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Many of us by now have read material about the great galactic alignment or have seen YouTube videos and documentaries about this cosmic phenomenon. The idea of the Earth solar system entering the high energy zone of the Milky Way Galaxy plane was even made into a major Hollywood blockbuster film “2012“. Unfortunately, anytime a UFO or ET concept is turned into a film script and green lighted for production, the original, fragile theory is trivialized and reality muddied leaving the general population in a state of mind, believing it was all just science fiction controversy originating from some film. In this case however, the event would obviously be so overwhelming and grand, there would be no mistaking the reality of the situation, no matter how many times the subject has been tampered with via mainstream media.
So what is the deal? Is this Great Galactic Alignment controversy real or just another eye candy theory spawning off the mother ship of 2012 and the Mayan calendar theory popularity? The Object Report over the last few years has posted many links on the galactic center controversy, so the Agents are aware that there are in-depth articles on the subject of the galactic alignment which go into great detail, so for this Object Special Report I would like to take a couple of steps back, analyze where we stand at this moment, literally speaking, and determine what the most recent data snap shot indicates.
ESO observatory milky way galaxy center by Yuri BeletskyWhat is the galactic alignment? There are many shapes, sizes and configurations of galaxies in our universe. Our galaxy is  of the barred spiral galaxy classification and likely contains at minimum 100 billion planets among its 1 trillion stars. This is a staggering number but even more mind blowing is the reality that there are trillions more galaxies in the visible Universe, each galaxy with an equal number of stars and planets and there are likely an infinite number of Universes in the infinity matrix. Aside from staggering numbers – the most pressing aspect of the shape of our galaxy is the fact that our Milky Way galaxy is flat, so all of the light, gravity, mass and quantum energy contained in our Milky Way is in general spread out across the disc in a rather tight, narrow beam akin to the energy coming from a spinning airport traffic control radar dish. The focused beams from a lighthouse on the ocean would be another good analogy with extra-dimensional (quantum) energy being emitted/absorbed from the center of our Milky Way galaxy – possibly originating from a central, super-massive black hole. There is also the energy and mass of the stars which makeup the galaxy body – and there are countless black-holes spread out along the disk in addition to the super-massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. It is important to also note here that when we mentally visualize our galaxy we are conceptualizing an impossibly large construct with evolutionary brain horsepower that has fine tuned around visual objects and an organic understanding of 3D space with concepts such as mass, momentum, acceleration, temperature – yet there is more beyond living human senses, that affects us. Quantum phenomenon cannot readily be visualized with organs, humans do however have the ability with their unique conscious intelligence to, in a way, visualize the quantum phenomenon realm as well. When dealing with quanta or more broadly expressed, quantum phenomenon – we have the impossibly simple concept of waves and thresholds. Everything in existence is made solely from thresholds and interference patterns within eternal, primordial waves. Threshold is magical in quantum phenomenon for it bridges together the light speed physical 3D world with the magical unseen world of instant and infinite. Earth’s long-count trajectory and galactic alignment combine two mega-concepts together when the 3D shape of our galactic energy-band and the Earth’s position within it, impact with the ultra-concept of quanta, in which galactic energy rises directly affect established quantum thresholds in our local space. Quanta events can be almost binary in nature, you either have the energy or you do not. What if we have been lacking a certain level of local space quantum-energy, in which the Earth swims? What if our local quadrant and local torsion field take on board more energy and thresholds are broken in an instant?
BH_LMCMulti-dimensional energy originating from this ultra-massive black hole and from the central region of the galaxy in general is most dense in the middle of the flat aspect of our galaxy, as the graphic at top roughly demonstrates. The Earth and other stars in our quadrant are once again in a natural motion, drifting into this high energy zone. This controversial cycle of our local solar  quadrant drifting in and out of this galactic alignment middle zone, or high density zone, seems to happen roughly every 25,000 years. It is a natural motion within complex galaxies, but when living beings with quantum minds are scurrying around on the crust of one of the planets at just the right time as it enters the alignment zone, strange things happen to those beings (supposedly). What happens? That is the million dollar question everyone is in a flurry to figure out. The Earth aligning with the density zone of the galaxy and being influenced by extra gravity and light, in itself would not be that remarkable at first glance, however if we consider the quanta factor of this cosmic alignment and assume a super-massive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy is emitting the deepest quantum energy – it would be an entirely different issue. Do we have any proof whatsoever of a mysterious quantum energy factor in our Milky Way galaxy? Well, strangely enough, yes we do and it is called ‘dark matter’.
gravity matter shadowWhat is dark matter? Physicist at this moment are left speculating and most scientists suggest they do not know, but we have a good idea of what dark matter is and in fact, the escoteric data stream now coming through the human collective consciousness that is called the “internet” has a transmission in the form of KRYON, a quantum supreme being who has described verbally what dark matter is. KRYON roughly states that dark matter is instantaneous quantum energy from other, unseen dimensions and in fact our entire galaxy is locked together and rotates in one, interlinked-quantum-state. Knowing so very little about dark matter, perhaps it could be asked, why even bring up the subject if it is yet undefined? The enigma of dark matter is so great it represents the possibility for us to suggest this is instrumental physical evidence that points to a potentially esoteric nature of dark matter. The mere fact that scores of  scientists and astrophysicists cannot explain dark matter suggests they indeed cannot identify its nature because it is paranormal, or esoteric and we have not yet achieved instruments advanced and sensitive enough to help us understand energy outside of our dimensional constant. We can only observe reality at our light speed, another, nearby dimensional plane likely has another light speed constant (relative to ours if put side by side).
