UFOTV® Accept no imitations. As part of the ever growing New Age Movement, the belief in Guardian Angels and an Angelic Realm has grown in popularity over the years. According to Body, Mind, Spirit Magazine, this film is considered the leading film available on the reality of Angels. “Opening to Angels” Includes an unprecedented collection of interviews with the leading authors, researchers, experiencers and the best known, most credible New Age authorities on this topic in the world today. Take a journey into the world of Guardian Angels and discover for your self why so many people believe in the Angelic Realm.

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  • WIth the war between the Light and Dark going on right now. And I’ve had to toughen myself up, its hard for me to watch this, like I would be letting my light down if I did…..Especially watching a lot of lightworkers, light warriors being hit hard by scalar weaponry…. very hard

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