February 19, 2019

White Hat Auxiliary: Fact Check #101

White Hats


We are getting daily help as needed from One World of Nations and they are looking after us as well as looking out for us. It is not going out anywhere but OWoN or WHA.

Once the rates are known, and the PPs transacted, WHA will be advised how to rapidly assist.

Yes, we do care.

Once exchange procedures are known, WHA will advise you all.

OWoN will know instantly as it goes to London.

Our questions are being handled courteously and with polite responses.

OWoN has direct access to both the Chinese Elders and M1, plus Reno so there is not better place to be.

However, they will not hold dialog with Gurus or parties with bad attitudes, as is their right, so please be patient.

Whether this week or next, be assured, they are very much in the fight.
Once it is fully qualified it will be shared with us so we can help further.

Please understand the magnitude of this message. Please continue to conduct yourselves as adults. Your courtesy and cooperation has been appreciated!


Source: White Hat Auxiliary

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