The Reality of Alien Life in the Universe & the Newly Activated DNA in Humanity

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New truth chakra helps Humanity Discern Reality of Existence

(ExoNews) This Galactic Alignment of the solar system, which occurs every 25,772 years,  just occurred again on Dec 21, 2012 and resulted in an energetic vibration change in the earth’s frequency that activated a dormant DNA in humans.  This newly activated DNA had been sitting in our system waiting for an activation switch. The physical detection of the enhanced DNA can already be witnessed by medical intuitives who see a new chakra forming outside the human energy field.  This new chakra, often referred to as the eighth chakra is the energy portal of unity consciousness that allows humans the ability to experience an expanded consciousness beyond current perceived limitations.

The seven chakras of the personality/ego body only define us in three dimensional terms, the opening of the new chakra is the portal that connects us to the fourth dimension of the universe, where much of what we thought we knew will be discarded and replaced with a broader more truthful concept of who we are in the universe. In this fourth dimensional vibration, humanity can recognize and discern the truth and this will ultimately shatter the incorrect beliefs of our origin and help us as we begin to interact openly with the other nations across our universe.

Contact with civilizations from outside our third dimension began hundreds of thousands of years ago when they seeded planet earth. Many attempts at colonization have failed.  The Annunacki, who reside in the fourth dimension attempted to colonize during the times of Lemuria and Atlantis.  Pleadian beings from the fifth dimension and Sirians from the sixth dimension as well as those from Orion and Andromeda and many others have been making contact with people on earth. Their message is of hope for inner peace for our souls as we reach a higher level of knowing and struggle in the fight for our freedom from the current enslavement…

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