Alba Weinman QHHT Session: Visitors from the Future Talk about the New Earth

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In this Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness hypnosis session, the client is visited by Spacemen from her future to give her information to help her and answer questions about the New Earth. Her Higher Self answers her questions and several entities are released back to Divine Light.

Alba Weinman is a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist for those on the path of Spiritual Awakening. She is certified by the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and began her career with Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). She also practices Regressive Hypnotherapy by Aurelio Mejia from Medellin, Colombia.

For more information or if you would like to schedule a hypnosis session in English or Spanish with Alba Weinman in Miami, Florida, visit

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1 Comment

  1. lifeisjustaride on

    I think her message is a bit conflicting. According to her words, we’re supposed to ‘wake up’ while ignoring the news and events happening around us. Is it really so simple? I wouldn’t even be here discussing this ‘grand awakening’ if had ignored alternative media for the last 13 years and went about my old ignorant ways.

    Are we to stick our heads in the sand, ignore stressful events, learn nothing and discover absolutely nothing, and just wait for the new earth while remaining in some sort artificial bubble of perpetual bliss?

    I totally get that we must learn to detach ourselves from the fear and hate generated by events happening around us, and that the constant practice of forgiving others as well as ourselves is key. I just wish that something of greater depth was provided when discussing something so important.

    Personally, I prefer the in-depth, laid back, down to earth approach provided by people like Dolores Canon and Michael Duff Newton. They explain pretty much everything without creating an extreme sense of urgency or the fear of being left behind.

    None of you will be left behind. You will all be provided with what you need to get there at your own pace. This isn’t a race. It’s a very slow and gradual transition which may span many, many lifetimes.