Update: Oroville Dam is Probably Doomed

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By Jim Stone

Oroville update: The water is now 4.5 feet from the top of the emergency spillway. They are using the damaged spillway as much as possible.  One reader asked why you can’t see the rebar My guess is that the cameras can’t resolve it because the scene is too big. If there is none, that would be quite a shock.

OROVILLE DAM IS PROBABLY DOOMED UPDATE: Maybe not if they accept the complete death of the normal spillway.

UPDATE: They are going to just open up the damaged spillway and let it rip. That would be a good move as far as I see it, because it will put the worst erosion more than a thousand feet away from the top, rather than risk whatever happens if they use the overflow and put the erosion right at the top.

New damage proves probable doom

This photo to the left shows the damaged after they did a small release to see how the damage would progress if they tried to use the spillway. As you can see, it is total doom, because it is working its way up the dam rather than down it.  The next photo down is making the rounds, claiming it was a maintenance issue. Though that might be possible, I still think it is improbable and that what has happened is the result of sabotage.

This doom photo to the left here shows it has progressed up the dam to where the maintenance trucks are in the photo below. The trucks in the maintenance photo could have been there for any reason. And IF they are at the point of the original failure (that is hard to determine but I don’t think so) all it proves is that the democrats who have been destroying California for decades now chose to neglect things rather than repair them, and it is still their fault. This happened after Arnold was out, but I don’t think he’d have done anything either because he’s a worthless pocket stuffer as bad as any democrat.

What we are seeing at Oroville is cold hard proof that environmentalists, democrats, all of what has been running America lately have real consequences in the real world and it really does not matter how much they can spew about how great they are when we can look at the results right here.  There is an extremely high chance of total catastrophe now. I was totally depressed last night over this, because there is true impending doom that would have NEVER happened in Trump’s America and there is nothing at all that can be done about it now, we just have to watch whatever happens unfold.

Improbable explanation photo for dam failure making the rounds

I seriously doubt it!

There is a 2013 photo of maintenance crews with their trucks on the spillway making the rounds, and the claim is that they knew the dam had a problem and did nothing.  I doubt it. Obviously if they can just drive their trucks on the spillway this is normal maintenance and from what I can find of this photo, the trucks are not even where the failure actually happened, they are higher up on the spillway. The photo is cropped in a way that makes it impossible with the different perspectives to see where the trucks actually are on the dam.

You can’t just take a random photo and then make a claim like this, but this will probably still go viral. My take is that this dam was sabotaged by communists in California’s government to cause the current problem, and maintenance had nothing to do with it. And if I am wrong about that, it was still Communists anyway, who probably made a stupid environmental excuse for doing nothing while they stuffed their paychecks with the money that should have gone to maintenance because they hated America and wanted it to fail. I doubt it, but if it was maintenance related the story would be that.

And lots of people I can only call idiots are saying the dam failed because it was old.  That’s a load of BUNK, this type of infrastructure is designed to last 500 years or more, this dam was NEW. Mexico is absolutely loaded with dams that were built at the time of Cortez and age has not made a difference, they are fine. Their biggest problem is reduced capacity due to sedimentation.

The Oroville dam will probably overtop by tomorrow at noon. If not then, shortly after. Then it will finally be big news, when it is TOO LATE. Just the way the scamming MSM and other assorted communists would want it.

UPDATE: THEY ARE HATCHING THE LIE THAT THEY RAN TOO MUCH WATER THROUGH IT AND BLEW IT UP THAT WAY. That is a lie. They peaked at 70,000 CFS and I have re-confirmed that it was designed for 250,000 CFS. My (unproven) explosives theory stands stronger now, because why would they lie like that? If the destruction was not intentional they’d have instead said, “we were only running it at 28 percent capacity, and it gave out”. Now they are inventing stories to explain how on earth it got destroyed and that is very suspicious.

