Use Medical Intuition to Heal Your Life

(OM Times) Medical Intuition is about using listening as a self-healing tool. There are times when we may feel out of sorts. For example, maybe our eyes are tired or a chronic illness has flared up. The idea underlying medical intuition is to use meditation and self-healing to connect with the physical body and find out what it needs. Sometimes, the body will ask for rest, a change in diet or even a change in attitude. We can all practice self-healing in this way. Medical Intuition can also help us uncover the emotional, physical or spiritual root of our problems so that we can make changes accordingly.

The following technique is taught by the School of Intuition and Healing UK, a member of the British Alliance of Healing Associations. Please try this exercise in medical intuition for yourself!

Medical Intuition Exercise

1) Ground Yourself.

Find a quiet place to sit where you will not be disturbed. With your feet planted firmly on the ground, visualize a massive oak growing strong behind you. Its broad trunk supports your back perfectly. Next, you are going to visualize tree roots growing out of the bottoms of your feet into the ground. They cut through layers of dirt, rock, and lava, anchoring you to Mother Earth. The earth’s nourishing energy flows up these roots, through your legs to your Root Chakra, at the base of the spine. Your Chakras spin beautifully as the energy rises, coming to rest in your Heart Chakra.

2) Attune to Divine Light.

Remaining firmly grounded, you are going to take your attention up through the atmosphere, past the stars to the highest source of light in the Universe. Visualize a beam of light traveling down through the universe towards your Crown Chakra. Your light body expands as it is touched by this loving energy, which flows down your core to your Heart Chakra. It activates your natural healing abilities, causing both warm earth energy and light to flow from your Heart Chakra, down your arms to the palms of your hands.

3) Protect Your Energy.

Visualize a bubble of pink or green light around your Aura, creating a safe and loving environment for you to explore your feelings. This soft light protects you and facilitates the energy healing process.

4) Listen to Your Body.

Medical Intuition is about listening to the body and uncovering any memories, emotions, or pain that need to be released. We can listen by closing our eyes and using our conscious awareness to scan the body, keeping an eye out for feelings or sensations that seem to be out of place. Let your intuition guide you as you connect with that energy and ask it to show you a color. How does it make you feel? It is important to engage with the body from a place of love and compassion so that your energy opens up.

Now, take your left hand and hold it over that part of your body. We use our left, the receiving hand, to listen on a deeper level. Close your eyes and ask your body how it feels. Does it have a message for you? Keep an open mind and make a note of any thoughts, feelings or memories that surface. Take a few deep breaths and go deeper. Are there any changes you can make to alleviate the situation? Listen for a response.

5) Heal Yourself.

Thank your body for sharing these insights and for all of its hard work. Show your appreciation by sending energy healing, now from your right hand, to that part of your body. Intend for that energy to dissipate. You can use this process to connect with symptoms or diseases. While self-healing is not a substitute for medical care, it can help us clear the emotional charge that these symptoms carry.

Another approach would be to scan the Chakra System and apply the principles of Medical Intuition to different areas of our lives. Some of the areas to include are spirituality, long range vision, communication, personal power and confidence, appetite for life and core foundations. To learn more about the Chakra System and healing, please consult Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing by Caroline Myss.

6) Close Down.

Always end the healing process by disconnecting from your source of light. This protects your energy and makes it possible for you to go about your life without any psychic windows being left open. To do this, take your attention up to that star and thank it for its healing light. Gently disconnect and follow the fading beam of light back to your Crown Chakra. Draw your Aura in around you and let your Chakras switch off one by one, no longer sensitive to the energy around you. Place a bubble of protective light around your body and open your eyes. Write down your impressions, so that you won’t forget.

Bonus Tip!

The more you practice using medical intuition, the easier it becomes. If you are new to energy healing, it can also help to practice on someone else. This will make it easier for you to trust your intuition and any impressions that surface. Go through the grounding, connecting and protecting steps before using your left hand to scan their energy. Have fun with it and do not be afraid to speak up! The quirkiest impressions are usually on the mark.

Regina Chouza: Can anyone learn to do channel healing, such as medical intuition, and shift his or her life in a new direction? Of course! This startling discovery led Regina Chouza to become an Accredited Healer, blogger and teacher. Her first book, A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love, is available on Amazon.

Source: OM Times

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