOU. We are all Keepers of our own Soul. You all exist as so much more. You all need to be so much more. THINK FOR YOURSELVES! Free will! THINK AND BE MORE! If you cannot make yourselves fit for purpose, what are you fit for?

The world is a mess. We are poisoning our planet and defoliating the environment. Species become extinct because of us. Why listen to such false media as is propounded, why not seek truth?

Why not feel your very being? Why not take time out to see the very complex and beautiful world all around you which you have no idea exists. So how about you truly enriching yourself today or this week? Take time out, walk in your gardens, or a Park, or in the countryside. Don’t just look at a flower, cultured or wild, go up really close. Look. Really look in detail inside. See every grain of the petals and the build-up of color strains which blend into the awesome end product you see before you. You probably never have, so try and see a whole new world open up before you today. It will amaze you. Smell the scent of it. Study intensely its very being and the marvel of nature. Stop, listen to nature. Listen to the birds. Take an hour out of this mundane existence of your lives and really tune in to become aware of how great this awesome planet is. Listen to your planet and all around. It’s your home. Feel the oneness of nature. Only then will you start to understand the existence and being of the enormity and complexity of the Spiritual Galactic energy you call God. Of which you each are so lucky to be alive, from the millions of spermatozoa who died when YOU got lucky. Think – question, why you? Walk by a stream, listen to the sound of the rippling water. See the vast myriads of life it has cultured all around it. Absorb the harmony. Be as one, but a part of all. Richness of Soul, not an interim Bankers Pit Stop.

Look at the laughter and the marvel in the eyes of your children and babies. Feel the rapture and such joy at the birth of each. Just – Feel! The intense bonding of love and creation which you became part of. Why? Part of being not just alive, but something much, much more. Evermore as you also become the Guardians of the very Souls you have unleashed. The realization you are part of so very much more. Understanding and feeling is humbling. Love, as an emotion, is your Kinetic energy Bond to the true, Universal Spirit you call God. Part of the all-seeing, all inclusive Universal highway of life and existence. Be as one, but part of all. Everything is interconnected and interdependent. We are all Children of this total Cosmic Universe and all inter-related to each other as the Universal Soul Bank of all, being part of one giant Galactic being, a part of a binding ethereal Universal Spirit source, where each exists as one, but functions also as one inclusive part of all. Where all the combined knowledge and experience of the Universe is a Data Library of being accessible to all at will. Put in an hour of time to see, absorb nature and your sense of being, and change your lives.

Knowing changes everything

Those who have experienced the true life beyond, whether via Near Death Experiences, or a simple pass through experience, will gain a vast new awareness of the All Being, with an intensity which is one of total inclusive existence of Being and an awesome depth of majesty. It changes you. Doctors talking of hallucinatory illusions have truly no idea. The sheer awesome depth of knowledge, understanding and revelations of events, as well as inclusive understanding, are of such clinical clarity as to be indisputable, a genuine and deeply conscious vivid experiences. The two are not related. Think outside of your conditioned mental boxes. Think multi not singular Dimensional. Start with – Thinking!

Ever more cases are slowly reported of inexplicable human interaction with external ethereal life forces and influences. You cannot talk about or dismiss events to which you have no personal, or credible experience. Nor debate to dismiss what you do not understand. Logic, whose logic? Define the extent of your Dimensional experience, then talk. Until then, do not talk – like a fool. Post such experience, you will no longer believe, you will Know. But as with Airline or Fighter Pilots experiencing UFO’s, you do not report for ridicule. Educating ignorance is a major task. In the meantime, ever more incidents of human experiences filter back. Most correlate closely to each other. Each defies all human logic principals, yet each is real. So, what is out there? Experience what is real, and you no longer need to believe, you will know beyond any and all doubt. Knowing changes everything. Knowing brings humility. Knowing brings understanding. But also – hope. Because beyond that barrier, is so much more.

