Gaia Portal is Back! Current Energetics of Ascendant Gaia call for Rejuvenation of GaiaPortal Communications Portal

Kauilapele: So what happened here??!!?? Apparently the Éireport group (which writes both Éireport Blog and GaiaPortal) saw it was time to rejuvenate the GaiaPortal. So here are both of the latest posts, for each of you to “figure out” what exactly they mean… for you.

May 8, 2014

(Gaia Portal) Current Energetics of Ascendant Gaia call for rejuvenation of GaiaPortal communications portal.

Energetic shifts and changes now occur at acceleration levels that have asked for communication to Hu-manity collective.

Ascendant Gaia has accepted her role as communicator of Higher Dimensional Energetic transformations.

Such is a vital necessity at this moment of Now.

May 9, 2014

(Gaia Portal) Presentation of Gaia Energetics requires Hu-manity vision upgrades, which are currently in progress.

Succeeding steps in Gaia ascension process follow higher aligned energetics of Nova Gaia, utilizing upgraded Hu-manity vision.

Current Gaia energetics request precision in intention by Hu-manity.

Blue Star lines supplant previous Gaia grid structures.

Source: Gaia Portal
Via: Kauilapele

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