February 22, 2019

Project August: Reports are Now ‘Declassified’

National Dream Center: Project August 2014

For public release: Project August was the biggest global initiative of its kind. It sought to determine how well a collective set of dreams can predict future events. All headlines for Project August are in these 6 documents.

See how August headlines were developed from dream content and dream linguistics. You will not only see all the predictions for August 2014 (many of those have already come true, as you’ll find out), but you’ll also learn a lot about how the prediction process works.

As you read the various reports, you’ll also notice how the prediction methodolgies have actually evolved over the summer. New linguistics algorithms and identification protocols have been developed and these will also be scrutinized during August.

Project August is the first of its kind, and because of the undeniable successes thus far, there will be more of these projects in the future.

Here are the highlights from each report, but realize that this certainly doesn’t cover all the headlines in all the reports. I’ll reply to this with direct links to each separate report.

Report 1: Limited # of dreams, Virus outbreak, Bundyfest, Water, etc.
Report 2: White House, Drought, Big Ships, Crashing Planes, Global Reset 
Report 3: Breakthrough in linguistics, missile meme, Grand Canyon, “Otherlies”
Report 4: Mayan god “Ku” visits a dreamer
Report 5: Border crisis, more water, sky flash/EMP, much more
Report 6: Mega trends, bus and bridge explosions, lack of money, etc.

Disclaimer: Although the staff strives for objective analysis in all aspects of Project August, we are still in uncharted territory with respect to precognitive dreams. Project August should not be assumed a scientific study. Any projections into future predictions should always be considered merely speculation, especially when matched with dates and locations. Readers assume full responsibility for their actions based on any information provided in or referred to from the content within this report. Readers and dreamers alike are cautioned to use a high level of discernment when reading anything related to Project August. Any material and content that discusses Project August should be considered ‘for entertainment only.’

Source: National Dream Center — Project August


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