Law of One -The Ra Material: Live at L/L Research with Jim McCarty & Gary Bean

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James McCarty was born in 1947 in Kearney, Nebraska. After receiving an undergraduate degrees from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and a masters of science in Early Childhood Education from the University of Florida, Jim moved to a piece of wilderness in Marion County, Kentucky, in 1974 to build his own log cabin in the woods, and to develop a self-sufficient lifestyle. For the next six years, he was in almost complete retreat.

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He founded the Rock Creek Research and Development Laboratories in 1977 to further his teaching efforts. After experimenting, Jim decided that he preferred the methods and directions he had found in studying with L/L Research in 1978. In 1980, he joined his research with Don’s and Carla’s and the legal entity that we are today comes from this joining of Jim’s non-profit charity, The Rock Creek Research and Development Laboratories, with L/L Research in 1982. We use Rock Creek as our legal name, and do business as L/L Research.

Jim and Carla were married in 1987. Jim has a wide L/L correspondence and creates wonderful gardens and stonework. He enjoys beauty, nature, dance, and silence.


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