February 22, 2019

5 Behaviors To Be More Mindful and Change Your Life

Learning to be more mindful will bring enormously positive changes into your life.

By OMTimes Magazine

Change Your Life By Being More Mindful

The significant changes in our lives are preceded by a myriad of small but meaningful changes that have the power to steer our lives to a new path.

Mindfulness is a way that can help us realize this, and these five suggested behaviors may empower us to learn how to be more present, more aware, kinder and receptive to our feelings and the reality around us.

We should point out that, when we speak of happiness,  we realize that It depends on our personal dedication to achieve it. Hence happiness is not a product of Fate.  Changes start happening when we gradually train our mind to be more perceptive, more engaged on what is happening around us, and allow us to be present in the now. Mindfulness allows us to be malleable, fluid and adaptable.

Our greatest enemy that prevents us from crossing these thresholds of opportunity is unquestionably the “wandering mind.”  Through some studies, scholars concluded that we spend about 30 to 40% of our time in the “autopilot” behavior.  This type of behavior commonly induces us to let our happiness to be the result of Fate. It is like to live a routine life where we become mere passengers rather than commanders-in-chief is like leaving our own joy in the hands of fate.

This is not the most appropriate. We offer you the suggested changes to include in your daily life these five keys to see fast and direct results.

1. Train to stay in the present moment and access/deal with your emotions,  as they happen.

Mindfulness is, above all, a way of life; a means to grow consciousness of our present moment in its fullness.

To be aware of characteristics feelings such as deception, disgust, contradiction or anger cannot be merely warehoused inside our brain with no consequence.

We must manage them, understand those emotions, take control of this inner world without delay.

2. Abstain from the urge to judge: Be Kind

Learn to live from your own perspective reality without judging. Others have every right to make, understand and live their life as they wish. Be mindful that even when someone seems without a path in life, it doesn’t mean he is lost.

Your life is yours, be responsible for it and avoid criticism the way others decide to live their own lives. Realize that people tend to live in different realities, with different backgrounds and coping mechanisms, Adopting this humble attitude will allow you to have an entirely different perspective on unity in diversity.

3. Practice being present and being receptive at all times.

Learn to be a good listener. The secret of listening is to listen to understand, not to respond. The good listener will hear with its heart. In doing this, you will be able to control the mental chatter that goes on in the background of your mind.

Try to slow the pace of your life, stop and breathe regularly.  Be a single-tasker, this will help you manage your time better, as well.

To live a more mindful life, you may need to learn to apply appropriate mental filters and focus all your personal energies and resources on that life purpose you have in mind.

4. Change your focus from “I HAVE TO BE” to the mindful practice of the “I AM.”

We spend most of our lives trying to be what others expect of us to be. We strive to please, to be what others want, despite our internal guidance and our real goals in life. This attitude tends to create needless suffering, lack of joy and undoubtedly,  and misery. 

5. Start practicing the attitude of acceptance

The practicing of acceptance does not necessarily translate on abandoning our principals, nor it means surrendering ourselves and our ideas to the ebbs in our lives.

It means, accepting ourselves and our present emotions.

Acceptance and tolerance also allow us to understand realities alien to ourselves and to respect them.

To be mindful is to speak the language of the heart where tolerance and understanding are combined.

Mindfulness is the best way to approach fuller and more authentic happiness. Do not hesitate to take advantage of their tools in allowing yourself to be guided by experts in the field. Training is always the most straightforward and most practical way to achieve direct results in a short time. Only Through the understanding of our feelings and perception will we be able to ignite significant change in our lives

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