I did a capture of Wikipedia because it matched what I already said. Don’t let the trolls fool you, WHY ON EARTH would they lie about this now? GOOD QUESTION.

Surprise: I wanted a second source to post here about the spillway capacity in case Wikipedia got expunged. But there are countless reports about this that are years old, and they all say 250,000. So don’t fall for the lie when it gets spewed about them “blowing it up” with 70,000. Oh, yes, they probably did “blow it up”, with the water as a coincidence.

The Oroville dam is going to overflow and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

Right now the inflow is 180,000 cfs and they can only get rid of at most 30,000 cfs. The conditions at the dam were greatly worsened by increased rains. I still believe the spillway was destroyed with explosives to prevent a controlled release. If the spillway was not damaged, it would handle the current inflow without incident. However, now they are going to have to let the water flow over the mountain that forms part of the dam, and that has never been done before. If the mountain cannot take the beating, it is going to be GAME OVER.

At the current inflow rates, once the dam overtops the mountain will have to take, at this time, the full fury of the entire Niagra falls, TIMES TWO, and worse, Niagra falls only has a drop of a little more than 200 feet. This water will do a drop of 900 feet. It is going to be epic, even if it does not end up being an epic disaster.

There is nothing they can do to stop this, because with the spillway as damaged as it is, there will be little difference between letting the dam overflow and trying to use the spillway which is effectively destroyed.

The silence of the government is deafening. They are still telling the public not to worry. I believe that is negligent to the point of criminal. At the current rate of rising water, the dam will overtop tomorrow. If you live downstream it would be a very good idea to pack the car and take a week end vacation.

A final summary of the Oroville dam situation


The engineers are totally confused at what happened, and are saying they can’t explain it because “it was not supposed to do that”. That is engineering lingo for “there is something seriously unexplained here”. Yeah, like 2,000 pounds of high explosives.

They probably will not be able to make the mental leap to that conclusion however, because, you know, the brain wash.

A giant dam in Northern California (the largest dam in the United States) suffered a major failure in its spillway when it was operating at 28 percent output capacity. Forget what others are saying about how “huge” the outflow was because the outflow from this particular dam is always huge. Some say it was at 60,000 cfs when it failed, others say it was at 70,000 CFS when it failed, but when it can handle 250,000 cfs that’s just a trickle no matter how huge it looks on camera.

I strongly suspect it was destroyed by a bomb by communists and subversives in California’s government. I find it extremely odd that this enormous water resource has been crippled right when it could save California agriculture after an extended and proven fabricated drought, which absent the draining of the dams on purpose would have meant nothing.  It is proven that the dams were drained in the name of giving tons of water to a fictitious fish called the “delta smelt”, which was an invasive species dropped in the Sacramento River delta by settlers 100 years ago. It does not belong there anyway, so saying it is endangered is pure fiction, and nothing but an excuse to destroy California. A textbook communist tactic.

Due to the well proven fact that California has been over-run by subversives who fully intend to destroy America, I believe it is perfectly rational to state a high but unprovable probability that the destruction of the spillway at the Oroville dam was done with explosives. “Made In America” does not fail at 28 percent capacity, “made in America” fails at 300 percent capacity, when this dam was built America usually overbuilt everything by that much. It is irrational to the fringe of lunacy to think that there would be any reason at all, other than intentional sabotage and destruction for this to have happened.

Now the dam is filling at a record rate, and over the last two days has used 230,000 acre feet of it’s 500,000 acre feet remaining reserve. My estimate, probably bang on. And the snow runoff season has not even started, with record snowpack. The dam cannot release enough water through the power station to get rid of the water that is coming in, the spillway is needed for this. They can either use the spillway and destroy it entirely, or allow the water to flow over the top of the natural part of the dam (which has trees, roads, it is just basically a mountain) and hope to God the natural materials can handle having that much water running over them. At this time, “that much” is equal to the flow over Niagra Falls. When the spring runoff hits, it will probably be more than that.

