Crucial Message from Cosmic Awareness

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(Rainbow Phoenix) That which is Cosmic Awareness is now available. Please proceed.

Thank you. Thank you for being with us today for the Rainbow-Phoenix session of May 29th, 2015. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Awareness for your messages. Joan Mills is the questioner and energizer. The Law of Light, the Law of Love, the Law of Gratitude and the Law of Unity have been invoked. Is there an opening message please or any event you would like to discuss at this time? Thank you.

That there is both an opening message and an event that this Awareness would like to discuss at this time. The event that this Awareness is referring to is not an actual event that one has seen on their TVs or heard about over the radio or read about in the newspapers. It is rather have an event of a global nature that is occurring at this time and is of great enough significance that this Awareness would like to discuss this event at this time. That the event that this Awareness is referring to is the blanketing of the planet by those who have access to certain advanced technologies, those who are controlling the planet at this time, or at least attempting to control and manipulate the planet at this time. This in reference to those this Awareness has in the past called the Archons or the Orion/Reptilian ones, or the elites, the illuminati, etc. There are, as always, many names for the groups and the subgroups that are plotting to possess the planet and to do with humanity what theywill.

That at this time, there is a concerted effort by these ones to create that which is an energetic/psychic blanket over and around the planet. That this has been underway for some time but has become quite intense and extreme in the last several months. This Awareness has spoken in the past of the heavy degree of oppressive energies that are currently occurring upon this planet. That this oppressive energy has been ramped up ten- fold through the use of certain advanced technologies and that this force of blanketing or suppression or oppression – that this is being directed to those of a spiritual nature, those who are seeking to move forward, who hold something within them that is hope for the future, a sense and feeling that which lies ahead will destroy that which has been. That which is the future is one that is bright and aligned with Spirit and with the living consciousness of this planet, of Mother Earth herself.

There are many indeed who simply know within themselves that it is time for change, who feel within themselves the urge to make change, to be part of the shift that is underway that will bring Mother Earth through the powerful transition she is going through as well as seeing humanity be successful in the same way: shifting consciousness, awakening that which is within each and every human being that which is awaiting the opening to the future, to that which lies ahead, a future free of oppression, enslavement, domination, death and destruction.

These ones who have control, who are the hidden ones behind the scenes, also know that this type of future, this possibility for freedom and for spiritual evolution, is available to humanity. It is one of the multiple timelines that exist. It is one that will take humanity down a road to the eventual evolution of human consciousness to such a high degree that it will step into that which is its true nature. It will in some ways return back to a state of being that humanity once occupied before the Fall, before the takeover, before those who have been in charge for several hundred thousand years came to this planet.

That those Archon forces, those in particular that are in control at the head of the pyramid, the apex of the pyramid, know that this future awaits humanity. But they also know, since they work with timelines from the fourth dimension, that there are other timelines as well that will suit them better, where they stay in charge, where they stay in control.

In the past this Awareness has spoken of this and declared it to be the planet B scenario. Those who are not ready to move on, those who are not ready to partake in the bright future and want the continuance of that which already is, will go to those timelines that this Awareness has designated as the planet B scenarios.

But this leaves room for the many who do not wish to go down that dark and desperate road. That there are many who want to continue with humanity, having third dimensional experiences in the physical, while contained in that which is a dualistic paradigm of belief, a paradigm that offers this or that choice.

That one is able, through such an experience, to grow and develop, and there are many aspects of the soul that are here to experience this choice: a choice in balance and in harmony, not one that is predominated over by those with the hidden agenda, that have access to truth that the majority does not have access to. That it is dumbed down in its psyche and its consciousness, thus not even striving towards enlightenment and awareness.

But in that which is the A/B scenarios, for there are many versions, that basically the goal will be to find balance and harmony, to walk the middle road, to not be excessive, but rather to be in balance as one lives one’s life and as one progresses along that spiritual pathway that has been chosen by the soul to be the experience, that is experience that is experienced on this physical plane.

Then there is that which is the planet A scenarios, multiple again, many versions. But that basically those who work at this higher level will be those who have done the basic powerful inner work on themselves, for it is necessary to work on oneself, to be ever vigilant of those deep core beliefs that may be implanted in one, to be vigilant and aware of them, to recognize them so that one can make different choices than simply reacting in a knee-jerk manner, as is the case for most individuals.