Cosmic Disclosure David WilcockDo we have any proof of this supernatural transition happening now? Any proof something is cooking? Again, we swing around to same ole problem of elusive tangible proof. Running The Object Report, Agent K and I sometimes feel like the owners of a high-rise apartment building and we are perpetually stuck trying to collect rent from the tenets and they never pay up. We can hear the party and thumping bass behind the closed door, but if we knock to collect rent, there is never an answer, never tangible proof handed to us. It sounds hopeless, but many of us die hard Ufologists, including Agent K and myself, have had personal UFO sightings and esoteric experiences – so I know on an idiosyncratic level something is going on. I cannot prove it readily to you, but I know it in my own personal reality sphere. With all of these massive theories floating around, such as Grays, hybrid beings, abductions, disclosure, galactic alignment – it’s all so huge at some point something has to give, the dam must burst and surely the proof comes spilling forth. We are still waiting on absolute physical proof, that is obvious. We do however, keep receiving these curious, mass-less neutrino-like packets of information from fresh sources. Recently we have begun posting several interviews with Corey Goode who talks at length about his experience in the organization we might refer loosely to as MILAB. Corey delves effortlessly into astounding detail regarding his experience in this ultra-secret organization but the gold is his knowledge base of the great-alignment phenomenon and the suggestion that ultra-advanced Avian Beings (Ra) have placed a cloaked grid around the solar system to buffer our entry into the high energy zone, to smooth things out as it were. This is all beyond ridiculous sounding, no… even Agent D has to admit it is absolutely impossible sounding. I love that it is impossible and ludicrous, because I would expect actual ET contact and cosmic revelations to occur in such a dramatic, mind blowing fashion – in a way that is bigger than our brains can absorb. Not only do we have Corey Good describing how our solar system has just been placed in a “lock-down” by supreme beings – we simultaneously have FLAWLESS, incoming bio-transmissions from trance-channelers such as Suzanna over at Universal Gateway which indicate supreme beings are disseminating to humans, some form of instructions on how to defend ourselves against mind control and self destruction during this hyper-space hoopla. I find it awfully coincidental that so many people are harping on about the same subject in such detail and intensity. The information is so profound, intense, and in some ways demanding, that I believe most readers simply tune-out and switch-off when they initially touch upon these articles and YouTube videos. As I stated before in previous blogger entries, I suspect many readers ignore these connect-the-dots facts because it simply does not agree with their preconceived notion of how ET-Human contact should unfold. I would crawl further out on the limb and say (nearly) all previous theories about disclosure or ET contact, have in themselves been a form of mind-control, to constantly keep people off the real trail, as it were. I’m not suggesting you should morph into some sort of “BELIEVER” or convert to particular wild theories, but I do suggest at a minimum simply be aware of subtle events around you and degausse the brain and shake off mass-cliche-expectations – even those originating from the established UFO community.
v ufo sighting contact et gray object reportThis great alignment information has been repeated several times from the EIRM (pronounced “ugh,, ermmm”) so we once again have this odd, repeating collusion of data that reinforces itself through its sheer repetition and refusal to die out. Obviously, if our quadrant, our local solar system, our Earth is slowly entering into a high energy zone of the great galactic disk center and it is a cycle that occurs every twenty five thousand years, it is certainly not an ET or supreme being created event – it is a natural, cosmic event. It is however, a quantum phenomenon which ultra-advanced beings who live outside of time and space (as we know it) would be aware of and it would make sense that the galactic alignment would serve as focal point in a cosmic calendar for ETs and supreme beings existing in higher dimensions to take advantage of. In a nutshell, they would know about it and know exactly when its going to occur and in what manner. Supreme beings would “see it coming from a mile away” so to speak, even if we humans are not aware or not fully understanding. Entry into a galactic alignment zone could serve a higher, supreme force in ways we cannot imagine yet, but we know that quantum phenomenon is the nature of this gateway. This mystical, enigmatic energy could be and likely will be a catalyst for future activity that will see enlightened humans given a quantum level ability to interact with higher dimensional beings in a way that would otherwise not be possible, until one has died and entered higher realms through death and the loss of their 3D body or physical mass. Taking this to its wildest speculation and potential – we could be entering hyperspace not in death, but in physical form as living, breathing beings perhaps in some sort of quasi-density format whereby we are alive and solid, yet can move more freely through time and space and interact with a greater multiverse. This is all ongoing and I predict events will increase in intensity and escalate to a point of ET/Galactic contact and transformation of the collective human mind either through the field itself or perhaps through means not yet imagined.
— Agent D
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Image Credits:
Galactic Alignment by Agent D
ESO observatory milky way galaxy center by Yuri Beletsky
Black Hole, Wikipedia Commons, Alain R
Electron is a Wave, Gabriel LaFreniere
Corey Goode and David Wilcock on Gaiam TV
“V-Shaped UFO Night Sighting” by Agent D


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