My big worry is that even if the natural mountain can handle that, that there are probably additional explosives embedded, that will be set off once enough water is flowing to obscure the blasts. Granted, this dam is in a remote region but it is designed to hold 4.3 cubic kilometers “business as usual” and will be holding (by my estimate) 4.8 cubic kilometers of water when it over tops. That is a recipe for a serious disaster.

To sum it up: There is a very tense situation developing in Northern California that could result in absolute catastrophe. There is nothing the engineers can do, because the hole is 30 feet deep, 100 feet across and 200 feet tall. This will be impossible to fill in only two days, which is approximately how long it will take for the dam to hit 100 percent and start flowing over. I believe it was done intentionally, with explosives but have no proof other than common sense. And even if the dam does fail, I do not believe communists in California’s government will turn on the pumps in the delta to give any of the huge burst of water to California growers because they want California agriculture destroyed, that fact is plain as day from past actions alone. When the government becomes your enemy, and wants your nation destroyed (which clearly, clearly is true of California now) this type of thing will become the status quo.


UPDATE: Engineers were sent to the spillway to assess it. There is probably nothing they can do unless a national effort involving every aircraft available bombs the hole with cement to fill it before the dam overtops. This probably won’t be done.

They cannot explain how the hole got there to begin with and are only guessing. They might just open the spillway and accept it being destroyed. I think that would be safer than letting the water flow over the top of the dam. Everything is very risky when there is almost 800 feet of water pressure being held back. Absolutely anything can happen.


I have no proof of this yet, but the videos of the failure show chunks of concrete flying high in the air when this failure happened. Add to this a huge crater at the failure site, and the cold hard fact that the dam was discharging water at only 28 percent of capacity when this happened and outright sabotage starts to look very plausible. And there are other questions: This is the tallest dam in America that is about to be overtopped by floodwaters. This is IMMINENT, and now they can’t get rid of the water. Yet the state says no one needs to worry??!!??

This all adds up to the dam being wrecked on purpose, to invite a spectacular disaster. This report is getting widespread attention and I think I should tone it down a bit, but COME ON NOW, something is fishy here and I really do think this is an attack on America’s infrastructure by hardline communists in California’s government that want nothing other than for America to be destroyed.  That this is happening just as California agriculture has a chance after a totally fake drought/water crisis the same communists caused is just too fishy to ignore.

Be aware that they are comparing the output of this dam to Niagra falls, and how much water was coming out – that it matched Niagra Falls. That sounds impressive, but this dam is designed to be able to output 2.5x as much as what goes over Niagra falls when Niagra falls is at absolute max. So the comparisons are a ruse that sounds good, but NOT IN THE CONTEXT OF THIS MASSIVE PIECE OF INFRASTRUCTURE.

This happens to be an absolutely giant dam, with absolutely awesome output capacity. 28 percent of that capacity will look like a LOT.


Whatever happens to this dam is going to depend upon what the base under the spillway is made of. If it is predominantly solid granite, a complete failure might not do a lot. But if it is any sort of aggregate it is going to be GAME OVER.


This dam is 50 feet taller than the Hoover dam.

The communists in California’s legislature set this disaster up and are ignoring it on purpose. WHY??!!??


Anonymous sent:

Isn’t the dam system a federally funded project? Why can’t the feds step in and do something about this? I have been on lake Oroville many times and you cannot get a proper perspective of the size of the lake with pictures. It is huge! If they do nothing and it breaks the death toll will be unimaginable. There are a lot of homes that will simply be swept away. To let that happen knowing it is a possibility should make the government guilty of pre-meditated murder! It is absolutely insane that there is not even a sign of anything in that picture that shows they have even looked at it! Not even a “Do Not Cross” tape around it. Clearly a case of mismanagement at the very least! Un-f**king believable!”

