February 16, 2019

Cosmic Awareness: Urgent Message for Mankind

Rainbow Phoenix: Cosmic Awareness

(Rainbow Phoenix) Urgent Message for Mankind That which is Cosmic Awareness is now available. Please proceed.

Thank you. Today is February 6, 2015. Thank you Awareness and welcome. We appreciate your presence for being with us for the Rainbow-Phoenix session of February 6, 2015. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness for your messages, Joan Mills the questioner and energizer. The Law of Love, the Law of Light, and the Law of Unity have been invoked, as well as the Law of Gratitude.

Is there an opening message or current event you would wish to discuss prior to moving into the questions at this time, please? Thank you.

That Cosmic Awareness has an opening message for the general public.

Very good.

That this Awareness has indeed an urgent message to deliver, urgent in that it must be recognized now and acknowledged now that certain energies are now in place, that the events that are meant to shift humanity drastically are underway. That it is always the case that this is a progression from one point to another and therefore, this point that has now been reached has long been unfolding, step by step, layer by layer.

That this Awareness has spoken already of the importance of this year 2015 and the next year 2016 as being the time where many events that have long been planned by both those who have held power for so long as well as that which is Divine Source, that these plans that have been long unfolding have reached a critical mass state, a point in which the events that are coming will indeed be shocking in nature, be challenging to the extreme, be of a nature that quite literally may destroy an individual, a society, or a planet.

Do not underestimate how critical matters are at this time. That the year 2015 started very quickly indeed with that false flag event that is known as the Paris Shootings and that since that time, several weeks ago, many governments around the world are tightening up their hold, are initiating the final stages of their plan, a plan that is to see the utter enslavement and destruction of humanity.

That this Awareness says it is no longer the 11th hour. Indeed this Awareness says it is no longer even the 12th hour. The 12th hour has been initiated and it is already several minutes past midnight, if you will. That this means that it is now time for those who have long been awaiting big events to make their decisions and choices in advance of any and all events that may well come to fruition in this year of 2015, that the time for dawdling and uncertainty is passed.

The implication is therefore that those who have long known that certain events will come and have been anticipating those events, no longer have the time to dawdle, the leisure time to consider if things are happening or not, for they are happening all around you. They are happening in the personal events of your lives, they are happening in the local events of your life, the regional events, the national events, and most definitely the global events.

Time for asking if this is so and that is so, what should I do, is also at an end. What is meant here is that while the events are unfolding, such as the false flag in Paris and other events around the world, the time for speculation and fence straddling over these types of events is past. What will you do about it? How will you engage? That this Awareness says that the time for dawdling, speculating, wondering must now be put behind one, and choices made as to what you the individual will do about things in your life.

Crying out for a Messiah to come and save you only marks that which is indecision and a lack of responsibility by an individual who still wants to be saved, who would hold that because they are spiritual seekers that this is enough, and they need not do anything to further their own advancement or solidify their own reality in these times.

The time is here now for drawing a line in the sand, for being strong in one’s determination to live in a way that is not the old way, that does not rely upon or depend upon others doing things, before one makes a decision of what they themselves must do. For as one waits for others, as one waits for a Messiah, or for events to occur one is losing the opportunity that is current to create your own reality, to align not to the realities that are being presented by those with hidden agenda and of course, hidden purpose, but rather to respond from that place within that totally understands, accepts and believes that that which is exterior is illusion, and that which is interior is reality, your reality, your individual reality.

This is a hard place for many to be, for to live one’s life in a belief system that is contrary to that which is shown to them and accepted by the majority is perhaps the most challenging thing of all.

To hold that what you believe and what you create is right and correct despite the reality around you that would question this, that would pull this down, is the most challenging thing of all for any being that is seeking spiritual enlightenment and spiritual reality. That to understand one is more than simply a physical body trapped in a physical reality means that one must live their life in accordance to a belief system that most do not see or totally accept as being correct. They may be drawn to it, it may be intellectually satisfying to play with such concepts but to actually live them and hold them to be true is that which is the greatest challenge of all.

As humanity is presented the external events, do you, the individual, have the capacity to deny those events, to look deeper into them and even beyond them and to see them for the deceptions and threats that they really are? The time for fence-straddling is over and one must now choose the true reality of one’s own being, of one’s own life beyond and before choosing to wait it out, choosing to see what happens.

