Knowledge of the Forever Time — The History of Gods and Extraterrestrials on Earth

Part 1 — The Lost Stargate of Sumeria 1000,000 Years

The history of Gods and Extraterrestrials here on Earth intertwine in this beginning to “The Knowledge of the Forever Time Series” that traces our human origins to a place not of this Earth. At the center of this story are the 29 Stars that form the Tree of Life Constellation. This is the place where all human life began. Located near the Constellation of Andromeda as seen from Earth, The Tree of Life Constellation is 2.5 million light years from Earth and has been immortalized by Sumeria and Egypt, who recorded its distance and location in the actual design of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the ancient knowledge of Sumeria. Distance and location in the Cosmos are key to Stargate travel and part of “The Knowledge of the Forever Time.”

Part 2 — The Hidden Stargate of Nazca 200,000 Years

Does the Nazca Lines of Peru when desifered, hold the key to Stargate technology and the means for Interstellar Travel? This movie presents for the first time, totally new evidence that until now, has never been considered before, in the field of Ufology. It is believed by science that the oldest evidence of early humans, that we can find here on Earth, points to a primitive culture and the cave paintings they left behind. But what if we discovered that hidden within those cave paintings is a sophisticated ancient alien system for tracking and navigating star constellations for interstellar space travel? Further study suggests that this prehistoric history recorded on stone also contain screams of fear and desperation that tell us how our world will end. However, new evidence reveals another story, of pre-historic high technology and an extraterrestrial connection to our ancient past. And, believe it or not, it tells us how to save ourselves from an impending doom.The trail of evidence also points to the Nazca Lines of Peru and knowledge of Stargates that hold the key to interstellar travel that may be within our grasp. The question you may need to ask yourself is, if you could understand these advanced ancient alien messages from our pre-historic past, what would you do?

Part 3 — The UFO Stargate Agenda 300,000 Years

Seen here for the very first time, Researcher and Filmmaker Damon T. Berry presence totally new, novel conclusions, about the Extraterrestrial presence now engaging the planet Earth, as well as our place in a Universe that is teaming with intelligent life. And at the center of it all is the discovery of a widely used Stargate system that makes Interstellar travel and inter-planitary communication instantaneous, and this Stargate system may be within our reach. Further research has revealed fragments of what may be the bases of a mapping system that lists pre-set destinations across the Galaxy. This documentary will present evidence that UFOs are communicating with the people of Earth and their encoded system of communication is specifically pointing to a navigation language that is seemingly vital to Stargate travel. This documentary as part of an ongoing series is loaded with information to support these ideas and in the end will provide everyone with food for thought. Because only working together as a collective, can we uncover all the pieces of the puzzle from “The Knowledge of the Forever Time.

Part 4 — The Secret Stargate of Triangulum 400,000 Years

What if we could hear the voices of those who died over 500 Million years ago and they told you our world is going to end? What if these ancient memories could tell us why we are here? What is our purpose? And what happens when we die? The truth about our Ancient Alien past has become clear as we dig deeper into “The Knowledge of the Forever Time.” Hidden dormant within our human DNA is eternal memory and the gene for immortality. The key to unlocking our immortality can be found in the Prometheus Stones of Triangulum. These stones form the foundation of the world’s most sacred sites and hold the memory of our extraterrestrial heritage. They are data collecting devices that retain the genetic memory of all who touch them. Contained within their memory is the knowledge of eternity and the voices of all who have come before us. Because in an eternal universe, memory never dies. Once we unlock our eternal memory, the mystery of the Stargates will be revealed and the Magi of Triangulum will return.

Part 5 — Stargate Found! 500,000 Years

The Knowledge of the Forever Time Series reveals one of the greatest mysteries of all time, the location of the StarGate of Helios, aka; The Stargate of Sol, an ancient technology that connects all of the great civilizations in the cosmos and makes interstellar space travel between planets and galaxies possible. Secrets of StarGate navigation also hold the key to our ancient alien origins and our birthright as immortal beings. This program presents new compelling evidence of God-alien-human interaction and each piece of the puzzle provides an ancient key to humanity’s ultimate end, the StarGate.

Part 6 — The Black Knight Satellite

The ideas presented in this program are intended to inspire dialog and debate about the past and future of life on Earth. This program opens a dark ancient alien chapter in our human history, The Black Knight Satellite. The Black Knight Satellite, now in Earth’s orbit, is said to be more than 13,000 years old and yet new knowledge reveals it to be much older and much deadlier than we could have ever imagined.

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  1. Apolineo Solis on

    Dear Editor, the first video is so heavily Annunaki and Archon slanted in its premise and propaganda that it overshadows the true arcane knowledge scattered in it with manipulative misdirection that perpetuates the same age old false narrative that has kept mankind/humanity lost within the myriad of misinformation that prevents it from discovering its true history. It is a shame that instead of enlightening its content continues the Archonic deception that has successfully left mankind/humanity controlled and confused.