Ancient Discoveries in Nebraska That Remain a Mystery

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Nebraskans have made numerous unexplained discoveries, such as Cheyenne Indians clad in chain mail, Otoe Indians with Spanish olive jars and other ancient Nebraskans with ocean shells from the coast.

Nebraskans have also claimed discovery of the bones belonging to a giant race of Indians. When the bones are uncovered in a grave, they appear to be of someone seven or eight feet tall. Tis program includes ancient rock art that appears to have drawings of water monsters, aliens or supernatural beings.

A Spanish cross is found on a secluded rock canyon in Sheridan County. Nebraska has been inhabited for the last 12,000 years. The only true native tribe is the Pawnee, with other tribes appearing in the 1700s. He said the Pawnee had a sophisticated cosmology with star charts and had a priestly class.

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