Jordan Sather: “Disaster Performers”, Twitter Lockout, and New Q (Recommended!)

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Florida lawmaker’s aide fired after falsely claiming Parkland students are crisis ‘actors’ –

Sessions forms U.S. cyber task force after election warnings –

Inspector General: FBI Executive Loaned “Substantial” Money, Had Sex With Subordinate FBI Employee –

How A Plea Reversal From Michael Flynn Could Uncover More Federal Corruption –

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YouTube Has Permanently Banned The Richie Allen Show and has Deleted all 76,000 subscribers and 1,400 videos
BOMBSHELL REPORT: Twitter Employees Admit To Censoring Conservatives, Banning Them For Political Reasons
Medium has suspended the accounts of Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, and Laura Loomer
Jordan Sather: “Disaster Performers”, Twitter Lockout, and New Q (Recommended!)
UPDATE: YouTube has BANNED this Video! Jim Fetzer On Why He Thinks That Events In Florida Were Staged To Justify Disarming American People
David Seaman Has Been Banned from YouTube
UPDATE: YouTube has BANNED this Video! Jim Fetzer On Why He Thinks That Events In Florida Were Staged To Justify Disarming American People
UPDATE: YouTube is systematically deleting copies of the David Hogg video
YouTube is deleting the Colton Haag video accusing CNN of hosting a scripted town hall meeting on Gun Control


1 Comment

  1. I think it’s over folks. America is lost. There won’t be any mass arrests or indictments under the RICO act as has predicted for many years by Ben Fulford and David Wilcock. It’s why Hillary, Bill and Huma are still walking around Scott free and laughing at us. No sirs, it’s over in my opinion. There is no cavalry, or anti deep-state faction. That’s all fictional i.e that is all miss information to give us false hope and misdirect us.

    The statues are coming down, and then they’ll break out the lists of undesirables and come for us. Keep your powd3r dry. We are gonna’ need it. There will be no savior anytime soon. We are here, alone, to fend for ourselves, children and grand children. It is a cause worth dying for. But how few people actually think that way? Very few in my opinion.

    Have you considered that perhaps there are other beings in the universe who did not violate God’s plan (commandments) and who live in a paradise he has jointly created with his other loving, obedient beings? We have brought this ALL on ourselves, ever since EVE bit the apple, by killing 50 million babies in America, kicking God out of the schools and courts, sanctioning same sex marriage, killing children in Yemen, Ukraine, Iraq and Syria. The sun is setting on America. God has abandoned us. HE has now turned his back upon us, because we have abandoned HIM. Parents only have so much patience. The madness will only get worse. God has other things to do and better beings to tend to. We Christians know how this ends [see the Revelation to John]. YouTube can not save us.

    Mark my words. It won’t be long now. They will come for us, just as they did in the Bolshevik revolution and Germany before WWII. How can the common man fight against DEW weapons and tanks. This isn’t gonna’ be like the war of independence in 1776 folks. You will be tagged, cataloged and put into forced labor camps run by the Chinese. Is anybody listening. Get out while you still can.

    IF you doubt my words just look around at the so called ‘normal main stream reality’. Not the reality of alternative media. Try talking to the man on the street about DEW weapons, smart meters, the deep state and false flags and you may get put away. The communists have won the narrative – hands down. Only WE the People can end the Coup De-tat. However, we need everyone, because we are outgunned and that simply isn’t gonna’ happen with >50% of the country made up of Snowflakes and Libtards many of whom worship satan.

    Making a hashtag on Twitter simple preoccupies people. What we need is We the People making the arrests. But that hasn’t happened – so far. It may and if it does the M.I. will need to stand down and support the Militia. There is no need for galows. Why wait for Military Intelligence or small Black-Ops teams? I think it’s over folks. Meanwhile Qanon and Twitter hashtags seek to deflect and preoccupy people. Prayer can do a lot more than YouTube and Qanon. We fight not against carnal forces but against powers and principalities. It’s a spiritual battle folks. Can you feel it? And are you praying?