It is with deep awareness and understanding that one can live in this third dimensional level of experience while still containing and accessing the higher levels of consciousness from fourth dimension, but even more importantly, from the fifth dimension.

That there is an intersection that is occurring now where fourth dimensional energies are intersecting with third dimensional energies, and those who have worked on themselves, who have pulled the blinders away, have had the courage to step into the unknown, and to hold it to be the truth, will experience a reality where magic and miracles are the norm, and the order of the day.

That many are starting to approach this level and these ones are the ones that are of particular concern to the Archonic ones, to the ones who are trying to win their versions of future time lines, to establish them and to get rid of all others who will not partake in their timelines. Thus it is, that it is those who are the most sensitive, the most aware, the most deeply spiritual, who are seeking to live that which is the high spiritual life, are the primary targets for this technology that is being used at this time to energetically blanket the planet with an extreme oppressive force that is seriously dumbing down and hampering even those of the most powerful, sensitive and spiritual natures.

Thus it is that many at this time are going through an extreme period in their lives, a period of time where hope is lost, where the belief that one is of such a nature, of such a higher spiritual make-up is being seriously compromised and challenged by this deliberate attack on the many who could be most certainly the future way-showers, leaders, guides, mentors, healers, for those who come through this particular time, at this particular time, for it is indeed a period of time at this time that must be gotten through.

This Awareness has been speaking how the years 2015 and 2016 are critical and crucial, for this is the amount of time those who have been manipulating and controlling have to truly make it so for themselves. But it is not working well, it is not working out exactly as they wished it would be. They have now limited information as to how things will resolve themselves. In the past these ones, because they could view fourth dimensionally alternative timelines, could emphasize those timelines that put themselves in greater and greater power, that were distinctly advantageous to them, but as of December 21, 2012, they were denied full access to the future. That they used to be able to see through the fourth dimensional status that they reached into to view timelines.

In other words they do not truly know if that which they wish will occur across the board, vacating the planet A/B scenario and making it primarily the planet B scenario that they endorse and support and seek to achieve.

Therefore they are stumbling about in the dark without light, without a candle. It is also the nature of the Archonic ones to be destroyers, to destroy rather than to create. They rely on the creative energies of humanity and other alien races they have subjugated and dominated in the past, to bring in those new elements that they feed upon and use to their benefit. But they are not themselves Creators of new things, new events, new structures. They work with the destructive energies, the energies of annihilation and when they have destroyed sufficiently a planet and its people, they will move on or they will use what is left for their purpose. It is their intention here on this planet to do the same, to destroy a vast amount of people, to destroy the humanity of this planet that they have dominated for so long, to use its resources and to redirect the few they will allow to survive, to serve their purposes, as they move out again into the open galaxy and universe.

But will it be so? Simply because this is their continual way of things and that they have been doing this for millions of years does not mean that it will be successful on this planet, for there are other plans for this planet and for humanity. And at this time, when these Archonic ones cannot fully see how to move forward or what the full results will be, they can only operate under assumption that by doing what they have always done and sticking to their plans that they will achieve as always the results that have been achieved in the past.

But it has not always been so, it is simply how they interpreted that they have always been in control and this is false. This is erroneous. But they are locked into a certain way of thinking and being and reacting. They too have blinders on that do not allow them to see the full picture, only that which is directly in front of them, and even that now is being curtailed and denied them.

Therefore these ones too are marching forward in the dark without light or a way to see where they are going. They are going on blind trust, they are fixed into their pattern of behavior. There is no flexibility, there is only rigidity, and it is this rigidity and lack of flexibility that is their Achilles’ heel.

That is the reason why they will not be successful and humanity and the planet and many, many more levels of consciousness will move forward, both in the solar system, this galaxy, and the galaxies that lie beyond because of what is occurring here at this time.

This returns this Awareness back to this time and what is occurring. As this Awareness has said, at the level of the psyche and of human consciousness an attack is underway, especially directed towards all of those who are of that sensitive spiritual nature, who are here by choice with agreement from Divine Source and from the collective soul of each and every one, to do the work, to assist at this time in the process of transition and transformation, that are here to go through the shift in human consciousness, in planetary consciousness, in universal cosmic consciousness, to be part of something very great and magnificent indeed.

