February 16, 2019

False Flag Terror Attack Outside of Parliament Staged To Change The British Conversation About The GCHQ Scandal

False Flag Terror Attack Outside of Parliament Staged To Change The British Conversation About The GCHQ Scandal

By The Millennium Report

By all insider accounts, the GCHQ scandal was blown up by President Donald Trump for very good reasons.

In fact, the only realistic way for Trump to fulfill his campaign promise to “drain the swamp” — inside the Beltway — is to expose the shadow government that has run the United States of America for many decades.

Why did Trump really disclose the illegal wiretaps by Obama and the U.S. Intelligence Community?

Known variously as both Deep State and the World Shadow Government, the secret entity that exercises complete command and control over the U.S. Federal Government is the slowly being forced out of the shadows.

This inexorable process of uncovering Deep State began many years ago but has seen a dramatic uptick of paradigm-shattering revelations since the election of Trump.  His extraordinary lack of political correctness has been quite instrumental in exposing the ongoing sedition and perfidy committed against the American Republic by U.S. Intelligence Community, as well as law enforcement agencies like the FBI and DHS .

First among those intelligence agencies are the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Defense Intelligence Agency DIA.  It is important to note that each of these organizations coordinates very closely with their British counterparts—MI6, MI5 and GCHQ.  They also collaborate intimately with all the major MSM organs of propaganda both in the United States and Great Britain.

Key Point: Virtually all of the London-based news outlets have been virulently anti-Trump since he first declared his candidacy.  The Telegraph, BBC, Independent, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Sun, Mirror, among many others have formed a veritable echo chamber of Trump bad news.  Not only do these MSM organs of propaganda originate much of that bad news disseminated globally each and every daily news cycle, they are fed copious amounts of intelligence from the GCHQ which inform their “breaking” stories.  Just as the C.I.A. effectively owns and operates the MSM throughout the USA, so, too, does the GCHQ closely control the output of the British media. (The C.I.A. And Deep State Conspiracy Finally Exposed)

GCHQ provided plausible deniability

Given the hard evidence that now exists that proves that Donald Trump’s Trump Tower headquarters has been “wiretapped” for many years, especially during the entire 2016 presidential election cycle, there is now a Congressional mandate to ferret out the facts.  All of that evidence now points directly to the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

The originating orders and subsequent execution for such spying and surveillance on a presidential candidate for purposes of political gain are both illegal and unprecedented, even by the GCHQ.  Nevertheless, the current narrative, whereby the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies worked directly with the GCHQ in order to have plausible deniability for their unlawful conduct, appears to be exactly what has happened.

Whenever a fake conspiracy gets so out of control as the purposefully fabricated “Russian election hacking” story, it’s liable to ensnare every individual and/or organization that buy into it.  And so it has—BIG time!

Because of the patently false accusations, which the Democratic party has been trumpeting in unison across the nation about a fake conspiracy between Trump and Putin to defeat Hillary Clinton, the sheer political pressure being exerted has been so strong that even the GCHQ was drawn into the fiasco.  Now that the bigwigs in Cheltenham (location of GCHQ headquarters) have been thoroughly outed for their unparalleled complicity in the interference of a U.S. presidential election, all hell is breaking loose in London.

Staged false flag terror event outside of Parliament

As the specter of a transatlantic brawl began to break out in the open, the Brits did what they always do so well—perpetrate a shocking terrorist attack to distract the public’s attention.   The following mainstream media report shows just how complicit the London press is in the sensationalizing of this false flag terror operation.

U.K. Parliament attack: Five dead and 40 injured in ‘sick and depraved terrorist incident’ at Westminster

The London establishment knows that the disclosures outlining the GCHQ’s direct involvement in the affairs of a U.S. presidential candidate, who is now sitting POTUS, does not bode well for Anglo-American relations.  Because half the U.S. electorate enthusiastically voted for Donald Trump, the Brits know that such radioactive divulgences will profoundly alter the special relationship that the USA supposedly has with the UK.  Therefore, the GCHQ did what it has never felt compelled to do in its history.  As follows:

Is the GCHQ “unprecedented denial” really an admission of guilt?

By engaging in such outright interference in a US election, the British Intelligence Community was in the spotlight like never before.  The London establishment leaders certainly determined the necessity to change the conversation in Parliament in a decisive manner; hence, the surprise terror attack was carried out yesterday, Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

British PM Theresa May Will Trigger Brexit Talks on March 29

Not only did the public discourse regarding the GCHQ scandal cease immediately, a much more conducive environment has been created for PM Theresa May to trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.  Like all false flag operations, the Westminster Bridge terror attack has various goals which are seemingly unrelated.  The fear-mongering associated with such terror events always serves to make the populace, and especially the public servants much more compliant.

The Prime Minister knows that there is a festering discontent among the manipulated Bremain minority that wanted to stay in the European Union.  Although much smaller than the Brexit majority, they have been very vocal in this dismay.  In the wake of the London attacks, there is likely to be very little resistance going forward.  That the terror attacks were executed so close to the “Houses of Parliament” only illustrated how very vulnerable the leaders themselves are.

The other goals associated with this terrorist event concern the ever-expanding national security state.  Great Britain has established the most intensive security apparatus in the world–bar none.  And yet those who are in charge of imposing this Orwellian model are still determined to go further.

The global elites know full well that the Global Economic & Financial System is on the verge of collapse and that the banksters in London are the primary culprits.  Hence, they feel compelled to put into place all of the controls and measures, laws and technology necessary to preclude a replay of the French Revolution … … … in London.

The Millennium Report
March 23, 2017

This article (False Flag Terror Attack Outside of Parliament Staged To Change The British Conversation About The GCHQ Scandal) was originally published on The Millennium Report and syndicated by The Event Chronicle

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  • Hate and fear drove the section of British society thick enough to be driven into voting choices by such emotions. Muslims, previously just left to get on with their business and almost invisible in UK society, were suddenly constantly in the news every day for 15 years whilst tptb tried successfully to dehumanise them in the public eye so that the populace would be happy to keep forking out for oil wars (of which only the upper classes took the spoils). Along with importing waves of Polish people as a means to support their big business buddies by working for wages that a person invested in the country in terms of mortgage and family could not afford to and this all went together to turn a very tolerant and liberal Britain into a reactionary cesspool of hatred. The actual majority were complacent and assumed that there weren’t enough of the type of idiots who believe WMDs were in Iraq to swing a vote and just stayed home on voting night. This is why Brexit is happening. It is a coup by the forces who have used people’s hate to make them actually vote in favour of a result that will see their own human rights reduced to near nothing. Seriously – watch what happens in the next five years. See if I’m wrong. That human rights act is going.

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