The line in the sand, in the Earth has been drawn. Which side of this line are you on? Can you live your life in a belief that you are the creator being in alignment with spiritual forces and energies that have a completely different agenda to that which is being presented to humanity en masse? Have you the courage and confidence to put your life down and say “this is this, this is this life that I believe in, the energies that I am open to, and not the deception or con that everyone else believes in”.

For example, the question of vaccination is coming forward again and that there is a push in recent days to make the masses believe that it is irresponsible not to be vaccinated. Therefore attention is being drawn to the measles epidemic and how dangerous it is and how the vaccination against measles must be taken and that if one does not take this vaccination or sanction their children to have such vaccinations that they are irresponsible, that they are criminals even and ones who need to be punished. The most ready form of punishment at this time is the threat that if you do not vaccinate your children, you cannot have them attend local schools for they will not be allowed to go to school if they are not vaccinated.


Many are dithering about this even if they have information that clearly shows the truth of this matter: that vaccinations are not only dangerous, they are intended to subjugate the masses to biological toxins and agents that can destroy the health and not enhance it. That can enslave the mind due to nanotechnology that is contained within the vaccinations.

There is great pressure on individuals who know about vaccinations but have not yet decided to take a stand and therefore can be manipulated by others, especially family and friends, who totally believe the lies that are being presented, who see this matter as a matter of the irresponsibility not to vaccinate, to put others in danger. This pressure is often extreme and many do not wish to be considered aberrant, to not be seen by their friends and families as normal. Indeed the need to seem normal still outweighs that which is the interior knowing of matters.

By this, this Awareness means that most, even if they dabble in matters spiritual, will feel a pressure to do what everyone else does because that is normal and they are not yet prepared to stand up and be counted, to live a life that may have consequence from their decision not to vaccinate the children or receive themselves a vaccination, that may make their lives difficult and even uncomfortable.

But when one has information, well authenticated and still will make a choice to submit to the tyrant and the demons that run your planet, then one does not have an excuse later to say “I did not know, I thought these ones were honest, these ones had integrity and that I am a victim to their deception”.

This is a time when those who are truly spiritually motivated must stand up, must say no first and foremost in their personal lives, must make the decisions that even though they may have consequences of making things uncomfortable with family and friends and even one’s society; nonetheless, must be willing to stand up for what they believe.

It starts with each individual and their own choices. That those parents who have responsibility for children must recognize that this is part of an agreement they have with their children at this time: to make choices for them, for they have entered contract with you, the parent, to take care of them, to keep them safe. The matter of being inconvenienced and uncomfortable is inconsequential and irrelevant to the actual situation of standing up and being counted, of living your faith and your belief that things are happening now.

The remainder of 2015 will bring events of great consequence and you the individual right now have the opportunity before even these events occur of doing something about it for yourself, seeing where things are leading and knowing that the time for direct action is now at hand for each and every individual.

The fact that the majority will not take responsibility, will choose to play the victim role and accept the authority of the experts, and the politicians and leaders, and the celebrities, etc. etc. is not reason enough for you, the individual who has greater information, to make your choice and to stand up against the tyrants and the demons.

This is not an easy message for many to receive, for a majority still are investigating matters, are weighing things up, are trying to see if this Awareness is correct or not, by the events that take place outside of themselves and that maybe when they see the results and the results finally show something, that they can then say “now I believe”.

That this message is indeed a bucket of cold water in the face, for this Awareness is saying: there is no longer any time to wait and see. That you, the individual, must be making your choices now in favor of those deeper convictions and resonances held within one’s own being. That if one waits to see what happens, one will have missed the boat.

To hold right now at this time that you live your life in accordance to the spiritual principles of your being that are felt and known from within, and then to be consistent, to be willing to take the consequences of such decision, that is what is now underway, that is what is now being presented.

The simple question truly that one must ask themselves is this: “Do I believe in a future that sees positive results, that has a different reality to that which is the present illusionary reality that I am playing in? Can I hold that I am a spiritual being living this life for the purpose of expansion into higher consciousness and higher reality, or will I wait to see what happens?”

That this message, as bracing as it may be for some, for others it may be a Godsend in confirming that belief in one’s spiritual nature and a willingness to take on the responsibility of living life as if it already is the future, is exactly what they have been waiting to hear.

It is each and every individual’s responsibility now to make their choices in advance of events that will have great implication. In doing so one will prepare themselves for whatever unfolds, and in choosing such a positive outlook and belief then one has already commenced the action of putting oneself in positive timelines where those events spoken of may be mitigated by the energies that one is already working with, that have placed one outside the timelines of the majority and the masses.