But it is the dark time of the night, the dark period of the night before the dawn, and that even though many of you have experienced the dark night of the soul in the past, at this time it is exceptionally strong, this illusion that it is the worst it has ever been. Yet this illusion is real in the sense that it is attacking one at the level of their being that exists in this third dimensional state, that has not yet perceived or seen evidence of the greater change and is only perceiving and seeing that which is conveyed through the gridwork of deception that is laid down upon this planet.

That gridwork of deception that isolates one and puts one into a dark place where it seems that despite all the desires of one to see the shift occur in human consciousness, to see the transition of Mother Earth’s consciousness and transformation, despite all that one has held as that which is of greatest importance and that one has come here to be part of, that nothing is happening.

That this is directly the amplified effect of this gridwork, this blanket of suppression/ oppression that is being laid down by desperate ones at this time, for they do not wish those ones who are here in their millions to awaken to the degree that they may start gathering with each other, may start coming together, supporting this group that is here at this time, this substantial group of spiritually-aware evolved and enlightened beings, who have chosen to come to this planet at this crucial time. You are one of those who have chosen to come here at this time to be part of the gathering in consciousness that will rise up and like a tsunami crash down upon those who have been the suppressors/ oppressors for so long, sweeping them away as Mother Earth, as humanity moves into its bright future.

But it is not an instantaneous event and this is one of the reasons why so many are discouraged, why so many were discouraged on December 21, 2012. The theme seems to suggest that the changes would be worldwide and instantaneous and of a staggering nature, wiping away the old world and bringing in the Ascension, the ascended planet.

This Awareness has spoken, as have many others many times since that time, that something indeed did happen, the gate to Spirit, Divine Source was opened and the energies of Divine Source and higher consciousness are permeating this planet at this time, are part of the reasons why those who have had charge for so long are losing their powers, their control and their mastery over humanity.

But, still during this time, many who cannot take and have not been able yet to take that big leap of faith, still believe nothing is happening. This is part of the oppressive blanketing energies that those in power have been using, but they have amped it up tenfold, and thus it is, at this very moment in time many are losing their way, many are struggling desperately, knowing at some levels they cannot go on in a way that does not resonate with them, in a life that does not support them or see them advance. However, this is the great deception. This is the great con that is being perpetrated by these ones with the use of advanced technology. It is part of that which is the function of this grid of oppressiveness that is cloaking the planet, this spider wave of negative energies that is poisoning the many who are here to help guide and assist both humanity and Mother Earth forward into the new dawning of consciousness that is underway.

It is a fragile period of time, the two-year period of 2015 and 2016. It is a point of weakness if you will that the Powers That Be, the Archonic ones are trying to exploit at this time. Thus for the many who are feeling down and defeated, who are feeling there is no hope, there is no point, there is no way forward – this Awareness speaks to you directly and asks you to realize that what is occurring at this time is deliberate in its intent with the purpose and focus of shutting down the very ones that can assist the planet, assist humanity in moving forward, who can become the dream, who can take upon their shoulders the responsibility of living their lives as fifth dimensional beings that choose to have third dimensional experiences, full awakening, full dawning of the senses, all the greater senses. Full activation of the 12 strands of DNA that humanity once had and allowed to be stolen from it, the ten strands that were damped down.

That this is what awaits humanity, but only if humanity can hold the line, can resist that attack that is underway, and this at the most individual level, at your level. For you the individual, are the one that is experiencing this hidden attack, this assault upon the psyche and the soul of each and every sensitive, spiritual, loving, gracious individual soul aspect that is upon this planet at this time to assist the evolutionary leap forward that is underway.

Do not give in now, do not give up now. Now is the time to dig even deeper, to find the resolution that lies within each and every one of you, to pull it up, to wear it as a cloak, to look at the dark ones in the eye and say: “no, the line is drawn here, you will not advance beyond this line. I will not allow it”. This means that you must also be willing to look at the darkness that you are in at this time and to perceive it as illusion and delusion. To understand it is a desperate attempt by those Archonic ones to stop you, to stop each and every individual that could make a difference to these times and to the times that are coming. To resolve with full commitment that you will not submit to them, you will not be vanquished by them, you will not be defeated by them, for you are greater, you are Spirit, you are Divine Source, Divine Love, Divine Light, and you are here now.

