February 16, 2019

UPDATED: Turkish Parliament Nuked During Coup Attempt

All major media had reported a loud explosion in Ankara, the pictures show it was a nuclear blast

By Ian Greenhalgh

Update with initial analysis from VT’s nuclear expert, Jeff Smith, written after he saw the above video:

That’s a plasma blast all right. It’s a low level air burst. Most likely a small nuclear trigger. The lights didn’t go out so no major EMP field. Need to know what was the target and is there a crater. Check for melted car air conditioner radiators and on buildings too. Heat damage. etc.



Jeff then did a second-by-second analysis of that video and had this to say:

Not good. This is serious stuff….Not TNT or napalm. Not fuel air mixture. Fuel air leaves an oily residue. White phosphorus leaves a gray smoke trail. If nuke less than 0.5kt, based on fireball size and duration. Need blast damage photos to verify 100%… Looks just like the one we reported on in Syria last week on VT. These are 4th, 5th generation nuclear triggers using lithium and deuterium with a minimal amount of Uranium….. 500ft fire ball for 3 seconds max. Above ground detonation meaning air dropped. A 750lb bomb from an F-16 can’t do that. Single burst not multiple burst. – Jeff


As we have been reporting for the last several hours, there is some form of coup attempt going on in Turkey, Erdogan fled to Marmaris and was reduced to making a public statement over Facetime on his iphone, tanks and troops were all over Istanbul and Ankara.

The situation is still far from clear, we do not know if the coup will be a success or not.

However, we have discovered, thanks to vigilant VT reader Rob Sharp who spotted these videos and made the screenshots, that a tactical nuclear weapon was detonated at the Turkish parliament building in Ankara.

The above screen capture shows the typical pattern seen when a nuclear explosion is captured by a digital sensor; the second image below of the same explosion at an different stage shows an incredibly bright fireball, far too bright to be a conventional explosion of any sort.


Who is responsible for this nuclear explosion is unknown, whether it will be acknowledged by Erdogan or anyone else in the mainstream is unknown, where the nuke came from is uknown too, but we are on the case and will report on any further developments or info as we get them.


Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events

Source: Veterans Today

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