Can this Awareness can say to all that you will not undergo certain turmoil and upheaval and challenge in the times ahead? It cannot, for each must determine this for themselves, but It can say that if one realizes now that certain actions will be taken against the individuals in the United States, in Britain, in Australia, in Germany, in China, in Russia, all over the world, and that one can either be prepared for what is coming and hold that it will not affect them in the way that the majority will be affected or one can forego this, one can wait and see.

But, if one makes such a choice, one does not then later have the right to say: “I did not know this was coming, I did not know it would be as bad as this.” This is the trouble with fence- straddling, waiting to see what happens before one chooses which side of the fence to come down on.

This Awareness is saying it is time to make such choice, to strongly confirm that your belief is not the belief of the majority, is not necessarily even the belief of your friends and family, for you are not that majority.

You are the unique individual who has the capacity and even right to choose otherwise and to become that which is other then that which is so for the majority. If for example, you are in the role described as a parent, who must make a choice whether to allow one’s child to be vaccinated or not, and that the consequence of not acting and of allowing one’s child to be vaccinated will be their undoing, that it will bring great harm to them, to the children.

That if you have waited to see, even though you have had information about the dangers of vaccination and about the intent of those who are insisting that all be vaccinated, that it be mandated into law– that if you come to that time when it is forced and you do not understand or see how it got here, or if you still maintain that you are a victim to this and why didn’t Spirit warn you– then unfortunately, you are one that must have that type of life experience.

The good news here is that now at this time, in this moment, is the time to make a choice and to say: “I will not allow my child to be vaccinated, to be targeted by the authorities for their purpose, even if the consequence is that I must homeschool my child, that it is not able to go to school, which is an indoctrination system in any case”.

In other words, there will now be consequences certainly for decisions being made against the manipulation of mind and of consciousness that is underway on this planet at this time, and for a space of time the consequences may indeed be very challenging.

But the alternative, to allow for example one’s child to submit to the program that is underway to capture and destroy many lives through this program of vaccination that is willingly agreed to and accepted by the majority, is of a more hideous and extreme nature than the discomfort and inconvenience that may be caused by making a stand now.

That this Awareness will leave it at that for now. The intent of this message by this Awareness is to shake you, to rattle and roll you, to wake you up, you the individual, who has the responsibility for making choices now and facing the consequences of those choices. To see here, how you are in a moment of power, personal power, and to abstain from making choices because it is inconvenient or could be uncomfortable, is not a good enough excuse any longer.

The 11th hour is long gone, the 12th hour has passed, and you are now already on that side of the journey of humanity and of yourself as the individual, where you must live your life in accordance to your deepest spiritual understandings and beliefs.

You must live your life as if that which you hope for is now so. That there is, of course, because this is a third dimensional slow motion reality, a time gap between this choice to be your spiritual being and to see it fully implanted and functioning as your life. That is why this is a difficult time for many, for they will not necessarily see the results instantaneously, as things take longer in this third dimensional reality to unfold.

But things are quickening, events are speeding up, the power and force of Divine Spirit now intervening through many different avenues is increasing daily. That to choose now will put one in a position when some of the events come down to not be at the effect of those events or most certainly not as strongly at the effect as the majority will be.

There is a reason quite beyond the intent and purpose of those elites, those ones in power have about launching these events. That there is a spiritual reason as well as to why such events may occur to the human collective.

Why is there a need for catastrophes, for wars, even a third world war, for economic collapse that will wipe out one’s security? Why would this be allowed? The sad truth here is that the majority are not ready or willing or even able to decide for themselves that they will not participate in the lie and the delusion that is third dimensional reality at this time. That contained within the human character is that capacity to make changes when something disastrous happens.

In fact, for the majority of human beings, it is only if they lose everything and lose loved ones and lose their lifestyles, their financial securities, their health and well-being– that they finally reach a point where they open up to change, for there is no other way forward than to change.

Many will not endure this or survive this. Many will fall because of the events that they have chosen to be part of. But for those who are truly spiritual beings, seeking to live that higher truth and that higher reality, to know that you have that capacity to change, that capacity to decide not to fall victim to the misguidance and deceptions of those with hidden agendas. To know that here, now, at this time, that you can make your decisions, that you can decide, come what may: “I believe that I am more than a victim, I am more than a slave, I am more than one who is dumped on continually by those with different intentions, different agendas”.

