Mass Consciousness Gridwork — World Peace Meditation

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By Christine Breese

This is a 1/2 hour meditation for working with the mass consciousness gridwork, assisting humanity on the inner planes, helping all points of light in consciousness to light up and attract a brighter future than the path humanity is on now.

The more people who focus on creating a better world, the more likely it is to happen! Let’s all come together and create the kind of world we want.

These FREE meditations can be downloaded in MP3s so you can make CDs of these meditations and pass them around. All that is required is you put the credits above on any CD you make. Same applies to posting it on your website, blog or social profiles like Facebook or Google +. You are welcome to use these meditations free and share them with everyone you know!

To download audio files, please visit…

Credits: Produced and sponsored by University of Metaphysical Sciences( and Christine Breese ( Music is by

Source: Christine Breese, University of Metaphysical Sciences


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