9/11 rescue worker says human skull turned to “powder and dust” on retrieval

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Eyewitness account of 9/11 suggests micro-nuclear munitions were used in attack

By Shepard Ambellas

A rescue worker assigned to the World Trade Center’s South Tower’s rubble pile after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, said that he found a burnt firefighter’s skull which turned to “powder and dust” when he attempted to retrieve it.

“We found a helmet that’s got a blue Rescue 3 front piece, so we know it’s one of our guys, and there’s the remains of a skull next to it but it’s just blackened and charred. […] I went to pick it up and put it into a box and bring it down with us and it just turned to powder and dust in my hands,” the worker said.

Such evidence suggests the use of micro-nuclear munitions.

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This article (9/11 rescue worker says human skull turned to “powder and dust” on retrieval) was originally published on Intellihub and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


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