This is the time of awakening. Not in six months, not in six years, but now. Now in this moment as you hear these words, as you read these words. Now is the time to stand up and be counted, now is the time to decide that you do truly choose to live a belief that you are spirit, that you are a creator being, that you have chosen this reality with full intent and purpose so that you can reach this moment, this now, to stand up and proclaim who and what you really are, what you truly believe, no matter the consequences in third dimensionality at this time.

That you may even be surprised by affirming this to be so, how your life will change, how your life will very quickly begin to reflect this core decision. But this is still that which lies ahead. You must first make the choice, you must first make the decision, and it is now time to do so.

That this completes this opening message, this public message, at this time.

Thank you Awareness. There are several challenges ahead of all of us, is there not?

Indeed there will be challenges. This is not an easy process for many, for such is the depth of indoctrination and brainwashing that many will simply find it impossible to believe that which this Awareness has just said: that you the individual, that each individual has the power and capacity to make the decision that they are not part of the con game, the delusion and illusion, that is reality for most. There will be personal challenges, but one must be willing to stand up for what one believes or to suffer the consequences.

That there is indeed a famous poem from that period of time in the 1930s and 40s, a poem written by a German priest that states: that the individual did nothing when they came to round up the workers, the Jews, the dissidents, that one did nothing and now they are coming to round me up and there is no one to stand up for me.

It is similar now. That it is time to it is time to recognize that there is evidence, abundant evidence of the intent and purpose of those in power, and there is information, abundant information, of how to sidestep this, how to step out of this reality and not simply be one who is taken when those in power choose to do so.

It may involve standing up to the challenge, to the challenge that one does not need money to survive. This is a most powerful indoctrination and many shudder even to think of what it would look like if they quit jobs that they hate to live in a truth, that they will do what they feel like doing to achieve their bliss. Even this as presented just then by this Awareness will trigger in many a response of rejection– that one cannot give up one’s job even if one hates every moment of the job, dreads going to the job every day, one cannot give up that job, for

what would happen? The consequence of such a decision may challenge one, but the truth is the greater principle here, the truth of one’s spiritual being and one’s involvement with Spirit that is a very live force on this planet at this time.

It has always been here but it has not always been understood or accepted. Therefore indeed, the challenges may be extreme for some and difficult for others and yet for others it might indeed prove to be their making, to finally stand up and put their money on the line, their words on the line, that which they have given mouth service to. If it does indeed become the fabric of one’s being and the foundation of one’s life, it may prove yet to be that which has always been known within but has lacked the encouragement or even courage from the individual to make so.

Remember also that with the events that are coming, that if one chooses not to make a choice, if one chooses to await these events, that there will be change nonetheless, but it will not be change initiated by the individual but rather change forced on the individual and it will be a more difficult process than being in control at this time, in this moment, and making your choice to be the spiritual being you really are, and to be open to that which arrives as the result of making this decision. Of saying “yes to Spirit, I believe, I trust, I know from within that this is what I need to choose and implement as my life”.

The time for waiting is vorbei, is past. The time for fence straddling is over. It is time to draw your line in the sand, to stand up for your beliefs and principles and be willing to face the consequences, still knowing that you are right in your decision to opt for your spiritual capacity as a being who is here by choice to live through these times, so that those times of the future may be implemented and launched right now.

None are here by accident. None are here as victims unless they choose this to be so. All have the right to make choice that will elevate them and their loved ones, who they may have responsibility for, the children. But it is a crucial time indeed and that this Awareness in delivering this message purposely is challenging one and all to seriously understand how important this time is and how important personal choice is, as to how they will experience their reality, what they will call in.

One way shows active participation, the other passive participation. The time for action is at hand, not passivity, not a subdued will, a victim mentality.

That this Awareness is most definitely stirring up the pot to see, for people indeed to see, that things are underway right now and that they have the opportunity right now to stand up and be counted, to implement their life beliefs, their life choices, so that it will carry them forward, in control of their own ship, surfing their own wave as the energies move forward at this time.

Exactly. Is there additional please?

This Awareness feels It has spoken enough for now. It of course invites questions from those who may have objections, who may be challenged by what has been said today, but that this Awareness is available when these questions come in from those who would present such questions.

Source: Rainbow Phoenix — Cosmic Awareness

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  • I would have to definitely question some of the urgency issues. One thing that people should know about far away events (Abraham Hicks put it into perspective), How can you have control over those types of situations? The best anyone could do over here (re paris shootings) is send all the people involved a quick prayer.

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