New Video: A Positive Message For You 432Hz (From Your Guides/Higher-Self)

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By Jonathan Carty

The idea for this video manifested over a period of a few days after finding a really beautiful ambient song on YouTube. When I heard it I knew it would be used for a video, I just wasn’t sure what for.

Then this morning (just like an hour ago) there was a strong impression to record myself saying positive affirmations and sentences they were guiding me to write down.

This video is a short but positive message from both me (I used my voice) but mostly from your guides and higher-selves. It is an uplifting message about your journey that they want you to be aware of at this time and anytime you feel guided to watch it.

It’s been interesting trying to make videos with no furniture! Yesterday I turned my recycle bin upside down and put a couple pillows on the ground so I could make use of a desk type of set-up. But today I just sat on my bed and went to work on this one…Where there’s a will there’s a way!

I hope those who feel guided to see this will enjoy it. Much love everyone!

This article (New Video: A Positive Message For You 432Hz (From Your Guides/Higher-Self)) was originally published on Truth Earth and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.


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