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Feel Alive by Ralph Smart.

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  1. Ralph Smart is a flat earther, when the ‘no trees/trees are great and tall’ psy-op was launched as Flat Earth 1.2. Unsubscribed from his channel immediately. He might have good advice, but someone who believes the Flat Earth psyop has a credibility issue when talking about spirituality.

    The video from his channel Infinite Waters Diving Deep that made me unsubscribe:

    Ralph linked the original video of this ‘no trees’ bullshit on the comment page so I am not doing it here.

    Thomas Sheridan’s sane take on this psy-op [harsh language], that to Pleiades Agent Cobra’s credit, he has dismissed as utter nonsense in interviews with Rob Potter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-1siHws4vA

    • THANK YOU for bringing this to my attention. This information does make me question his integrity. If he is an intuitive empath, as he claims to be, then he should *know* the earth is not flat, regardless of scientific fact.

      I definitely think the flat earth nonsense is psyops. Not only does it keep people divided, it causes disruption, and makes truth seekers look like loons. Thanks, SOF. I appreciate it.