Update on ex-CIA Robert David Steele’s Trip to Japan: Gold Backed Cryptos, China Ghost Cities & Wealth Transfer To The East

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Victurus Libertas – We had a 30 minute sit down with RDS to discuss his trip to Japan, his meeing with Princess Kaoru Nakamaru and Benjamin Fulford, Sustainable societies using Open source technologies, Trump and the deep state & much more http://tinyurl.com/Steele-Fulford


Former CIA Robert David Steele Meets with WDS & Benjamin Fulford in Japan (Video)
Benjamin Fulford: Any intel on Jared Rand?
Benjamin Fulford: Financial mega-battle to escalate in late February, early March


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  1. Wow, click on the YTube link – yet another YT account terminated. After reporting on the Florida FF, these people I’m aware of have had their channels deleted – David Seaman, Jordan Sather, Richie from Boston, Jerome Corsi had some sensorship and SGT Report. David Seaman has switched to Bitchite.com (another alt is D.Tube.com). FaceBook alt’s are MeWe.com and SeenLife. Think it’s time to decentralise information sources? …