Are we selling a Religious Mantra? Not at all. Just raising awareness of a bigger picture of attendant realities. Plus asking, what kind of societies do we want, let alone need. Because what we have clearly is not working, nor meets ethical guidelines. Neither the systems, nor people governing, are fit for purpose. Collectively, countries are in a colossal mess. So – think outside the box. If society is to evolve, how? Only when all understand our role in evolution will we stop the greed of man in pursuit of ideologies which have no worthwhile end game. Killing in the name of Religions, from the appalling evil of the Vatican, or the Cabal and its Global warfare machine, to the current radical mass murdering ISIS brigades, and Israe-hell, denigrates the very Souls of us all. All Souls are part of the one great life force. Karma is the eventual Judgment Call for us all. Rotten Men in Politics, Banking or Military Agencies, however mighty, will eventually face judgement from a greater force of being which being All Mighty is truly beyond all human comprehension. But all knowing.

People at all levels are in pursuit of personal aspirations so often with Ego and a Collateral ownership path, all locked into a self-defeating cycle, focusing lives on assets you cannot take with you. Society is impoverished by Mans greed and power. Always, many lose to feed the greed of false need. Neither is transferable. The purpose of the report is for you each to take, for once, a Pit Stop of life and ask – Why? How about we change the very ethos of our Judgment Calls? What value do we bring to humanity, not Capital Values we accrue at the costs to all? We are just, One Family of All. So why are we killing and mutilating our own Family Souls?

Look at the appalling state of so many children of the Elites. So many Leaders families, with Alcohol, Drugs, Statutory Rape and criminality problems. All unfit to be allowed access to the benefit of such funds, so where does the cut back begin? Allowing the flow instead to some of the guttural mass ignorance, that will achieve what? Damned right such funds need to be qualified and channeled. Hopefully they will be. Major funds are generally given as controlled Project Credits. Only allowed for draw down against accredited approved Project stage developments. So ask, if that is interjected, it leaves you where?

There will be Checks and Balances

Sam Elliot, have you got the T Shirts ready for when the howling starts?

Can you show credible planning forethought if asked, and your ability to be let loose with scarce resources? Have you got a documented Business Plan? So, you scraped a few Bucks, and thought you would be let loose with what? It’s your right, Yes sure – what is the delivery address for the T shirt? Think of the big picture now. How many are ready for any of it? Be damned sure, there will be Checks and Balances once unleashing so much. A Mutt feast is too ugly to contemplate. Real world, real money rules will apply.

Look at the paintings of Akiane, from what started as a 4 year old child prodigy now family manipulated as a corporate cash machine. These are visions from where? Key into Akiane’s library of pictures. Who or what gave her such inspiration and as a child? Live – inside your head.

‘Google’ into the story of Ian MCCormack. His own NDE having been pronounced clinically dead and his Atheist conversion. Many more similar cases will emerge. Why is each happening? Listen to Ian and others. Live his experience. Live life as is. Assess who you are, and the values you need. Aspire for more, Not Reality TV. There is so much more out there to assess and appreciate, than the size of Kim Kardashian’s arse!

Note: first 2 1/2 minutes is a trailer to the upcoming feature film – You tube video link


So, why are we allowing this Vulture Culture to exist as Governments, predicating their vacuous greed tentacles on all they are entrusted with? Because, if as is becoming increasingly clear, we are all here to experience physical carbon based existence as Spiritual Beings, something is badly miss tracking us now as a Human species. Our Human compass is miss aligned. Awaken.

Zionism falsely subjugates non-Zionists to an ugly and truly false Goyim status. Some of the most perverse and Godless predators in Finance, Government and Law are the Zionists. A truly ugly, cunning and perverse subspecies in pursuit of such false Soulless agendas. Their moral compass is so badly miss aligned. They have become in effect, a series of incestuous viral Roaches, siphoning out the Capital of world banking, and have created the scales of Capital shortfalls of Federal Debt which will take thousands of years to redeem. Unless we deny them and cut them loose. Which needs to be a global planning priority. A new Global Anti-Shylock Bill! As Wyatt Earp cleaned up Dodge City, the world needs to clean up and clear out these predatory Zionists for the viral damage they create. Their removal from Finance, Government and Law needs to become a considered priority. Facing down our demons. America needs an ethical President of character, a Real Achiever, who will remove Zionists from heading up the Fed and Treasury, and for the clean-up and clear-out to re-track America. Their history is abysmal and their shameful conduct has to start with action. No more unsavory closed shops for such people only, as they have done to others by malpractice. Look at where its got us. Time to take stock and to give others a chance. Payback time. And by God, they need to pay back!