My response: If Trump is kept in the dark about this long enough, the disaster will happen and then you can bet they will try to use this as grounds for impeachment all the while Trump had nothing to do with it. That is how the left in this country operates. The camera angles used to photograph this crisis are borderline criminal. It is all camera tricks to make people think this is just a small project, when in fact it is the tallest dam in America with 2.5X the controlled output capacity of Niagra Falls at peak flow. They make the damaged spillway look like a small rain gutter in the pictures! And the floodwaters are going to overtop the dam in less than 5 days without the spillway working. Ignoring this is CRIMINAL!.

I have searched for pictures that show how huge the dam is, and there is nothing that can show it because the dam is so huge that by the time the dam is in the picture, anything people normally recognize is too small to see. Cars, people, houses, all become either indistinguishable or invisible entirely.

To be clear about Arnold Schwarzeneggar for the dam report:

Arnold was the governor of California until 2011, and he let subversives destroy California agriculture and get away with the delta smelt water shortage fakery until he left the governorship, and at that time the water scam was well into three years. He is either a foreign enemy on American soil or a complete idiot only able to act a script. Being from Austria he should never have been allowed a government position, let alone be governor of California. Just because he acted Terminator really well means nothing, I don’t own a terminator movie that has him in it and never will. Boycott.

The bottom line is that the dam failure in California was probably done intentionally via sabotage and intentional mismanagement, to finalize the destruction of California agriculture. And even if the dam breaks you can bet that evil powers will do everything they can to divert even that flood away from growers, and if they do a controlled drain of the dam for repairs, the growers will not get a single drop.

Publicity trolls are trying to cover up the fact it was probably sabotage by comparing the dam’s output at failure to Niagra falls. FACT: Despite having almost as much outflow as Niagra falls when it failed, IT WAS ONLY AT 28 PERCENT RATED MAXIMUM FLOW. The dam was built to absolutely dwarf the flow over Niagra falls. Failure with an outflow that was so much less than it was designed for is far more than improbable.

California authorities are saying there is no danger to the dam or to the public. This is a LIE. They just want people to sit on their butts until disaster strikes and at current inflow rates that will happen in less than 5 days. Maybe the dam itself won’t fail, but the mountain to the side of the dam, where the spillway is located, sure as hell will. Why the word play? Ask your local California communist.


Time for a little biased reporting. I am just going to say it as I see it.

California’s Lake Oroville dam, 770 foot tall earthen dam, the tallest earthen dam in the world and the tallest dam of any type the United States has suffered a major failure in the spillway. I am certain this will not be fixed because communists who run California will not even try to fix it and would rather see a disaster that helps them destroy California agriculture despite the recent massive rains. What better excuse than this to just drain the dam ON PURPOSE, IF the dam even survives the spring runoff?

Years prior to this current crisis, Arnold Schwarzenneger, who said he’s better than Trump, made damn good and sure the dams were drained ON PURPOSE during his governorship in the name of the “delta Smelt” simply because he’s not from America, and has socialist/”progressive” roots. He could have stopped that and DID NOT. All the proof in the world of this is clearly featured in an article linked on the right hand side of this page – The End of the California Orange. That governorship ended in 2011, well into the fake drought. He can’t be President and should never have been allowed to be governor of any state. And there is absolutely no reason to believe for a minute the current government of California is any better.

Why am I being so harsh? BECAUSE I KNOW DAMN WELL THEY ARE JUST GOING TO LET THE DAM FAIL, WHEN THEY SHOULD BE STAGING AN EMERGENCY OPERATION WITH EVERY HELICOPTER IN THE COUNTRY DROPPING CONCRETE IN TO FILL THE HOLE RIGHT NOW.  They won’t because they hate the American people and want that dam system destroyed. Their behavior with the fake drought and draining the dams on purpose prior to this proves it. If that dam is not repaired, it will overtop within a week and then, because it is an earthen dam, it will be GAME OVER.

