UPDATE: Booms Under San Diego, CA, the Neutralization of Bouvet Island, ET Battles near Alaska, the Details behind Trump, NESARA and More

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By Shem El-Jamal

Since the end of 2016, time seems to be moving at an ever-quickening pace. Adding to this increase is the apparent amount of chaos we see in world events. Though this chaos may seem unnerving at times, there is said to be an order and significance to the madness.

The events we have seen as of late with financial reform, a crumbling Cabal, a questionable American president, and the ongoing process of soft disclosure, tell us that progress is on the verge of hitting the fast lane. Over the course of the past few weeks and months, more revelations have come forward about Cabal activity than ever before. One by one, the world is kicking off elitist control and setting the standard of the new world we desire to see.

The CIA Just Declassified 100,000s of Files about Psychic Abilities and UFOs

We may understand that with a world of events unfolding simultaneously, prompt and accurate coverage can be somewhat of a challenge. So when Kent Dunn brings intelligence forward, it is important to scrutinize, to be patient and to keep an open mind. Here are Kent and Gary with a recent update.

Kent Dunn – Contact Numbers for Fund Distribution; Russian Military Moves, Galactics and Greys Battling, and Obama Divorce

Bouvet Island

The story of Bouvet Island is an interesting one which I stumbled upon some time ago. During the time around mid 2014, it was being reported that a number of hacks to sensitive locations in the U.S. were taking place. Upon researching these attacks, I came across a live feed of the various hacking attackstaking place worldwide.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Cabal’s Super Hack – Revealing the Gross Vulnerability of a Once-Powerful Crime Syndicate

Within the feed, there was one curious location that seemed out of place. Most of the attacks occurring either originated from a metropolitan continental location, or they were directed against one of these locations. However, there were certain attacks that originated from one remote location in the south Atlantic.

Bouvet Island

An image of the Norse Corp live feed displaying hacking attacks worldwide

If we look at the Norse Corp live feed, we will no longer see this location as the origin or target of any of the hacks taking place. This difference runs consistent with the reports from Kent Dunn about the present status of Bouvet Island. However, if we were to rewind time back to the years before this location was neutralized, we would see attacks similar to those that are still taking place between the U.S. and various BRICS nations.

Galactic Battles

When we hear of battles taking place between ET groups, a number of ideas may come to mind. We may wonder what the reasoning is behind why these groups would fight whereas before, they seemed to be mostly uninvolved with one another. In order to understand the reasoning for these events we must understand the situation of Inner Earth.

According to multiple insiders and personalities, the situation of Inner Earth is very similar to that of surface civilization. It may be true that these beings have chosen in the past to live more peacefully since any fighting would lead to massive casualties on both sides. Within the confines of Inner Earth, there is not much room for violence, not to mention the fact that most of these groups have been under treaty not to do battle in the skies above the Earth. Consequently most of these groups, though they may not have always agreed, they have made significant efforts to keep the peace—that is until now.

UPDATE – Giants, Final Battles for Planetary Freedom, and the Deaths of David Rockefeller and Nathaniel Rothschild

It may be that the recent increase in energetic inflow to the Earth has caused an uprising of volatility between certain Inner Earth groups. Due to these increases, those who were already at peace may have become more peaceful, while those who trended toward negativity may have plotted against one another. This gradual progression to violence would naturally authorize intervention between the negative ET groups of Inner Earth and the positive groups here to assist the planet.

This is a likely situation that has unfolded within the confines of our planet. However, this description only represents one of many possibilities.

Dissatisfaction with Trump

The subject of presidency is not one I enjoy writing about, primarily because it is lower in vibration than I care to operate at. However, for the sake of keeping the reading informed, I have written a number of articles on the present state of affairs. Along with these articles, I will say this.

It did seem obvious that Donald Trump was not the first pick of the Earth Alliance to be president. However, that is what the situation currently requires. Kent seems to agree with this point as well. For the time-being, Trump serves as the front man for the positive Earth groups. Though this may be true, some of his choices do not seem to be in the best interests of all people.

James Gilliland: Trump, Marches, and PSYOPS Operations to Divide the World

It is of course our choice as to how we view the situation. We could either see it as a hopeless pursuit, an assured hope, or we may choose between the array of possibilities between these. Yet, no matter how we see this one man we call “President,” it is not at all only his choices, but ours which determine our course.