That this Awareness has sent energies to one and all to help in this extreme and difficult moment, to remind you all of who you truly are, and to encourage one and all to rise up, to raise oneself above the quagmire that you are stuck in as individuals and as humanity, and to recognize that it is indeed a great illusion to believe that you are powerless, without meaning, and without effect. That you are Great Spirit manifesting Itself in this adventure of a lifetime that you are engaged in, in this crucial experience of the leaping forward in consciousness on individual levels as well as in the collective level of human consciousness. You are partaking in the shift in consciousness of a sentient being of great stature and magnitude, Mother Earth herself.

That this is a time of amazement, wonder and magic. But to believe rather it is opposite to this, to believe the lies and the rhetoric of deception that is played upon you by those in power, is an action that deflates you and defeats you and plays into the hands of those who are in desperation seeking to suppress human consciousness and individual will and awareness.

You are a danger to them, so much so that they must take these desperate actions at this time. This Awareness will say that these ones who are taking this desperate action do not even know if these actions will succeed. They cannot look forward any longer, they can only do what they know how to do and that is to destroy. But does this mean that one needs to accept this, that one needs to be destroyed by their intention to destroy, or can one rise above them, see this for what it is, step into a new level of personal power and spiritual connection, and move right past the grid, right through the grid and to escape that which is the last desperate attempt of these ones to vanquish those who have come, who have volunteered to be part of the forces of Divine Source and Spirit at this time. You are part of that which is Divine Source, Divine Spirit. That which is the God in truth, not the God in deception.

That this force of the Godhead, the consciousness, the emotional capacity, the imagination, has seen you, knows you, for you are a reflection of It, you are a manifestation of Divine Source and as you realize this and tune into this and feel the strength of your being in its many multidimensional expressions, you will begin to have a greater sense of your own capacity here and now,.

The fact that there is this attack is actually confirmation that you, the individual, are a threat enough to them that it is felt they must take this definite answer, this desperate action, that

they do not even know will work or even if it will go against them. This Awareness says it will go against them in the long run, but right now in this moment of focus, it seems as if they have the edge, they have the control, they have the power. It is only so if you believe it to be so, it is only so if you allow it to be so, if you succumb to this oppressive attack upon the human consciousness, the human psyche. the human soul, upon you as a reflection of that, as part of that.

You are the answer, the individual is the key, and that you can unlock the door of your own jail cell, your own prison, and that you can step through the doorway and into the greater beyond that lies beyond the door of imprisonment. That this is that which can result now even though one is going through this extreme attack upon you as the individual, and humanity as a collective.

But you must have the willingness to open that door, the resolve of passing through the threshold and the determination that you will live the truth that lies beyond. You are given the key now by this Awareness, by Spirit, but it is up to you to use this key, to remember at this dark time when it all seems so hopeless and distant and far away, when you are under extreme attack and it is affecting you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, that this is the very moment to stand up and say: no, to just say no, I will not be vanquished, I will not be put down, I will not be destroyed, for I am Spirit, I am the Divine expression of Divine Source Itself and I will rise up, I will stand in front of you and deny you, and I will succeed, I will triumph, for I am Spirit, I am the expression of the Divine Source Itself having this life experience and I will not tolerate the oppression and deviousness of those who have no connection to their own Divine Source. I am the I am that I am.

That this Awareness is complete, but open to any questions the Energizer might have of It at this time.

Yes, thank you Awareness. That was excellent. There is one question: With regard to the blanket covering the Earth and a physical force field placed around the planet, making it a prison planet, where souls are recycled back into the physical form, although the Cosmic Divine Law exists that no one who truly wishes to return back to the soul group can be prevented from doing so, so regardless would this development affect this Divine Law in any way whatsoever and if so, how, please?

It cannot affect it for it is still very much the case that these ones cannot block one who wishes to return back to their home of Spirit, back to their collective family soul group families from doing so.

But they can try to deceive even more and energetically try to divert ones away from that which is the choice of returning home to Spirit, their Spirit. And that this is what is occurring. It is not as if these ones grab a soul aspect and fling it into their device that will recycle it, this would not be tolerated. It is more that they must be convincing actors that through their acts will convince you that this is what is needed, to go into this light device and to return back into a body, unaware of who and what it was previously or what it even is now.

