Evolution of Consciousness triggered by Solar flares

Originally Published June 1, 2013

Have you been experiencing headaches lately more than usual? How about ringing in the ears, the inability to think straight and losing words mid-sentence?  How about feeling overly exhausted, nauseous, indigestion, a smaller or larger appetite, or higher than normal anxiety?  These are all apparently possible symptoms of a shift taking place in your consciousness triggered by solar flares and other galactic activity.

The Sun and it’s cycles

The sun goes through 11 year cycles of intense magnetic storm activity, each cycle is generally 30-50% stronger than the last. Within the current cycle it is helpful to become aware that we are not immune to the energy emitted by the sun.  Our very lives revolve around the sun and the frequencies put off by this fiery ball.  According to scientists, the entire solar system is heating up, not just our planet.  What is heat?  Heat signifies a raise in frequency, a raise in vibration, if you will.  Vibration is intricately tied to our consciousness and the way we experience and perceive life.

As the sun increases in heat and energy, the field or magnetic grid around the Earth and every human is affected.  Yes, there are physical affects like global warming, and the like, but apparently there are also psychological and what some would call psycho-spiritual affects.

Human Vortexes of Energy

According the the yogis of ancient India, the human vehicle contains at least 7 major energy vortexes that correlate to levels of consciousness.  As the frequency, or vibration of any being increases, the correlating energy center activates and the being’s awareness simultaneously increases.  These vortexes are often called ‘chakras’ – meaning to whirl or spin – and are represented by the color of frequency to which they align.

The ‘lowest’ frequency is located at the base of the spine, or in one’s root, and is represented as red – the shortest wavelength of color on the spectrum.  The red represents and resonates with primal urges and the provision of base needs such as security and feelings of safety, food clothing and shelter.  Orange frequency moves the consciousness to procreation and sexual fulfillment, yellow to creativity and personal empowerment coupled with the over-coming of primal fears.  In the green spectrum, one experiences unconditional love and healing.  Blue represents the ability to speak truths from the heart as well as the vocalization of ones inner passion.  Indigo is the frequency of higher awareness, inspiration and attunement to a greater knowing beyond the self.  In Indigo, a being becomes aware of the interconnectedness of life.   Beyond Indigo are the white light frequencies that contain all the colors.  Those who are said to have attained transcendent states are seen with halos above their heads, or a glow about them.  This frequency occurs when the individual taps into to a higher consciousness of cosmic awareness and sees beyond the individual self, to the whole, experiencing all things as One.

As the sun heats up causing solar flares to occur, sending higher frequencies throughout the solar system, many people are experiencing symptoms that are concurrent with the personal experiences one has while consciously choosing to raise their internal vibration and evolve awareness.  A higher frequency, when introduced into the body can feel like, at first, the way a radio sounds when you move the dial off the station and get that high pitch buzzing sound.  When one is not properly prepared for the raise in ones frequency, the sensations experienced physically can feel uncomfortable and make one question their health. What is happening, according to experts, that though this might feel uncomfortable, the body is throwing off the old ‘pattern of awareness’ in order to receive these ‘invisible light packets of information’  – much like a computer upgrade.  The release of the old is like a detox in the body. There may be outdated information that no longer serves the entity, and therefore must be ‘taken to the trash’ so to speak.  If you have ever done any kind of body detox or cleanse, it is common to feel detoxification symptoms that feel flu-like.  The common error is to mistaken the evolution of consciousness for a cold and treat it as such.

What does it mean?

With all this being said, what does an evolution in consciousness mean?  There is much written on the subject as well as countless speculation and personal experiences.  If you look at the ascension through the color spectrum, as described in the yogic texts, you can see that a large number of our current population exist in the red, orange and yellow categories.  Most individuals are concerned with basic needs, sexuality and power, are we not?  There are some individuals who we would consider to be filled with unconditional love and healing energy, like Amma, John of God and other saints and teachers, and those who are truth speakers like the Dalai Lama.  Few would considered many alive today as embodiments of the cosmic oneness.  We might think of Buddha or Jesus Christ in these terms.  So, with the thought of an evolution in consciousness, we might expect to see more people moving into the expression of pure love, truth and wisdom as we have seen in saints of the past.

Collectively, we might experience the coming together of people and nations in peaceful resolution and the common decision to solve problems in a heart centered, rather than aggressive, root chakra manner.  We might find relationships based more on communication and healing rather than sexual compatibility and financial stability.  Conscious evolution does not mean that we leave behind these base needs and emotions, but instead choose to see them from a higher vantage point and integrate them in a way that benefits all involved, rather than in a selfish manner.  Businesses may become even more environmentally sensitive, may change compensation methods and policies to include workers in the ownership of the company, elevating individuals beyond the status of ‘slaves to an empire’.

Have we already started this evolution?

If solar flares are responsible for a trigger in the evolution of consciousness as many are saying, how quickly does this occur and have we already started?  Depending on the frequency of the waves generated by solar storms and the intensity at which they hit our planet, we could see some changes happening spontaneously, within moments, and others spread out over even just one generation.

As sited by David Wilcock in his book Source Field Investigations, Dr. John Hawks, a Wisconsin researcher from the University of Madison, performed his own scientific research on the evolution of DNA and he concluded that “human evolution has been moving at a super-charged speed for the last forty thousand years…in the last five thousand years, human evolution is moving one hundred times faster than any other moment in recorded history.”  He further concluded that “a person from 3000 B.c. is more similar to a Neanderthal than they are to you and me,” continuing “1,800 genes, or 7% of all human genetics, have experienced a very recent evolution.”

Another pointer to an increase in the evolution of consciousness is the ‘Flynn Effect, an IQ test stating that people are, on average raising their IQ scores by 3 points per decade over-all.  This is not just in one category of people, but spans across languages, countries and social status.  Not only humans are reportedly getting smarter, other species such as orangutans, dolphins, cats, elephants, and a variety of other species are showing a notable increase in intelligence over the past decade or so.

As we notice an increase in energy emitted from the sun as in recent solar flares, it could be that we are receiving information in the form of light packets, affecting the evolution of consciousness on Earth.  When we become aware of the possibility that this may be happening, we can learn to move with the changes and ease the transitions happening in our own lives through educating ourselves and changing the way we think about how we feel.  Once we have become aware that a headache might be changes happening to our DNA and not just a headache,  our perspective greatly change, does it not?

Source: Liberty Voice



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    Bring on The Event! The sooner the better 🙂 The solar flares increasing is a sure sign the great cosmic event is sooner than we think. I sure hope its in 2014. 111 days until 2015. Let’s try to make these days count by participating in planetary meditation every Sunday. The positive energy can speed things up.

  2. Ra stated in the ‘Law of One’ books over 30 years ago that the precise period we’re living in today would be characterised by the end of third density (human) life on earth and a shift to fourth density, an very swift evolution to a much higher level of consciousness. Fourth density would mean all of us would become Jesus-like in terms of our physical abilities and level of consciousness (Jesus was simply a higher density being who came to earth in the form of a fourth density being in order to teach us about love. He never claimed to be the “son of God”, that was simply what the Romans added to the story centuries later). Ra said our sun is a conscious sub-Logos who’s duty is to help us evolve through the densities and eventually find our way back to the original thought (what most humans would think of as “God”).