There have been some decisions coming from the new American establishment that I have appreciated. There are also those that I opposed and intend to work against if they are not in the best interests of humanity.

Whatever the situation, it is important to know that every perceived challenge actually represents an opportunity for growth, and for monumental improvement of our planetary situation.

Mastery and Manifestation – A Lesson on the Power of Mass Consciousness, and the Key to our Divine Creativity

Whenever we encounter potential problems, we must remember that these problems represent a chance to alter reality for the sake of our future. Without exaggerating, our destiny can turn on a dime if we are willing do the work necessary to accomplish the change. Along with our efforts, there is one other step we may take in order to create a better world.

There are reported to be numerous benevolent ET groups waiting to assist us in our progress toward freedom. Many of these groups have been discussed in past updates as well as by numerous whistleblowers. These Galactics are waiting to given assistance, but there is a catch. This is that we have to know what our need is and ask specifically for assistance in meeting the need. (This is how these beings respect our free will.) As I have said before, this is not a prayer to a superior deity figure, but a simple request to our off-planet equals. Speaking from experience, any positive request can have amazing effects.

Disclosure and ET Transports

Perhaps the most exciting subjects to discuss are those of disclosure and the first mass contact Earth has seen for thousands of years. It is difficult to imagine how tremendous the shift would be to have a group of ETs (ideally benevolent) land and introduce themselves. Many of us have ruminate on the energy and experience of this event for some time, as we have waited for what seems like a lifetime to witness it.Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock – The Law of One and the Secret Space Program – Exploring the Striking Correlations between the Law of One and Past Testimonies of the SSPThere are many people claiming to know exactly what this first mass contact experience will be like. Some are promoting it as a sort of second coming of Galactic deities or savior figures while others are attempting to claim that the Earth only has doom in store. Personally, I don’t subscribe to either, as these seem to be more of the ideas of Hollywood screenwriters than of sensible people.

The experience of first contact will most likely by somewhat of a shock, though a very positive shock. I imagine that in some ways we will be cautious, but in many ways we will have a strong sense of familiarity as though we are meeting those we once knew, but whose faces have changed over time. This might be similar to a family reunion.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock – Interview with the Insider – Profound Testimony from the Well-Known Whistleblower, Dr. Pete Peterson

From the testimonies of whistleblowers such as Corey Goode and William Tompkins, I imagine the experiences of being around and working with ETs to be much like meeting someone from a foreign country. Though there is an initial reaction of shock (as we have been told these beings do not exist), there is a progressive normalization that takes place. Once we become used to being around positive beings that look differently than we do, that is when the true benefit can be realized.

According to these and other whistleblowers, there are numerous beings that look mostly human, but with subtle differences. Some of these people look so much like us, that we could not even tell they were ETs if we walked passed them. Some of them have even lived and worked with us for thousands of years, and we did not even notice. I imagine that during the days of first contact, we will most definitely take notice.

The Futility of Money

It is nice to hear that there is wide-scale financial reform taking place. This progressive step has been talked about for years now, but in light of the proposal to simply revamp an old and repressive means of exchange, we must ask the question, “Do we really need money at all?”

We have all seen the massive amounts of harm and financial manipulation that has taken place over the last century. We know of the ills of central banking and the illegitimacy of the fractional reserve model. There is also the global slavery we call “employment” which only serves the elitists at the top of the financial food chain, while dooming the rest of humanity to live in progressive levels of poverty.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode, Michael Tellinger, and David Wilcock: Ubuntu and the Blue Avians’ Message

There is no need to prove this to any large extent because it represents the majority of our life experience. The past century has brought into question whether or not money needs to exist at all. The system is reportedly being remade, and new asset-backed currency is being distributed. However, we must wonder who the new major benefactor is.  Who are the interests distributing this currency and what is their percentage during the process of exchange?

In my perspective, we cannot truly be free until we realize that there is no need for money at all. In essence, money is nothing more than novelty and a tool of middle men. It is unnecessary, and the longer we hold onto it, the more of our freedom we relinquish to those who control it.

According to past reports from Kent Dunn, this revaluation represents the last distribution of money the world will see. Afterward the plan is to do away with money altogether. If this is true, that is most definitely something I can look forward to.  This world has much growth and progress to look forward to, and I imagine that the sooner we choose to free ourselves from the old and outdated systems of control, the faster we will see that world manifest.

