Now That You’ve Awakened, How Do You Help Awaken Others?

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By Paul A. Philips

So you see the ‘big picture.’ You’ve awakened to the realization that the planet has been hijacked… You know about their agenda… You know humanity can rise above it… You want to do something positive about it. So, you start spreading the word to awaken others, telling them what’s really happening in the world.

The greater the number of awakened individuals spreading the word, the quicker we as a race can reach that critical mass of consciously awakened individuals needed to prevent the doom and gloom and co-create a turnaround for planetary transformation. And this change in mass consciousness for planetary transformation has to be done, especially with a sense of urgency — it’s a do-or-die-situation for humanity.

However, learning how to effectively spread the word to the un-awakened can be quite a difficult task at times, and is a subject, I feel, that is not addressed enough in the alternative media community. Over the years, I have learnt a number of effective ways to do it that avoid many pitfalls. Here are some of those ways to help spread the word and play your part in our mass awakening and planetary change:

Keep it simple

Share your revelations on an increasingly steady gradient over time (don’t get heavy), so that people will grasp more easily where you’re coming from and be more accepting of what you say along the way.

Distinguish the Nay-Sayers

No matter how eloquent you may be, how knowledgeable, good at communication, dealing with people’s idiosyncrasies etc., there are some people who just won’t get it and I doubt if they ever will. These people will invalidate you without ever investigating your claims. The sooner you can distinguish these Nay-Sayers, limited by their self-imposed bubble of existence and belief, the sooner you can move on to spread the word to others who are more open-minded and receptive.

‘Gauge the person’

If you want to make a difference then try to ‘gauge the person.’ That is, find out if they are open to what you have to say, and establish where they are at with their own awakening (if this is the case). Then you can speak to them on a level that they will gain further understanding.

Pick an area

Many people began their awakening in a particular area of understanding. For example, my awakening began with health. If you can share a common ground with someone who somehow feels that things are not right in a particular subject area, then this indeed is the subject to discuss with them. Do you have a specialist area of knowledge you could share?

Set an example

As the saying goes, be that change you want to see in the world. Express your individuality. Walk the walk, talk the talk. For instance, if you’re campaigning for health then practice what you preach by living healthily. Be authentic. Others will follow.


Be courageous… but do it lovingly!

You may well have something worth saying. However, if you come across somewhat angrily or in a huff, then the person/persons listening may not hear what you’re saying, not matter how well you justified it. They will only get angry with your anger or huffy with your huffiness… So, basically, do indeed be courageous if needed, but try to spread the word lovingly.

Remember, you haven’t anything to sell…

For me, the way I see it is like this. I haven’t got anything to sell: I’m not out to change the world. I couldn’t change one person if I tried. People don’t change people. All we can ever do is present an opportunity to someone. It is up to that person to take and make something out of that opportunity and then change them self.

Questions are answers

One way of spreading the word, getting someone interested and aware is to give them questions. Giving someone questions not only encourages inquiry but also avoids confrontation. Instead of you being head-on confronted, the person is more likely to confront the question. Thus, questions indirectly serve as answers.

Know thy stuff!

Be prepared to give knowledgeable responses when challenged! A good knowledgeable response breeds confidence and courage. (Conversely, it can be counterproductive to talk about topics you don’t really understand. — Editor.)

Spread the written word

There are many free or cheap and easy-to-run blog sites you can use for spreading the word. There are also many excellent free article submission websites to get your voice heard. Or how about creating an email list or setting up a social media page? Or you could give a slide-show presentation to your family and friends…  Can you think of other ways?

Final Thoughts…

That concludes some of the many ways we can help to awaken others.

I hope that this has encouraged and inspired you!

And remember: Know that you can make a difference. Insignificance is an illusion.

Paul A. Philips — My blogs, articles and videos and my related alternative news/natural health website are my stand for the possibility of creating a world that makes a difference for everyone. I graduated in biomedical sciences. My website is slanted on health matters and exposes the related deceptions…

However, over the years I have come to the firm conclusion that just about every subject under the sun needs redefining using more truthful, honest and integral approaches in theory and practice, hence the name ‘New Paradigm’. From these new approaches, from the ‘imagination of ourselves,’ from our visions – a ‘new era’ in humanity can result!

This article (Now That You’ve Awakened, How Do You Help Awaken Others?) was originally published on New Paradigm and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. Via Wake Up World.

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  1. Nancy L. Briggs on

    My best advice comes from the perspective of my personal experiences as someone who was taken by force to a Nazi torture facility to be tortured and tossed in the trash in 2006. I survived my experience in the death camps, but limped away with a damaged calf muscle that would take 5 years before it was no longer visible to the outside world. I discovered the Nazi regime to be using humans, against their will, to test their mind control technology, pharmaceuticals, and energy weapons.
    When I was strong enough to stand again, I reported the discovery of the atrocities against the human race to every local, state, federal – senators/congressmen, military – IGs/OSI/Generals I could think of and petitioned all branches of our societal leaders to speak with me concerning these human atrocities on American soil. All ignored me and walked away from an opportunity to actually do their jobs and put a halt to the assault upon humanity. It has been 12 years of trying to awaken the authorities to the human holocaust going on behind closed doors and right under their noses, and they refuse to even address it… or ME. Therefore, I suggest all holocaust victims who survive it do the following… SAY NOTHING TO THE AUTHORITIES… THEY ARE COOPERATING WITH THE HOLOCAUST, & WALK AWAY AND DO YOUR BEST TO REBUILD A LIFE FROM THE ASHES. I have wasted 12 years of my life trying to halt the assaults upon humanity, and I will not waste another second on these filthy bastards that claim to represent me. I am a master energy healer, and it is quite obvious that the healers here pose quite a threat to “the authorities”, so I would recommend you do not involve the authorities in any way when you are trying to awaken others to the light of truth. Truth just IS, and they are unwilling to face it, or take any positive actions to protect, defend, or serve those they claim to care about. Just sayin’… Many Blessings and Much Love to humans and planet earth in their fight for survival and restoration of their divine mind, human rights, and free will. It is done. And so it is. <3