February 16, 2019

White Hat Auxiliary: Fact Check #100

White Hats

From John at One Word of Nations, we find the following posted tonight:

All watch your site daily now twice a day from Tuesday onwards. Cant tell you more but assume it may be good news and you will need to move fast. Just pray hard, we know how many need this break. No more details it stays dark until then. We cant say anything until afterwards for safety. We are ever conscious of all of you. Yes we are fully in the loop! Good luck and we hope its soon for you all. Just watch the site. No debates until its safe and done. Nothing is guaranteed. You know its history. Lets see if they do move or not. We care and will try for all.

Please be prepared to act quickly, and let’s hope that we are on the threshold.

As written above, this is not a guarantee, nor is it official notice. It is simply a heads up for a possible move and you should be prepared to move quickly.

Thank you to John, the White Hats and their staff for continuing efforts. We hope you get to all go home soon. Your work is greatly appreciated.


Source: White Hat Auxiliary

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