Right now the dam is at 82 percent capacity. If it is not repaired before the spring runoff, which it cannot possibly hold and has to simply let go of and should be releasing now in preparation of more, it absolutely will fail and folks, it is ENORMOUS.

This dam is rated to hold 4.3 CUBIC kilometers of water and will overtop with 4.8. That is cubickilometers, not square kilometers.

This situation is so dire that if the government of California was not the enemy of the United States, AND the people of California, this dam would be under emergency repair RIGHT NOW. The fact that it is just sitting there with this gaping hole with nothing being done is cold hard proof that the people running California are a clear and present enemy of the United States.

Ok, I jumped the gun and said they’d do NOTHING. But I am right, just watch. Because if they did not want this dam destroyed, they would never have let the damage progress as far as it did before shutting it off and if I could hedge my bets, I’d bet on “they damaged this dam before the geo-engineered storms hit to make sure this problem would happen on cue.”

Come on now, can you believe this sh*t after they already, provably tried to destroy California agriculture by draining the dams before this? While the dams were drained, I’d bet they undermined that spillway and damaged it on purpose so when water hit it this would happen. This dam failed with only 28 percent of it’s rated maximum out flow. “Made in the USA” simply does not do that sh*t absent sabotage.

Ok, HERE ARE THE FINAL DETAILS: The spillway is designed for 250,000 cfs and failed with only 70,000. That screams SABOTAGE. The hole dimensions are 80 feet X 200 feet. This will not be repaired. It is going to be another smelt party.

Editor Note: Here are some additional photos of the damage from the Sacramento Bee:

Click to enlarge.

This article (Update: Oroville Dam is Probably Doomed) was originally published on Jim Stone Freelance and syndicated by The Event Chronicle



  1. This has been a problem in CA for ever. The ground dries out, losing essential moisture and then everything deforms before failure. Mudslides, floods, and other consequences of human folly in trying to tame the wilds have been happening since the early days of overpopulation. L.A. had a dam fail back in ’28.* Oroville was finished in ’68 with many difficulties during construction. The Bay Bridge is already suffering the effects of corrosion and infiltration of salt water into its concrete footings.** These are all engineering and construction problems that are compounded by politics. Disaster is the only way to effect a solution, apparently.

    * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Francis_Dam
    ** http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Bay-Bridge-s-new-problem-leaks-5217783.php

  2. The dam was constructed of gold bearing ores. Many of those ores were from 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce per ton.
    The historical district of downtown Oroville sets atop an unworked portion of a rich placer gold deposit.

  3. martin graafland on

    Totally nonsense saying (and writing) that the spillway has been sabotaged. But I agree that the situation is very dangerous. If the emergency spillway is going to be used then the erosion will gage into the mountain and ultimately (fast) the gap will grow towards the reservoir. Next week is more rain in the forecast.

  4. Michael Dempsey on

    You need to stick to putting letters together and forming words. Leave the construction suppositions to someone more qualified. There is no rebar in the concrete. If there were, you would see chunks stuck to it all along it. It would be wrapped around like string, but there would be enough of it and you would still see it. There is nothing in the photos but large chunks that are left. Check some demolition photos if you would like to see what to look for.

    As for 2000lbs of high explosives….:-) that is ludicrous. That statement alone betrays your ignorance. That is enough to completely obliterate the entire spillway.

    Other than the facts, of which there are few, your whole article is fiction.

  5. Noneof Yourbeeswax on

    What a pack of hysterical nutters you are. If Republicans didn’t oppose infrastructure spending, a second spillway could have been constructed as a backup for very little money.

  6. In the event of a dam fail. How far and how fast would the water flow. I live down stream about 30 minutes by car.

  7. Wow. Unless you are trolling this seriously is one idiotic story. Just dump concrete in the hole? You obviously like to speak a lot about things you don’t know about such as concrete construction. You need a base foundation which is impossible to provide this time of the year, forms/rebar, good weather, etc etc etc. It’s crazy to me that someone actually can’t see that the record amount of rain and snow fall has been the major reason for this failure. To assume the government would do this on purpose is just silly.

