Allison Coe — Note to self: don’t publish any more timeframes – argh!

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Timeframes are as slippery as an oiled pig. I explain this often enough. A few other housekeeping items as well: scheduling, and some referrals. Mike Goldsmith and Ghislaine Borg – I forgot to include you and I’m so sorry. You two popped my hypno-cherry. Thanks fam for all of the love and support today on the community post – you really blew my mind. This video was made earlier today….wasn’t sure if I should post it as I may be overly dismissive (overly caffeinated at least). Always my messages are sent with love, and laughs 🙂


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  1. I find that you are quiet right! there have been 3 incidence of people reporting seeing this big “rainbow cloud”.
    the irredence clouds you said sessions had brought forth! so it IS happening! I can’t remember if you ever gave a “time line” or a “dead line”. you are just fine , dont let other bug you , everyone get’s them as soon as you try to tell anything online , the chills and jobless or lazy come out of the woodwork. Don’t worry , BE happy!