Allison Coe: Chakra Upgrades, Messages from Blue ETs, Mt. Shasta and More!

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Hi!! Thank you for watching my video about two recent, extremely synchronistic hypnosis sessions. These sessions both touched on messages from Blue beings, chakra upgrades or changes, Mt. Shasta, DNA Upgrades and so much more. For these sessions I used a type of hypnosis called Beyond Quantum Healing “BQH” – which allows for remote sessions. I also still do QHHT. A special thank you to my clients who have agreed to share their sessions with the public. I couldn’t do this without you!

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Much love to all of you! Allison



  1. I dont wish to sound negative here. Although Allison is very sincere. After the “hypnosis” sessions revealed the Event was happening in March this year, It has sullied any other “updates”. As channelling is always questionable in its statements.
    As Sheldon Nidle has said about a financial reset is coming “soon” But this has been a decades long. Im hoping the first contact narrative is true, I think the RV narrative isnt worthy of energy and thought process

    • I wish Allison would not have said any dates publicly and I know she regrets it. Time is a tricky thing. I’m extremely cautious when I read any type of channeled material, and very rarely post channeled material on this website, however I do read some of it for my own enjoyment and benefit. Having said that however, I do really enjoy Allison’s videos and believe she is sincere. One needs to trust their own discernment and inner guidance with this type of content. I use to casually keep up-to-date with the RV stuff, but stopped paying attention about 3-4 years ago. I do believe that there will be a re-distribution of wealth, and the return of stolen funds, wether it be NESARA or something similar, but I think it’s important that people try not to depend on it in the Now.