New Video: The Final Battle III

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By Jonathan Carty

Over the last few months ‘they’ have been giving me pieces to this video which have finally been stitched together in a (hopefully) sensible manner.

You don’t have to see any of the first parts to understand the others. I hope those who feel guided to see this will enjoy it. Much love everyone!

The Final Battle III

The Final Battle I

The Final Battle II

This article (New Video: The Final Battle III) was originally published on Truth Earth and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.



  1. There was effort of the Dark to shade the Light. The Dark gave us under the veil, etc. But millions years game is almost over. Day by day we can see that Light is bigger and brighter and grounded. We can feel and see power and colours which the Moon transmits. Cintamani stones are in many places. We are becoming a beacons of pure Light. Next week there will be full moon. Maybe one of the most important full moons of a long time. Cosmic shifts and lightning are going to be blossoming. For the bright future with galactic family without any dark and any veil. There is going Light until all the Light will be.

  2. Love this!!!!! Sent it to email firends ( the one’s most likely to GET IT) and on social media. Obiously a work of love. Much gratitude for your time, focus energy in offering this to us!!! The energies were heartwarming and reassuring. Victory to the Light!!!