February 16, 2019

By Covert Geopolitics

In another huge slap against the mainstream media, a British journalist based in Syria is telling us the true story of the “Assad chemical attack on Syrians.”

In this interview on April 5th with the British Journalist Tom Duggan in Damascus at the French Hospital, the real story about the chemical attack accusations against President Assad is now revealed.

This jives perfectly on the forensic analysis of Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor Theodore Postol, who says that what was shown in the media was a stage explosion only, and not what had actually occurred on the ground.

MIT Prof Emeritus Debunks WH Intel Report Re Assad’s “Chemical Attack on Civilians”

Figure 4 shows the possible configuration of an improvised sarin dispersal device that could have been used to create the crater and the crushed carcass of what was originally a cylindrical pipe.

These are the reasons why Russia wants an independent investigation of the event, and for which the US side continues to ignore. After all, the Pentagon had already dropped the 59 Tomahawks on Syria in an unprecedented and highly illegal attack on a sovereign country.

Between Tom Duggan, who is actually living and breathing there on the grounds of Syria, and all of the pseudo-journalists sitting at the climate controlled broadcast studios, crunching CIA scripts like clockwork, it’s pretty clear who to believe.

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