LionsGate Portal 8/8/2018

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By Heather Hoffman

I know you all feel the shifts. This massive collective recalibration is deep, and occurring on every level.

Leading up to the end of this portal (shift preparation began July 26 and ends Aug 11-12 & major imprinting occurs 8.8) We are receiving repetitive waves of high frequency photonic light to encourage the purging process and to completely cleanse the heart chakra to open fully.

It is said that we are being tested- in a series of three. These manifest as tangible tests- where we are presented with new scenarios with old imprinting; presenting us the opportunity to choose what is in alignment, or what is not. If you choose to not honor your soul, heart, purpose, mission, and integrity- the consequences are amplified more so than ever before. You feel the heaviness on every level, when we used to feel like we could just push through the backlash. Not anymore. You are being called Higher. The time is now.

Some major themes are;

•Physical Ailments; fatigue, headaches, sickness, flares, body tightness in joints and muscles

•Addiction abuse; overindulging- food, sex, social media, drugs, alcohol~ ignoring the body’s intuitive responses

•Emotional projections- projecting fantasies, desires and wounding onto others, relationships and yourself, and then being woken up to your own illusion.

•Family wounding- ancestral karma cycling back into the present- will you react from hurt or from your heart?

•Financial worries- fear of lack; will you honor your soul/truth or do something just to gain monetary exchange that is not in integrity.

The tests, ARE occurring- so initially you will feel like you have been sucked back into your old ways- but PLEASE do not feel defeated. Simply bring awareness to what is actually occurring and liberate your Self- you have the choice; it is your reaction that is of importance.

We are diving into these limiting cycles to release the energies, and detach from what is no longer in alignment with our best selves and highest timeline. This transformative point is the new beginning. You are being lead to your dharma.

*guiding sychronicities will be EVERYWHERE~ listen up*

This article (LionsGate Portal 8/8/2018) was originally published on Ascension Energies and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.


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  1. John Ashcraft on

    August 11, 2018 Lion’s Gate Portal Opens

    Every year, the Lion’s Gate Portal, a star gate, opens from July 26 to August 12, and peaks exactly today (Wednesday, 4th day), August 8. The number 8 means a new beginning.
    Today 8/8/2018 The Gate of Lions opens!! 8 Celestial bodies will be in retrograde, on the 8th day of the 8th month of the year which ends in the number 8.

    On the Biblical Calendar, this is the 27th of Tammuz. On the Rabbinic Calendar, this is the 27th of Av.

    The Lionsgate Portal is activated every year on August 8th when the Sun, Sirius, and the Earth move to specific points in the sky forming a triangle.

    The Lionsgate Portal involves three key players- the Sun, the Earth, and the star Sirius.

    On August 8th, 2018 on Wednesday, they are forming a triangle. On that day, the Sun is in Cancer but moves into Leo after sunset on the tenth when the first four stars come out in the evening.

    Sirius would align in Orion’s belt on August 8th, the Sun would be in the constellation of Leo (hence the name Lionsgate)

    The Sun enters Leo the Lion on the 11th of August and the Moon is in Leo as well from Earth position.
    From Stellarium Earth Observer, the Sun (Leo), Moon (Hydra), and Earth (Sagittarius) and Mars (Capricorn) are in a Straight line.

    On this day 400 million people vanish in what is known as the rapture along with an axial poleshift. Then for the next 70 days, the Trumpet and bowl judgments of Revelation are poured out on planet earth up until October 20th, 2018 which is the Day of Atonement and Armageddon.

    Are you ready for leaving this earth August 11, 2018? If not, then I suggest for you to plan to go through the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments of Revelation over the next 70 days following after August 11, 2018.
    REPENT for the Day of the Lord is at hand now!!
    God Loves You no matter what you have done in your life. (Jeremiah 31:1); God Hates Sin. (Psalm 11:5/I John 3:4); Even If you are a “Good” Person Proverbs (21:1); You have not lived a perfect life (I John 1:8); Nor has anyone else (Romans 3:23); Your Sin has Separated You from God (Isaiah 59:2); And your payment for sin is death. (Rom 6:23); But there is Good News (Luke 2:10); A perfect life can be substituted for yours (Heb 4:15); And God loved you so much (John 3:16); That He gave Jesus as your substitute (2 Cor 5:21); And Through His death (Heb 9:12); You can have eternal life (Jn 17:3); And by His resurrection Death is defeated (Jn 11:25); The Gift is Free (Eph 2:8); You Could Never Deserve it (Galatians 2:16); and Just by accepting this gift (Romans 10:13); Your sins will be forgiven and forgotten. (Acts 2:38); You will be reconciled to God (2 Cor 5:18) and Live with Him forever in Heaven. (Philippians 3:20).

    Jesus told me this in 2007 in a God dream and the holes in His wrists are very real. You are my beloved bride who I love. May my Peace that passes all understanding cover your Body, Soul, Spirit, and Mind for all of eternity.

    How can One Enter the Messianic Kingdom?
    1. Hear the gospel of Christ (Rom 10:13-17); 2. Believe in Christ (Acts 16:31); 3. Repent of past sins (Lk 24:47, Acts 17:30); 4. Confess faith in Christ (Rom 10:8-10); 5. Be baptized into Christ (Rom 6:3-4, Gal. 3″26-27)
    Pray and obey is the best to do.