The Insight of Mystical Thinking in Uncertain Times

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By Judi Lynch

Mystical Thinking Can Come in Handy

Verily, these are incredible times; so, mystical thinking can be important. We are witnessing a great change brought about by a great divide in the way we all see the world and our future. It seems that everything is up for renegotiation.

Our senses are stirring with action and motion with the need to come together. Humanity appears to be in peril. This is a time to reflect on what we believe in as individuals and how we see the evolution of man, to cherish the spiritual consciousness which guides our souls.

The anxiety in the air is palpable for those who live their life from the source. It becomes a necessary practice to acknowledge and filter where fearful energy is originating from. We must be able to find the joys in life as well as meet its challenges. It doesn’t mean we must shut off our feelings but we really have to watch which ones we feed and nurture.

Our Mystical Thinking Connects Us All

Remember life here on Earth is unique for every one of us. Our views depend on where we’re physically located, our financial status, spiritual beliefs, religion, ancestry, life experience, courage, health and a host of other factors. Deeper inside of us all lives a knowledge that we are truly all connected by our humanity. If we are mega-sensitive to every negative event that occurs in the world daily, it begins to have a very damaging effect on our hearts and minds.

Our lives are purposeful when we give them purpose. Keeping our minds centered, balanced and focused can become a challenge without certain ingredients to help us cope in a healthy way. Looking inward, remembering what we’ve learned, what our own truths are can be a big help. We can slow down our anxious minds with meditation, prayer, exercise, nature, music, journaling, art. Any activity that reminds us that life also holds joy, wonder, and excitement.

Our Spiritual Existence Seeks Nourishment

We have a metaphysical, spiritual existence that is just waiting to be nourished and held dear. A light-filled journey the soul is happy to bring to you if you ask. Educating the mind of those things unseen but felt and heard can be a saving grace to the life you may feel you incarnated here for. Courage is gained every time we can learn to take a challenging situation to see its purpose and solutions for healing.

When we learn how to heal our own minds from negative thinking, we start creating again. When we create, our lives begin to evolve. As we learn new concepts and ways of living, we share. As we share we turn on the light for others to have the same courage.

Beyond religion, heritage and any other past influence we have the power of illumination if we listen. The souls who realize that humans evolve spiritually will also change physically to create the future before it gets here. They will see the inventions that need to be built.

Mystical Thinking Brings Humanity Hope

The manufactured medicines we will no longer need. Their minds will be connected in a new way and form. These mystical thinking, magical practitioners will bring humanity into a future with hope, healing and heart. They will never give up in making life better.

When it looks as if everything may be falling apart in the world, in the minds of the mystical it’s the beginning of a new era of change. The forces of egotistical, selfish, and bigoted behavior are being revealed. In that revelation, there is a bigger force of love which will come together to override any pathos.

If we are living here as awakened spiritual beings, we know Eros. We have a cosmic book inside us that describes the miraculous beauty of our beginning. If we read that book and know our truths, we know that our existence is incredible and amazing.

We are walking, talking beings with the ability to connect our hearts and minds through energy and thought. We will learn how to speak up and speak out for what we believe in. When we open the shiny, mystical parts of our humanity, we will recognize the future is brighter than we could have imagined.

Judi Lynch is a psychic medium, intuitive counselor, healing channel and author. She is president of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc. a 501(c) spiritual charity and writer for OM Times Magazine. She has authored two books, Friends with Lights and Conscious Ascension, and has read for clients all over the world. To learn more or contact for a session see or email [email protected]

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