Thus the Cosmic Law does apply, but at this time that the efforts of those who are seeking to create the planet B scenarios are quite strong in what they are doing in terms of diverting souls from returning home and recycling them. It is not that they will be totally successful, but they are geared up indeed.

Furthermore, this Awareness wishes to point out that that gridwork that you have spoken, that many identify as a barrier parameter, a force field that keeps many entrapped in this reality timeline, this of Mother Earth, that this is the same blanket that this Awareness has been speaking on but it has been specifically amplified to attack those who are of a higher spiritual evolution nature, those who have come to this planet to help at this time. It is the same gridwork but amplified for those who are the most dangerous to them.

So basically then, if the individual soul, say if they are firm in their desire to return to their soul family, they will not be inhibited? Is that correct?

There is nothing that can stop the soul that is returning to its own soul group, soul family, back into the higher rhythms of Divine Source Itself. No one and nothing can stop a soul aspect who is resolved to return back to its home, back to its source.

Thank you for that information Awareness. It makes a lot more sense now and this is very much appreciated and I am sure all who hear and read this will be very pleased. Thank you.

That these are critical times, one can indeed see it as such, and those who are in desperation, who are wishing the most to suppress humanity and oppress it into capitulation are indeed truly desperate, for if they fail the consequence will be such that they will not then continue onwards to the degree or in the manner that they wish to, and think they are entitled to.

That is why this is such a turning point and why this Awareness said that in some ways this vicious attack upon the psyche and the soul of humanity is confirmation that they are in trouble, that they are desperate, for they are actually going beyond that which is the line in the sand, that they are not to cross. They are going beyond the Cosmic Laws of what is allowed and what is not. They are doing that which they are not allowed by Source Itself to do and it has been seen and it has been noted and even more than this, there are actions under way that will be against them, Divine actions from those levels of consciousness that are permeating this planet now.

It is not seen by them for they have grown too arrogant over their many eons of control and think they will never be answerable for what they cause and what they do. But this too is about to change. Also, there is hope in that there are some within those of the dark side, those of the Archons, Reptilian/Orions Illuminati ones, etc. the Reptilians. There are those that are starting to see things, who are starting to understand that their old ways will not take them forward, it will keep them enslaved as well for they too are enslaved to what they think they are, and that they are beginning, some are beginning to see this and to understand this, and are starting to make overtures to change things.

Thus it is that the Light is there in the darkness as well and while it may be a weak Light for many, it is still once seen of tremendous brilliance and beauty and will guide these ones slowly but surely, back into the rhythm of soul and the rhythm of Divine Spirit and Divine Source.

These are also events that are underway. Thus it is that what is imperative at this time is one does not lose themselves in the darkness at this time, does not extinguish their light or their candle that will guide them home and holds on and resolves even more so to come through this period of time, and it is reminded to one and all it is a relatively small period of time that is of the most extreme nature right now.

The 11th hour has come and gone and it is now midnight and you are at that dark period of the night. Do not give in to it, do not fail in remembering who and what you are and that each and every day the dawn will come, the sun will rise again. Know this, hold this, live this for it is that which will bring you through, that and the resolve to not submit but to raise your own bar, to do your own work, and to hold that you are not alone. That there are many who are now beginning to gather and that is at the beginning of a process. To hold and have faith that it is so and that you are part of the process, part of the wave in consciousness that is bearing down upon those who have held it back for so long. They cannot hold back Divine Source and it is Divine Source. It is Spirit Itself, and you are Spirit yourself that is coming now, that is rising up, and that will crash down on those blocks that have held humanity back, Mother Earth back, the individual back for so long. It is all happening now.

A very, very special time and an important time. Thank you for that information Awareness.

That this Awareness is complete now with Its opening message.

Thank you.

Source: Rainbow Phoenix



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  1. What a bunch of sad sacks of crap it must be for these entities who think their sole purpose is to do whatever it takes to destroy everything, like they don’t have anything better to do. I mean its like these entities could be using all that energy for, uh I don’t know, making non-GMO Fruit Loops?

    I imagine this article was the result of some sort of channeling from a higher entity they call ‘Voice of Awareness’. Something like the voice of Goddess Isis for the intro to “The Stellar Man – Hermetic Philosophy Book Two” by John Baines of the John Baines Institute. In this case Goddess Isis addresses herself as Mistress of the Mysteries of Nature.