Source: Discerning the Mystery



  1. Can anyone provide any info whatsoever on Kent Dunn? Who is he? What’s his background? Why should I listen to him? All I know so far is he apparently has claimed to be from Agartha and has come to the surface on a mission to enlighten humanity, and once that mission is complete he’ll return to his civilization below the surface. When I listen to this guy speak I definitely don’t get the impression he’s an Agarthan. He’s far from eloquent, and I have a hard time believing that they speak with thick southern US accents in Agartha. I don’t even get the impression he could ever have had access to high-level information. His “intel” could be compiled by anyone with a computer. Does anyone know anything about Kent Dunn’s background?

    • Hi Dave,

      I attempted to look into Kent Dunn’s background and could not find much of anything. I searched for over two hours – and I’m really, really good at digging up information about people on the Internet. I would like to know the answers to these questions, as well. He seems to have come out of nowhere. Some of Dunn’s information rings true for me and can be corroborated via other sources, but I approach these videos with a raised eyebrow and much discernment. When Dunn and Larrabee go off into religious zealotry territory they loose me. To each their own, but it’s not my cup of tea.

      I have stopped posting his videos for the most part, unless Shem does one of these write-ups because they contain a lot of additional information.

      I’d like to hear from others if you have any information on Dunn. Please leave a comment. Thanks.

      • I was friends only with KD on facebook, briefly. He is a married man that is posting pics of half naked overweight, obese models and his comments were inappropriate. He was commenting how he wanted to “snuggle” with them, etc etc…. I had commented that his posts and comments were not of high vibration, that he was a married man, supposedly working for the Light exposing the Dark. . I told him that the Company of Heaven is watching and he needs to be held to a higher standard,,, not a married man commenting about how he is sexually attracted to overweight women. He then blocked me from his fb page. He is a pervert in my opinion. Something is odd with this man and my gut tells me that he is not of the Light. Anything that is secretive is usually not good.

        • Hi Sandy,

          I checked out his Facebook page a few weeks ago and let’s just say I was not impressed. When I was looking into his background, I read someone’s comments that suggested he was taking information and rumors from various available ‘intel’ reports, mashing them up and putting his own spin on things, and then passing the information off as ‘intel from his sources’. This seems to be a likely scenario, as most of his information is not unique. I think this man may be an attention seeker who found an active audience with Larrabee.

          Thanks for taking the time to comment.

          • My thoughts EXACTLY. I suspect he may be part of a psyop to see how quickly people will accept sources that can’t be vetted.

          • Could be…! Lately I’ve only been posting these videos when Shem does a write up because he does a great job compiling information. I think I’ll continue sharing Shem’s posts for the time being, but perhaps include a bit of a ‘discernment advisory’ on the next one.

            I appreciate everyone’s feedback.

  2. omg, what a disaster … I’m feeling kind of crushed. That’s the first time I regret for having no FB account. It’s not a nice experience being conned – especially in public. But I’m nothing. Kent Dunn duped successfully also Louisa from GoldFish Report, Captain Max Steel incl. JayPee from WolfSpirit Radio [host of Simon Parkes] and David Wilcocks’s whistleblower Clifford Stone… I think they have a right to be informed, too, haven’t they?

    Being conned is the price for any truth seeker, sometimes your need of good news will be inevitably exploited. Just yesterday I was shocked by David Wilcock’s revelation in Gaia TV of the giant cover-up in the mainstream astronomy. (“Black holes” don’t absorb energy, they spend energy and so on …) The cabal’s betrayal seems to be endless … Thanks for sharing the information.

    • Hi Oli,

      The tip off for me was that there was nothing unique about his information. I know you listen to and read as many of the reports as I do. If you combine all of the information on a weekly basis from Wilcock, Goode, Cobra, Parkes, Fulford, Heneghan, Preston James, Jim Stone, and sprinkle in a Sorcha Faal for good measure, you end up with a Kent Dunn report. Have you really heard him say anything unique? There may be a tidbit here and there, but my intuition says that he’s someone who’s enjoying the limelight and attention. It would be quite easy for you or me (or anyone else who is informed) to come up with a weekly report similar to Dunn’s and claim it was from ‘secret sources’.