  8. I whipped up a quick little model that estimates the hourly change in lake level based upon the difference between hourly inflow and outflow rates. By extrapolating the observed downward trend in inflow, and assume outflow remains constant, I get overflow of the emergency spillway tomorrow morning….but just barely….peaking at less that 902 ft. (It overflows above 901 ft.) So, I see why they are now saying it might not overflow. Gonna be a full reservoir though!

  9. In my county in California–the second smallest county in the state after the City of San Francisco–there are nearly 40 road closures due to landslides, slip outs, washouts, culvert failures, and sinkholes (with more closed from downed power lines).

    I can’t even imagine what kind of land movement they are having in the burn scars of the massive fires they had last summer south of us in Big Sur.

  10. Great story. Thank you for covering it. What is actually going on is more epic than anyone could ever even fathom. Get used to mocking and demeaning when you speak truth

    • Oh, I’m use to it. Just a little good ol’ fashioned cognitive dissonance. 😉

      Thanks for your comment.

      From Fulford’s report this morning:

      “The Khazarian Nazis have been blackmailing the Pentagon White Hats with threats of nuclear terror, sabotage, scalar weapons etc. It is a good bet the ongoing disaster at the Oroville Dam in Northern California was an act of sabotage by the Nazi faction aimed at sending a message to the Trump regime.”

  11. doubt it’s sabotage, the rapid rate of destruction could just be caused by the water, cavitation (google it) is a serious problem for dams look at the Glen canyon flood of 1983 and the damage done to it’s spillway tunnels all from a slight imperfection in the concrete lining that caused the water to skip upwards and come crashing back down onto the lining.

  12. Rogerio D Maestri on

    My dear friend.
    Since I am Brazilian and I am not a Democrat or Republican, I have no interest in conspiracy theories like that of a terrorist action on the dam. And I can say from my experience of civil engineer in Brazil formed in 1976 and having taken a master’s degree in Hydraulics, including doing the discipline of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics with the 20th century’s largest hydraulics in the USA, Prof. Hunter Rouse I feel obliged to give some technical information. In addition to the above written from 1978 to 2016 I taught as Adjunct Professor at UFRGS in Hydraulic structures, in addition to all this time have designed numerous spillways, and the last project I have done, which is still in execution, is a 150m wide spillway (492 ft).
    I put part of my curriculum vitae to show that my statements that I will not come out of nowhere.
    First, and more importantly, if there had been an act of terrorist, as well as a terrorist who did it would be completely ignorant and dumb (qualities that are possible to find in a terrorist), because I can say with certainty that the place chosen for this terrorist act Would be the most contraindicated, since there are other points (which obviously will not speak to give no idea to any terrorist) that would be much easier and much more effective, so it is better to look for problems in design, operation or maintenance defects.
    For example, I would question the stupid test that appears in his first photos, because any engineer who has a reasonable knowledge of hydraulic structures, NEVER would test to see if erosion would continue, since ALL GOOD ENGINEERS know that erosion occurred as in photo Of the left would naturally occur what happened in the photo on the right, because the phenomenon that is called REGRESSIVE EROSION occurs (as actually occurred).
    Instead of doing this stupid test, they should at this time try to protect the structure with emergency solutions and not increase the hole!
    If you’re a Republican and you voted for Trump, do not forget that as a candidate he drew attention to the need to regain America’s infrastructure, and gave much more emphasis to this than the Democratic candidate! Instead of talking a lot of nonsense as you said, remember that your candidate spoke and covers from him the maintenance of the infrastructure that is precarious in the USA according to the American Association of Civil Engineers itself.

  13. That Spillway hole shows little to no Rebar so the continued use of it will suffer from Hydrodynamic Cavitation and Under Boiling until it eats back under those flood gates by then it will be too late