Geoengineering ,chemtrail, operations are real; here’s the proof

By Lexi Morgan

Weather modification and geoengineering, chemtrail, programs are real and were well documented in the film SHADE, produced by Shepard Ambellas and Jason Bermas.

The programs are super secret and are often are never accessible to outsiders looking in.

The above video offers a glimpse inside a few geoengineering aircraft used in these type of operations.

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Source: Intellihub


  • OK, I’m a firm believer that chemtrails are real and bad for us and everything around us. This proves they spray. But this does not prove WHAT they spray. We need to see what is the contents of the tanks…..for my nay-saying asleep friends…..

  • Although some of the images in the video above are like;y to be genuine. Some are of passenger aircraft testing. As in, when Airbus build a new jet, they have to do ballast testing. Which the smaller cylinders are of. They empty and fill them in flight (or move the water from one to another), to simulate passenger movements. To see how the airframe remains stable.
    However, some of these images do not show this, what they show is far more sinister, which we see daily in our skies. It is believed they mainly use aircraft refuelling tankers, filled with the crap they spray, rather than kerosene.

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