Knight of Malta: Controlled by the Diabolical Society of Jesus (aka Jesuits)

Runtime: 14:29

(We Are One Big Family) Many USA Knights of Malta were involved in the Twin Tower conspiracy which was an inside job, many people in Iraq and Afghanistan have been murdered through the consequenses of the brutal lies by the Mainstream Media which blamed the Muslims for it, Rupert Murdoch owns 75 % of all the worlds Media and he is a Knight of Malta, just as the Bushes are and many others, The Knights of Malta used by the Jesuits are very powerful they own many many corporations and banks, are carrying out orders from the pope to increase the temporal power of the pope, The CIA is founded by The Knights of Malta and they are very high up in the Masonic Hierarchy, The Equestrian order and Constantinian Order are even more powerful overeen by The Jesuit order.

The 3 USA branches of the Knights of malta are overseen by The Archbischop of NY as well as the Knights of Columbus and High level Freemasonry

This excellent video was created by Alan Lamont.

Source: We Are One Big Family — YouTube
Image: Wikipedia

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