So called Elitist Global families, who entrap mankind into their Corporate Oligopolies of Resource and Capital dependency, are in fact just denigrating the real worth of what matters to mankind, and have usurped their role as a time part of the overall collective of beings. We have now reached a new zenith where Education has emasculated many sections of Global society, who now challenge the worth, standing and justification for retaining such family powers, and who will work to seek an end to them.

All Empires End

The 20th century was the growth of America, and its own tyrannical expansion of Empire, trampling all over the world. As with the collapse of all Empires, and as America seized control of its own Colony from the English Crown, so have new Democratic and Feudal forces emerged worldwide with each seeking autonomy from predatory US control.

America has lost in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Mogadishu which simply blew away its Blackhawk incursions, but worse, it has lost the moral authority and trust of the world for continuance of a single US Reserve Currency, as evidenced by the breakaway of BRICS. Look now at the emergence of the Chinese Yuan currency, Energy pipelines and settlements bypassing all US controls into Asia. The emergence of evermore technologically sophisticated Defence systems by emergent powers such as China and Russia. Aspirations of emerging nations, soon become new Sovereign Independence demands. Empires end. The world now demands an equitable share for all. Why should lowly educated Pig Ignorance in one country command $10 to $15 dollars an hour and only $1 dollar in Asia? Sorry but, the world is saying No More. Look at the sheer size of those Welfare Guts. All with cigarettes, Booze, some drugs, welfare phones, all funded on credit, while entire nations starve. What is equitable? The Global cupboard is bare. As your Global Credit is cut off, what got you there?

We need to rethink our roles and places in the emergent new societies to come. Where do we fit? What do we contribute? How have we evolved as a society? In the new world, what can we do better now?

So Yes, the report is different because it faces down allowing any further downward spiral and says, Stop, let us all work as Fellow Beings to turn it around. It’s not about who presumes to own who, nor is Humanity their Private Zoo! Because, truly, to the Real God, what matters – Is you!

And we all have free choice, of what to do. Change is coming, and it starts with you.


From within the two sites, we asked for Project concepts, and the response from so many of you was truly humbling. So, whether your role is to be inclusion from getting lucky on the currencies, or selective opportunities created by so many Projects to be undertaken with the big Battalions, those funds will be lifelines for many, and integrity will rule. We are ever conscious of you, but the greatest wealth evolving, is how each of us can enrich the future evolution of life on our precious planet. The future, is you. We are not alone. Be assured, you have real purpose and hope.

But for the Cabal, treacherous Agencies, Zionist Bankers, and murdering Contractors, Atonement awaits, and you truly have no idea of the scale and depth of what is lined up as Karma for all.

Almost all will be fine. Those not, you asked for it. That is something you will not be able to buy your way out of. You asked for it. Evolution carries a price. So does Justice.

Is this just belief? No – Intense knowledge.

To know, is everything. But also to know, most of you will all be OK in time. It’s just a journey of discovery, and it has a purpose, so enjoy, each of you, your time on the path of life. To know, ask the right questions, seek the real truth. Wealth is not material. You live, that is wealth of being. You exist. You matter to the most important power of all. You will see, so start looking. Start asking – the right questions. So, with your Dong in your hand, if your invitation comes, what do you really need to do with it? What are the real values? Change lives.

Direction will be yours to choose. Then help others along your new path of life. Make your journey count. Privilege is not a right. Wealth needs humility. Also meaning. Seek it. It will come. All you take with you, is the attainments of this life. How will yours read? That is the only lasting account.

You came here for a purpose. Serve it well. Best the best you can be. Just be – Real! You are all a part of so much more. The very Star Dust of Creation. You each are the Cosmic Matter that matters. Live it. Reality is what we make it.

Change is happening. We, the people, are coming.

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